I have a lot of novels, so choosing which to read can be daunting. To help you figure out which book is perfect for you, I’ve created a series of icons that let you know what genres are featured in each book. Icons are arranged top to bottom, starting with the most prominent genre.  Finding a post-apocalyptic, science fiction, horror novel has never been easier! If you have an opinion about this new system (good or bad), let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Kaiju ThrillerPost-ApocalypseThrillerScience FictionHorrorFantasy      Actionfunny-2



NemesisPoint NemoGood Boys


SingularityKhaosThe OrderTormentThe DarkThe DarkInfinite 2ExoHunterNPCTribeFluxThe Others Infinite


Nemesis Hunger TrilogyTetherSpace ForceAlterThe DivideForbidden IslandThe DistanceApocalypse MachineMirrorWorldXOM-BSecondWorldI AM COWBOYFlood RisingAntarktos RisingBeneathThe Didymus ContingencyRaising the PastKronosUnity

(Listed in suggested reading order)

Island 731Project NemesisProject MaigoProject 731 Project HyperionProject Legion


The Last Hunter - Collected EditionThe Last Hunter - Descent The Last Hunter - PursuitThe Last Hunter - Ascent The Last Hunter - LamentThe Last Hunter - OnslaughtThe Last Valkyrie

\\ THE CERBERUS GROUP NOVELS by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis


\\ JACK SIGLER THRILLERS by Jeremy Robinson, Sean Ellis and Kane Gilmour

(Listed in suggested reading order)


\\CHESSPOCALYPSE NOVELLAS, taking place between THRESHOLD and RAGNAROK – LENGTH = 1/3 – 1/2 full novel length, but a fraction of the price!

King TrilogyCallsign: KingCallsign: King - UnderworldKing 3Callsign: Queen Callsign: RookCallsign: BishopCallsign: Knight Callsign: Knight  Callsign Tripleshot Callsign Doubleshot

\\THE JACK SIGLER CONTINUUM NOVELLAS by Jeremy Robinson and J. Kent Holloway

King Trilogy


(Jeremy Bishop is a pen name)

The Sentinel The Raven



Refuge 1Refuge 1 Refuge 2 Refuge 3 Refuge 4 Refuge 5



UnstoppablePredatorFearful FathomsMechV-WarsSNAFUKaiju Rising



The Ninjas Path The Zombies Way





The Ninjas Path


  1. Sebastien Cote

    Would you be able please to add queen bishop rook and knight on iBooks

    • JRobinson

      Sorry you can’t find them there! In the meantime, there is a free kindle app for the iPhone, which would allow you to snag them.

  2. Connie Terhorst

    Any more news on Empire?

    • JRobinson

      Will be out on the 26th!

      • Joshua Bleier

        What the latest on the timeline for Kingdom?? I have torn thru all of the chess team books and need to see how it wraps!! Love them!

  3. Clint

    When is the next chess team novel coming out??? Killing me will this Duncan cliffhanger at the end of empire!

    • JRobinson

      Lol. Probably another year.

      • Brandon kent

        Ok so in the new nemesis book rook and queen were married and Fiona had some godly powers when where and how did that happen basically what books am I missing cause it has been bothering me for weeks, now that I finished the chess team book series???

        • JRobinson

          The Chess Team series has one more book to go. BUT, I think you missed the small detail where they actually went forward in time AND through dimensions to get Fiona (when her abilities with the Mother Tongue) have clearly progressed. So that was a glimpse at the Chess Team’s future…which on the surface appears very standard American dream, but there is a hint that King is on a mission.

          • Brandon kent

            Ok thank you very much I thought they didn’t go to the until freeman

          • Terry Witham

            I obviously missed this detail – I thought I have read all the Chess Team and Jack Sigler books as well as Jack Sigler Continuum and Chesspocalypse books. Whic book did this happen in? Thanks

  4. Margo taylor

    When will Feast be available?

    • JRobinson

      Hopefully next week.

      • Cindy S

        Is there going to be a sequel to Feast? I just read Hunger and Feast again.

