Novel series are all the rage. Some authors spend their entire careers writing about the same character, or team of characters, getting into and out of one predicament or another. Why? Because it sells. When walking into a bookstore, or browsing online, familiarity sells. Because consumers are risk adverse. We want to know that what we’re spending money on is exactly what we’re looking for. That’s why there are twenty-five Jack Reacher novels and nine Fast and Furious movies.

But there’s a new kid on the block, and I’m not talking about Donnie Wahlberg.

A few years years ago, after writing several series, including the five-book Nemesis Saga, the five-book Last Hunter saga, and the Jack Sigler thrillers, which are composed of ten novels and eleven novellas, I publicly declared that I was done writing series. Mostly because I get bored writing about the same characters over and over, and if I’m bored, you’re bored. It was at this time that I adopted a new (to novels) theory of long-term storytelling: Worlds, not series.

I’ve been a comic book guy most of my life, and I started my creative career as a comic book artist/writer who shifted to screenwriting and then to novel writing. Most comic book series inhabit the same universe under the umbrella of whoever publishes them (Marvel, D.C., etc.), allowing for crossovers and massive comic book events like The Infinity Gauntlet and Secret Wars. If you’re not a comic book reader, but this sounds familiar, it’s probably because over the past decade, Marvel has brought this method of epic storytelling to movies as well. They started with solo characters (Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America), and then they brought those characters together with others in The Avengers movies while, on the side, they introduced audiences to even more characters (Spider-Man, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange,and Ant-Man) all of whom came together for the two-movie Infinity War/Endgame event.

This kind of full-world storytelling is normal for comic books. It’s new for movies, but it’s clearly successful. And as far as I know, it’s unheard of in the realm of original novels. I first experimented with this in the final book of the Nemesis Saga: Project Legion. I brought together characters from most of my previous books, plucking them out of their individual dimensions to face a threat against all dimensions. But before that novel, most of these characters lived in separate worlds, which got me thinking… What if I wrote a bunch of stand-alone novels or short series and had them populating the same universe?

Over the past five years, I’ve written almost exclusively stand-alone novels, all with clear beginnings and endings. But most of them take place in the same literary universe called the…

The bridges between these novels have been growing stronger and more blatant with each release. At first, the connections were as simple as a character from a previous novel appearing in the epilogue of another, but now groups of characters are meeting, stories are blending, the web drawing them together is more complex, and it’s all leading to a massive crossover.

Infinite Timeline

Right now, there are nine merging novels and the overarching plot bringing them together is slowly coalescing. The novels currently coming together are The Others, Flux, Tribe, NPC, Exo-Hunter, Infinite, Infinite2, The Dark and the upcoming novel, MIND BULLET. This is STAGE ONE, and will be complete with Mind Bullet’s release in November, 2021.

STAGE TWO brings together two groups of characters from several novels for two separate crossover stories. The first group merges characters from The Others, Flux, and Exo-Hunter, for THE ORDER, a sci-fi thrill ride on Earth and beyond. The second group pulls characters from Tribe, The Dark, and Mind Bullet, taking this superhuman team into the underworld for a fantastical and horrific tale, titled KHAOS.

And all of this sets up STAGE THREE. A single novel, bringing together the casts from all nine novels, for a massive spectacle titled: SINGULARITY. The story will follow a vast cast, facing threats that have been building behind the scenes for the past several years, bridging science-fiction, mythology, and horror. Along the way, there will be plenty of action, a lot of laughs, a few tears, and a mind-blowing finale that has been five years in the making.


#1 Audible and New York Times bestselling narrator, R.C. Bray brings the Infinite Timeline to life, narrating 11 of the 12 books, all of which are top 100 bestsellers on Audible. Two of the books–The Others and Exo-Hunter–are #1 bestsellers! The Others also won a SOVAS Award and an Independent Audiobook Award, both for Science Fiction.


Below are links to buy every Infinite Timeline book currently available, in the suggested reading order. Each of them is available in audio, print, e-book, and Kindle Unlimited editions. Torment and The Order were just recently released. Khaos arrives in October 2022, and Singularity in December 2022.


  1. Anon

    is kingdom ever coming out?

    • Bob Dull

      What does your heart tell you?

      • Anon

        no 🙁

        • Dee

          Hold strong, guys… it’s coming 🙂

  2. K2

    I love this concept and cannot wait to read the next 4 books in this timeline!! Just have to wait in patient anticipation until they’re available.

  3. Jay

    Gonna be honest the first book I read was The Dark and was immediately hooked. After looking into it and finding the link for this page Im surrounded with all these titles I feel I need to read. The only problem was “Whats first?”. But after a newsletter e-mail answering my question I find myself halfway through the Infinite Timeline books and holy crap. Very excited to finish the already existing books and even more excited for the ones to come.

    • JRobinson

      Awesome! Glad the newsletter arrived just in time. 🙂

    • Adam Reeb

      I started with The Dark and from there I just followed the timeline.

  4. Lisa Chenvert

    Universal Timeline!!!!!

    Big Bang Singularity?


    RockOnEmoji.jpg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is YOUR truth?

  5. Chelsy Nuby

    In what order should the books be read?

    • JRobinson

      Look at the Infinite Timeline chart. There are three branches. Read each branch left to right. Doesn’t matter which branch you read first. And you could mix them up. The branches indicate connections. You could read the first book in each branch, then the second, and third. All but Infinite 1 and 2 are stand alone stories. Some just have small overlaps with others, usually in the epilogue. Hope this helps!