  5. Margo Taylor

    Thanks, really looking forward to the new book.

  6. Connie Terhorst

    What about Helios I really enjoyed reading the first one.

    • JRobinson

      Helios will be out later in 2016. Not sure about the release date as the schedule has been shifting around a lot.

  7. Christina

    I enjoy all your books, especially series so I can watch the characters develop over time. Are there any plans to continue MirrorWorld or Flood Rising?

    • JRobinson

      Crazy, from MirrorWorld shows up in Project Legion, the fifth Nemesis book, which will be out in October. But there won’t be a sequel to MirrorWorld or Flood Rising as both books didn’t do so great.

      • Christina

        I wouldn’t object if you wanted to write sequels to those books just for me 🙂 If you can’t be convinced of that, then I guess I’ll just have to wait till October to get my fix of Crazy.

      • Luke Leitkowski

        Mirror world was really good , it would be terrible not to see those characters again. I haven’t read flood rising yet.i bought it because every book of yours, has been great. Looking forward to seeing more.

      • Danitza Hamilton

        I loved Flood rising and was so looking forward to what happens next. I think you should revisit it. Check in with your muses and see what they think. We need heroes now.

  8. Andrea

    when will come back on the market German books? Hope soon’m very excited. Love hopeful greetings Andrea

    • JRobinson

      Just as soon as a German publisher offers to publish them! 🙂

  9. Ash

    I see on google that The Distance is published on 03-may-2016 but I can’t find it above or in amazon as ebook.

    • JRobinson

      That’s actually not accurate. The book hasn’t come out yet as I pulled it from the publisher and am currently deciding how to release it. Sorry!

  10. fannin

    I have a hard copy of Empire but would like to also have a copy for my nook but you only have it on kindle, what gives? I have everything else in both versions so when I travel can still read my favs, will Empire ever be on nook?

  11. J.P.Brown

    Any news on Unity release date?

    • JRobinson

      Still fluctuating. Other books have come out later than planned and I want to make sure Unity gets its time in the limelight. It’s one of my best, so I need to make sure it’s not missed by fans because it came out too close to other books. Latest would be August. Still thinking July, though.

  12. Connie Terhorst

    Could you please tell me what Unity is going to be about I can’t find any info about it. Thanks a lot by the way finished Empire and as always Excellent.

  13. Sebastian

    When is the audiobook for Feast coming out? cant wait too hear it. ^^

  14. Bryan Koenen

    Hi Jeremy, I have become a fan of your work and have read several of your books. One question I have is, I find most of your books a bit on the pricey side, even used. Is there a specific reason for this?
    I will definitely be reading more of your work as I can find it at a reasonable price. You are doing a great job.

  15. Peter

    Are you planning to continue to the Nemsis book series, after Hyperion, I
    am a huge fan! It’s become my favorite book series!

    • JRobinson

      Yes. The last book in the series, Project Legion, should be out in October.

  16. Danny

    I really enjoyed Unity Mr. Robinson. I’m itching to continue the story!

    • Matt

      Same, I would love another.

  17. Connie Terhorst

    Any more news or updates on Helios?

    • JRobinson

      Schedule is getting moved around a lot due to health stuff, so Helios is now looking like a winter release.

  18. Gavin strain

    Hey man love you books I working on my just finish planing out the plot for my first novel hope it will be a great hits as project nemesis was for you . I hope I can see your creation on the big screen or the small screen.

  19. Skyler S

    Will there be a continuation for the secondworld series, or more stories about Cowboy, because at the end of hyperion *****SPOILERS AHEAD***** Cowboys says the bell he was using wasn’t the first on he found when talking with Hudson do you plan to make a book about that story?***********END SPOILERS*********

  20. Courtney

    REFUGE!!! Will we ever find out if the church bell stopped ringing?!

  21. Tyler

    I would absolutely love a dedicated series or tons more from jack sigler or Cerberus group series about Hercules/Alexander, he is probably my favorite character from your writings and just feel like I need to know him a lot more! Thanks

  22. Leonardo Li

    I’m hoping for more of the antarktos sagas I just finished the series but can’t wait for more.

  23. Asura

    I’m curious: will Project Legion will be available on iTunes like the other Nemesis Saga novels?

    • Asura

      EDIT: I guess not, seeing as how the other Nemesis Saga books are no longer in the iBooks store.

      • JRobinson

        On iTunes as audiobooks, yes. But not e-books for a while. We’re trying them out as Amazon exclusives to take advantage of marketing opportunities. They might return some day, but your best bet is to get the Amazon Kindle App (which is free) and get the books from Amazon. Thanks!!

        • Logan

          Is this why Empire and Centurion aren’t available on iBooks? If so, that’s really crappy to be honest. Most people like to have their collection in one place.

  24. Brandon kent

    Will there ever be a book about what happens to Alexander after the events of Omega. Theres really a whole lot of stories tou can do with that like as soon as he gets back hes taken prisoner for messing with dimensions. JUst a short story he was my favorite character.

    • Brandon kent

      Stories you can do*

  25. Sunnie

    I can’t get enough of the chess team! The delta team would make an amazing movie- will they ever come to the screen?!

  26. Tim

    Picked up Second World at a used book store and must say I’m very pleased. Fast paced with an interesting premise. Will definitely be reading more of your books.

  27. Michael

    Question about the Callsign novellas. Most are listed on Amazon as a “Book 1” – should we be expecting Book 2’s, 3’s etc? I was just curious. I finished Prime and Pulse and about to start on Instinct.

  28. sean stevens

    when will the new book in the feast series be released?

  29. Manfred Wendler

    Do you plan to write a third book in the ‘Raven’ series? The first and the second were really great with a fantastic heroine that begs to be let loose on the pages of a novel once again…can’t you hear her? 😀

  30. Connie Terhorst

    Good morning Mr.Robinson was just wondering if any more news on Helios?

  31. Jesus larosa

    Date on releases for the year please. Thanks.

  32. Randy

    I thoroughly enjoyed Apocalypse Machine!
    I was wondering what to read next, when I stumbled onto your icon system!
    Exactly what I need to give direction as I discover more of your great books!!
    AB, Canada

    • JRobinson

      Awesome. Thrilled to know that works for people. Took a lot of time to make!

  33. Kim

    I have enjoyed all your books (especially the chess team) and I really loved the destruction in apocalypse machine and the post-apocalyptic atsmophere n hunger and feast.
    Sad to read that yu have had a rough year but good to read that you have decided to have more qualitytime 🙂
    Big fan of your writing (and co writers) and i love how you have been able to weave your books together with small hints and ocassional name droppings.
    Thanks a lot,

  34. T.A. Buchanan

    I am currently reading Infinite and digging it! Seems like a totally new direction. I am really looking forward to Forbidden Island any update on when it will be released?

  35. maria shoemaker

    looks like i have read 90 percent of your books . i love your story telling an imagery ! thankyou for the ride!

  36. Sharon

    Will therebe a third book in the hunger series and if so do do you have a guessimate as to when? Loved the first two. Also, i

  37. Sharon

    I also like the icons for your books

  38. S.A. Smith

    Hi Jeremy, I found Flood rising & Island 731 at the library. Then I picked up several Jack Sigler books (out of order) and I would like to have the Jack Sigler series, but do not know where to find all of them. Your site mentions that you publish, would it be possible to buy them from you? I’m very sorry to hear that the series is coming to an end but understand why. You are a wonderful story teller! I’m sure your future books (stand alone or series will be as good). If possible can you let me know the order and the complete titles of any Jack Sigler books as I don’t understand the way they are listed in the front of your books. How do they relate? The Chesspocalypse Novellas, The Jack Sigler Continuum Series, etc. Cannibal says it is Book 7 but is 8 on the list. Thank you for your time and attention.

  39. Susan

    I was wondering when FAMINE will be released? I loved the first two of this series.
    Also a big fan of Cowboy! Great series

  40. Ben

    Will there be another book in the Hunger series? I love your creativity. Oh, and any thoughts of doing a prehistoric dinosaur book?