  6. Corey Carter

    Wait, so ive been reading the books in the timeline, and I just finished Exo-Hunter and at the very end of the story there is the main character from Nazi Hunter Atlantis: Milos Vesely. I have not read that book….yet. I was just scrolling through your books after finishing Exo-Hunter to see how it has all been peicing together and I saw that title which seemed way to close to Exo-Hunter, and so I read the plot and there was Milos just like at the end of Exo-Hunter. Should I read Nazi Hunter Atlantis also, or is there a very specific order all your books should be read? Love your writing by the way, your books are nearly impossible to put down!

    • Muddy Raccoon

      Iz gunslinger! You can read Nazi Hunter Atlantis, and I do recommend it completely. Milos is first introduced in Secondworld, though. There you first meet him, but in NH: Atlantis, you learn how he is able to do what he does (SPOILER: Dimension hopping, not his quickdraw abilities). Also after that you can slide over to the Nemesis Saga, but there you will meet other characters from other stories (Mirror World, The Last Hunter, Xom-B, Didymus Contingency, Raising the Past, subtle nods to Chess Team…I could go on).

      But to answer your question better, NH:Atlantis will give you a good understanding of Milos and his motivations, and what his odd bell can do. It should help, but may be completely unnecessary. I just recommend it.

      But I recommend all the books. There are only 3 I don’t yet own, but only 2 I havent read yet. I thought Nemesis Saga was my fave, but damn if I can’t decide now. Too many characters to love.

      Crap, did I even help? Probably not. Fanboys shouldn’t answer I suppose.

  7. Adam Reeb

    I would love to see this world of stories become a television series. The whole time reading The Dark I was picturing Macaulay Culkin as Miah.

  8. Michael Lesser

    Hi Jeremy! Been reading (listening actually) to your boos for a long time and I’m super excited about this concept! Just finished Mind Bullet and am glad I didn’t hear about this first. The surprise crossovers were really fun! Can’t wait to read all of these upcoming stories!

    On a side note: Pretty sure your a gamer, however not sure how old you are so you may not be familiar with Mage: The Ascension role playing game from White Wolf. If you’re not, I encourage you to check out the main rule book at least. The system of magic described has some similarities to yours I think. No “spells” more about convincing the universe that you know better and bending it to your will. Much more fleshed out in the game world of course, however that’s the ultimate core of it.

    Take care and keep up the great work!!

    Mike Lesser
    St. Louis, MO

    • JRobinson

      I am definitely a gamer, but haven’t played Mage yet. I’ll have to check it out. Glad you enjoyed Mind Bullet!

  9. MWatson

    Big fan of Exohunter and Sigler/Chess Team/Continuum series. I don’t see any Sigler crossover in the outline. Will Sigler or any Chess team be in the upcoming series?

    • anon

      Unfortunately I think chess team is done. haven’t heard anything about it for a while and he dodges questions about it

  10. Christopher

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Skippy has found his snarky self in this universe.

    • Jason

      And loved how RC Bray used his skippy voice in Mind Bullet! I think bubbles and skippy banter would be amazing.

  11. Vic

    Loving all the books.. just finished mind bullet and cant wait for Kahos to come out … any idea when it will drop ? stoked !!! thanks for all the great reads just finished Refuge

  12. Nicholas Bennett

    How would someone find a list of every book that is relevant this universe?

  13. Kamen

    Who exactly is Henry masters and is he apart of your other novels?

    • JRobinson

      The only Henry is my books first appears in the novel, TRIBE. He then appears at the end of The Dark, and will be back in Khaos and Singularity, the last of the crossover novels. EDIT: I was thrown by the lowercase “masters” and was focused on Henry from Tribe that I forgot Henry Masters is a character from my novel TORMENT. It’s currently available in e-book. Hardcover and audio are coming in mid-July. Sorry for the confusion!!

      • lsa

        Jeremy, I am confused, not surprising 🙂 I have been wondering about Henry Masters, too….. seems like he appeared MANY times in Will’s “great escape”…. “I’m sorry…….I’m so sorry…” I was so excited when Kamen inquired about him above, I was too embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t remember who he was….?????

        • JRobinson

          Ahh, shoot! I was confused too! The original question had “masters” in lower case and I thought it was a typo! I totally had a brain fart as a result. Henry Masters is from my novel, TORMENT. It’s out in e-book right now. Will be coming out in hardcover and audio mid-July! Thanks for bringing it up again.

          • lsa

            AHHH! Been awhile since I read that one, makes perfect sense!!!! Thanks for your reply!

  14. Sam

    Is the Linda in mind bullet the same Linda in tribe?

    • JRobinson

      My lips are sealed. The answers you seek are in the upcoming novel, Khaos. But also read The Order. 🙂

      • Sam

        The Order was actually the first book of yours that I read and then I found out about the infinite timeline. I’ve now finished the superhuman branch and the regular human branch of the timeline. Let’s just say the last 3 weeks have been very entertaining so thank you and I am so excited for khaos to come out especially if my guess to who the big bad will be turns out correct

        • JRobinson

          Awesome! Funny that you started with the Order. Glad you enjoyed them…even out of order. 🙂

  15. Missy

    Can’t wait to start these! You are a great author!

  16. Mark

    Could I read Infinite then NPC then Infinite 2 or will I get spoilers if I don’t read every book in order?

    Would it also be okay to read infinite 1 then 2 then NPC?

    • JRobinson

      I would read them in this order: INFINITE, NPC, TORMENT and then INFINITE 2.

      I need to update this page to include Torment, which was added to the timeline after the announcement. It’s out now in e-book. Comes out in hardcover and audiobook on July 26th!

      • Mark

        Thanks, I’ve pre ordered torment on Audible. I really enjoyed infinite.

  17. Aaron Argo

    Your work is amazing and Rob just takes it up to Epic! I listen and wait! Your books can’t get to audible quick enough! Khaos is gonna be my favorite, I can feel it! Thank you for some kind bending fun in my ears. Makes commutes worth every hour!

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