    Thank You

  41. Ben

    Will there be another book in the Hunger series? I love your creativity. Oh, and any thoughts of doing a prehistoric dinosaur book? I loved Kronos and antarktos rising. Would love to see even more Dinosaurs.

    Thank You

  42. Cathy Haines

    Put your books out for e-readers.

  43. Rob

    Yes, I agree. I read Project Nemesis and was disappointed none of the other kaiju books are available as ebooks. I am not an amazon or Kindle fan.

  44. Rob Scal

    Good Day. Are you going to be re releasing Threshold and Instinct? Ive noticed that Amazon does not have any copies left and that you have to get it used. Just curious, started reading your books and trying to get them in print is a bit difficult. I have read a few on Kindle, but want the physical books. Thanks and keep up the amazing stories!!

  45. Keithtrout

    When will the next chess team novel come out?

    • Frank

      I’m wondering the same thing

    • JRobinson

      Aiming for late 2018, but I can’t make any promises.

  46. Wayne

    Hi Jeremy new poster here and was just curious will you be writing any more Godzillaish kaiju stories again. Love your work and will Nemesis come back someday as in offspring etc etc? Thanks!

  47. E-man979

    I am a absolute fan of all your books I found a link to you from the Dresden files by Jim Butcher and have read nearly every book of yours I bet you get all types of book ideas but I had this dream a while back and I wrote it down if you see any potential in it feel free to use it at your disposal

    An alien visitor for over 6 years has made contact with 6 people randomly so it seems [we find out there might be a connection].The alien would be in contact with each person for an entire year then move to the next across the globe these individuals have developed either a mutation or a power that would allow them to protect their section of the globe when a distant race of world slavers that enslaved the alien visitors planet 6 years ago each
    Each person will have there own book
    The first six

  48. Kim

    When will the third book in the hunger series be released as I loved hunger and feast.

  49. Rachel

    You Rock! Cheers from a Brit in Brazil!

  50. Neil

    Just completed reading all the Jack Sigler Chess Team books and absolutely loved them! In a couple books you mention author Matthew Reilly. Are you friends or competitors ? I would be super excited to see the Delta Team on an action/adventure/thriller with Jack West or Scarecrow. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks

    • JRobinson

      Glad to hear it, Neil! I’m a fan of Reilly’s and reached out to him a few times in my early career (we had the same publisher), but he never responded. So alas, I cannot claim to be friends with him, and the team up is unlikely. 🙁

  51. Cindy

    Hello. I read Hunger and Feast today. Will there be a third in the series? Love your writing.

    • Courtney

      Hi Cindy! I, too, loved Hunger and Feast, and I just wanted to make sure you saw that Famine, the third and final book in the trilogy, will be released on July 18, 2023! It will be released WITH the first two books, Hunger & Feast, in “Hunger: The Complete Trilogy”. I’ve read an advanced copy and it was great!

  52. Patrick

    Will Beneath be available in audio on Audible again any time soon? The link you have says it is no longer available. It is one of the few titles I do not yet have. I have been reading and listed to your works for the past few years and they are awesome. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing your world’s with us.

  53. Brandon

    I started reading the continuum series via google play. I was excited to move on the third and fianl of the 3 book set and can’t find it on google play?
    Centurion (Jack Sigler: Continuum #3)
    Started looking for the rest of the chess team series and looks like some titles are also not on google play.
    Am I just missing something or are these not available on google Play?

  54. Scott

    Thanks for this genre icon system. After finishing Infinity, (my first Jeremy Robinson novel,) I came to this site hoping to find your other sci-fi books. I just started Forbidden Island, so I’ll probably finish that before picking another sci-fi

    • JRobinson

      Awesome. Hope you enjoy Forbidden Island. As a fan of Infinite, I also recommend both The Distance & Apocalypse Machine.

  55. E-man979

    Is the hunger series only 2 books or is there a third on the way

    • JRobinson

      Sales of Feast are a bit slow, so the third book is on hold until the numbers improve. But I’d like to finish the series sooner than later.

  56. WeS Hendrix

    So just finished The Divide. Although, I was saddened to here of the end of the Chess teams stories; I so very much loved the “extras” of The Divide. I know you have played around with other dimensions and we could not really know if this was Sigler-616 verse or not (that was not only a Marvel reference, but a Project Legion and Scott Sigler reference in a word and 3 letters, because you both are awesome writers), but I loved that it was a stand alone story AND kind of a Chess team story. You keep writing and building YOUR Robinsonverse like this and we’ll keep reading them. Just a great job man really, even with everything you have gone through in the last couple of years; awesome. Till next time.

    • JRobinson

      Thank you! And there will be one last Jack Sigler novel to wrap everything up…for now. 🙂

  57. Mary Sanders

    Absolutely loved the Refuge series but was very disappointed when the ending left me hanging.

    Are there plans for a story continuation?

    Btw, great idea on the author collaboration. Fantastic job by your team on the transparency and story flow. Seemed like one author. Great book! Thanks

    • JRobinson

      I’d say there are hopes for a story continuation. When sales justify it. Right now I’m focusing on standalone stories so we don’t run into unfinished stories in the future. Also, the collaboration was good, and flows nicely, as you saw, but required more work and stress from me than writing solo. If there is a continuation, I’ll likely write it on my own.

  58. Supnya

    When is Famine releasing?

  59. Carol Brady

    Hi, and thank you for your writings – they are very enjoyable and engaging. Will there be another book in the Cerberus series? The ending of Helios makes it feel like a step into another book? Thank you.

    • JRobinson

      It leads into the final Jack Sigler novel, KINGDOM, which will wrap up the Jack Sigler Thrillers (Chess Team), the Cerberus Group series, and the Continuum series. It will be out in Winter/Spring 2019.

  60. WeS Hendrix

    Hey Jeremy, so I just finished the Ex-Heros series of Peter Clines and it got me to thinking; let me preface by saying other than maybe the last 4 of YOUR books, I have read them all; I do not recall you ever writing about super heros. Now I know you have been involved in comic books before, but I was just wondering if you had ever thought about a superhero stand alone or just not for you? Although Crazy, Alexander, and Solomon could be called that; it is just different. I would love to read some Robinson “Super” Horror. Anyway, just a fan with a wandering mind.

    • WeS Hendrix

      Also, Nemesis ended up on Europa, did she not?

    • JRobinson

      I’ve thought about it. And yeah, I personally put some of my characters in the super hero category (they just don’t have costumes). But I’ve thought about doing the costumed variety. I just don’t have a concept unique enough yet.

  61. Zoey Bjerke

    Any new Godzilla novels coming soon? Or kaiju novels?

    • JRobinson

      Working on a Kaiju novel right now!

  62. Sophie

    You are my absolute favourite writer! All of your books are an incredible adventure into a far away place or a far too near and real one… both are equally as frightening and gripping.

    I love all your books, but I especially loved the Hunger series. I was so sad to read that you wouldn’t be continuing them due to sales…what is wrong with the world! Your books are amazing and everybody should be reading them.

    I hope there will come a day when book three is written, I am secretly crossing all my fingers and toes 🙂 and I also wanted to thank you for the time and love that you have put into creating such incredible characters and storylines, it’s a true privilege and honor to read you work.

    • JRobinson

      I’m actually hoping to write the third book this year! Sales have picked up and a lot of people are asking for it. I don’t like leaving series unfinished, so the third (and final) Hunger book is on my radar for 2019!

      • Kim

        I’m so happy!!! I just read both books this week and was freaked when i couldn’t find a third. Pleeeease finish the Hunger series. I must know what happens. There are so many questions left to answer. I loved them. I love your books. I just discovered you last month on Amazon and I’ve already read 5 of your books. Apocalypse Machine blew my mind!!!!

        • JRobinson

          The HUNGER series is back on the schedule! Looking at an early 2020 release for the third and final book!

          • Christopher

            Just read through some comments hoping to find any news about a third book in the Hunger series. Stoked to find a potential 2020 release! I just can’t put your books down when I pick them up…keep up the great work!

  63. Carys

    What’s the 2nd book to the Unity series?

  64. Jeff

    Hi Jeremy – just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the books of yours I’ve read. Two of my kids and I have read all the Kaiju books (and loved them all), and my son and I are just getting into the Chess team books. I’m in the process of getting my (favorable, of course) reviews up on Amazon, and look forward to working my way thru your other works!! Keep up the great (and very entertaining) work!!

  65. Heather Nott

    This is totally doing my head in! When will ‘Flux’ be released?

  66. Markus

    any news on the final chessteam book?

  67. Wayne

    Hope someday we get another Nemesis book or at least another Kaiju vs story! Your just that good bro

  68. Leslie

    Jeremy, is there a ‘Kingdom’ release date set? I’m looking forward to the Chess Team reuniting with Bishop even as I lament their stories coming to an end. It’s been a great run, & I thank you for this marvelous series!

  69. David

    Any news on next Viking Tomrrow book? And is it related possibly to Apocalypse Machine?

  70. Jeff

    Great stories! So far I have been impressed and entertained by everything of yours I have read. I’ve started with the Nemesis series and by chance started the Chess Team (before I knew it was also you lol) and now I’m almost at the point where everything starts to converge with multiple characters from different series. What are the chances of getting a chronological suggested reading list? I love that you separate your stuff by content, but I plan on reading pretty much all of it anyway and I don’t want to miss anyone or anything in that build up. Also, I love that you helped your daughter publish her own book. That’s adorable. Thanks for reinvigorating my interest in reading!

    • JRobinson

      This is the official suggested reads leading up to Project Legion. I also suggest reading INSTINCT and THRESHOLD (after PULSE) so you get to know both Chess Team characters who make it into Legion. You could also read SECONDWORLD before NAZI HUNTER – ATLANTIS for that character’s full story.

  71. Markus

    hello when does the last chessteam book get a release?

  72. Jenn

    Hello. I’m just chiming in to say that while I’m only beginning my dive into your catalog, I am enjoying the swim immensely. I began my journey with Space Force. I guffawed my way through the audio book in a most unladylike manner and desperately hope that novel manages to sell enough copies to warrant a sequel. As crazy as the world has become, it was a refreshing, hilariously irreverent escape. I’m a firm believer in looking for the humor in everything, because really, it’s the only way to live. I’m also a frequent user of snark & sarcasm, so I felt right at home.

    Thank you for risking the departure from your established style. It was, sincerely, one of my favorite reads in a lifelong (nearly 50 years) love affair with reading. These days, with the convenience of technology allowing for the collecting of thousands of books on a single device, I do most of my reading via tablet or phone. Rarely, and only for the books I’ve read, loved, and re-read multiple times, I splurge and invest in the physical, hard cover novel. Space Force is one of those books for me. Keep up the good work.

    • JRobinson

      Thrilled you enjoyed Space Force! I was definitely a little nervous about how it would be received. Relieved so many people love it! 🙂

  73. Shawn

    Jeremy, years ago I read your Antarktos series and fell in love with your writing. In the last month I discovered the Chess Team series and have devoured it. I am now on a cliffhanger waiting to hear what becomes of all your characters. Do you have a date for the release of a Kingdom? Thank you, impatient fan here!

  74. Mike Reid

    Hi, is there any hope you’ll finish the Berserker Saga? I really enjoyed the first book. Thanks.

    • JRobinson

      Sorry, the first book didn’t sell well at all. Until sales pick up, I’m afraid a series is impossible. 🙁

  75. Rick

    After reading everything from Jonathan Mayberry, I’m extremely happy to find a similar author with familiar storylines. Thank you for future enjoyment even though my wife and bank account will disagree. Cheers

    • JRobinson

      I’m happy you found me, too! Have your wife read, “THE DISTANCE”. It will make her a fan too, and then you’re in the clear!

  76. LaQuisha Bonner

    Hello Jeremy! I just finished reading Unity as the free book for signing up for the newsletter. I read Flux and loved your style of writing. Just wanted to know if there will be a sequel to Unity???? I want to know how the kids fare against the alien invaders. Please tell me you have thought about making this book into a series???I would definitely read all of them! I will be checking out your other books now and just know you have a new fan!!

    • JRobinson

      I had planned to make it a series, but sales were surprisingly low. It’s been free for a while with my newsletter, but even that hasn’t generated enough reviews on Amazon to kick sales into high gear. If sales ever pick up for the book and demand becomes obvious, I’ll definitely continue it.

  77. LanaJP

    Hi, Jeremy, I know ‘Kingdom’ is coming out soon, but I’ve got to ask…is this going to be an ebook release, or a buy-off-the-shelf-at-Barnes & Noble hard cover book? I like the convenience of ebooks, but there’s just something about having a book physically in your hands that is enriching to the soul. I await adding ‘Kingdom’ to either library. All the best, & good health, LanaJP

    • JRobinson

      There will be a print edition of Kingdom, too, but most likely just a trade paperback rather than a hard cover.

  78. Michal

    Hi – A few years ago I read the entire chess series and in between novellas since there were no more books in the series I moved onto other books and now I’m back as I see there are a few new books since patriot. I just downloaded empire tonight and also wanted to get centurion on nook but it doesn’t appear available. Any way to get it on the nook? Lastly, is endgame just a summary book? Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • JRobinson

      Looking into this for you. Hopefully will know soon. I have so many books now, it’s hard to keep track of what is where.

    • JRobinson

      This just in…give it a week. Then check Nook again. 🙂

  79. AJ Ellis

    Just finished empire. Been looking everywhere and still can’t seem to find a release date for Kingdom. All I’ve read so far is the chess team series, any other series that will tie into kingdom, as well as an anticipated release date?

  80. Todd

    Just finished Empire……Any news on Kingdom????

  81. Hillel

    When is the third book in the Hunger Series coming out? I need to know how the story ends!

  82. Kim Smith

    Any news on when book 3 of the hunger series will be released. Just about to read hunger and feast again and would love to read the final book.

    • JRobinson

      Unknown at the moment. Wish I had an answer for you!

    • Joshua

      Whether the 3rd book is written will be the deciding factor of whether I continue on as a JR fan. I LOVED the first 2 and couldn’t wait to hear about the release of the third, only to find out JR may not write the third book due to lack of sales of the first 2! What a load a crapola! The first 2 were fricken awesome, I can’t see how they didn’t do well!! So if I’m left with only two, I’m jumpin ship. And I’ll have learnt my lesson, Don’t by book trilogies until they’ve all been released! lol

      • JRobinson

        Well, book 1 did well enough, but book 2 didn’t. We’ve been working on getting sales boosted, and I haven’t given up on book 3. I have a plan. Just need to finish up the world I’ve been building over the last 7 or so books.

        • Crystal

          I loved the second book in the hunger series. I cannot wait for the third book!!

  83. Dave

    Just binged through Infinite 1 and 2.
    First, you’re an amazing storyteller. But I’m honestly even more amazed you wrote the first book through a goddamn brain infection. You absolute madlad.

    Second, has Will, Gal, and Capria’s story now officially concluded or is there any hope for an infinite 3? I’m sort of hoping to see Will 2.0 encounter a different less mature Will from an alternate reality. I’m hardly the first to make this particular observation, but Infinite shares many similar existential themes with the videogame SOMA. Primary difference being SOMA focused on who or what an individual’s consciousness is while Infinite explores reality itself. Originally, Will’s regenerative healing and Gal’s independence from a body avoided those difficult questions regarding someone’s soul or identity. But Cherry Bomb’s creation as an incomplete copy of Gal made her ‘soulless’ and eventually psychotic. That and the cryo-beads that can respawn someone with a new body presents a lot of new questions. Namely who is ‘you’ when ‘you’ exist as two separate and but *almost* identical entities?

    • JRobinson

      Glad you enjoyed both books!

      Infinite 3 is not currently scheduled, but is possible. It’s also possible that Will’s story will lead directly into a crossover novel bridging a lot of my most recent stories that’s been building for a while now. The Others, Flux, Tribe, NPC, Exo-Hunter and my upcoming novel, THE DARK could all be brought together. But I think some of the other books need sequels first.

  84. Nathan

    Is an exo hunter part two a possible future work or is it stand alone?

    • JRobinson

      We should see Dark Horse again, but I’m unsure if it will be a direct sequel or a crossover event with other recent novels.

  85. K.J.

    I just re-read Empire and excited to find out how you finish this series. Any updates on Kingdom? Thanks!

    • JRobinson

      Should be out in October!

      • Kitty Scarlett

        Any teaser trailers for this book yet. Love the Chess Team and am waiting patiently to see how their story wraps up.

        • JRobinson

          Not yet. 🙁

  86. Jamie

    Am I allowed to swear? Fuck me thank god for Amazon recommendations. Infinite popped up, loved it, saw number 2 just come out so smashed that, then Exo was out so smashed that, then literally did The Dark in straight away. Loving researching the links between books. So just bought Flux, The Others, NPC, and Tribe. Im a massive Arthur C Clarke fan, but shit im hooked dude. Bray defo brings your words to life. Would love to have a beer with you both. Amazing work thank you and look forward to reading all your work ✌

    • JRobinson

      Noice. Glad you found me and that the algorithms are doing their job. 🙂 Sounds like you’re mostly prepped for the upcoming crossovers!

  87. Ben

    First off. Thank you for the wonderful books!! Infinite is one of my FAVORITE books ever!!! Followed closely by Infinite2 of coarse. Just finishing Space Force(absolutely fantastic btw!!) And have one question/comment….. is the narrator saying chode wrong, because he emphasizes a “t” like chote… but as a raging 90s teen, I must admit it drove me nuts!! Lmao!! It’s chode, like “my friend Joe is a fucking chode monkey” lol, anyway with all seriousness, thank you so much for the wonderful books!! Keep em coming!! Best wishes!!

    • JRobinson

      That’s actually how I wrote it. Chode with a D is definitely how people said it back in the day, but people nowadays are saying Chote with a T. Both mean the same thing, though. I just went with the one I’ve heard more. So it was actually written with a T, rather than a D. Glad you liked it!

  88. Ryan Patridge

    I recently discovered the Robinson + Bray audiobook tag team with NPC, followed up with Infinite, Infinite 2, Exo-Hunter, The Dark, and now Tribe. You play fast and loose with physics and unapologetically drop more references than Blessed Union of Souls does in “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)”, and yet it still works and I’m hooked. Thanks! Part of me hopes I won’t die without understanding why your characters pointedly mess up/forget Star Trek character/actor names, and part of me doesn’t want the mystery to ever be spoiled.

    So one question: are you aware of a Spotify playlist (or some other playlist/discography) of music you’ve referenced in your novels? Having the musical accompaniment to Exo-Hunter was great fun, and I just had a heckuva time finding Dies Irae feat. Black Prez by Apashe, based only on R.C. Bray’s narration (partially because it’s read in the audiobook as “Apashe by Dies Irae featuring Black Prez”. Tricky.)

    • JRobinson

      Apparently, if you let Alexa hear that bit from Tribe, it actually plays the song! Lol. The only book with an official playlist is Exo-Hunter. But most of the music in other books isn’t as tricky to find as Dies Irae.

  89. Fin

    Will there be a follow up novel to Unity? The ending made it seem like there would be a continuation of the storyline.

    • JRobinson

      It’s unlikely, but not impossible.

  90. Bizness

    I’m so bummed right now. Listened to Infinite on audible for the first time and loved it. Then I found out that Infinite2 was released, so snatched that up and listened to it as well. However, after listening to it (and greatly enjoying it), I came to this site, and realized it would have been SO MUCH BETTER if I had read all these other books first!! You really should have put some sort of warning in the beginning of Infinite2 like “To enjoy this novel to it’s fullest, I recommend you read these series by the same author first”, then list the series. Don’t want to spoil anything of course… Just really wished I knew this before hand.

    • Rian

      Just read them all and go back and re-read Infinite 2!

  91. Chuck

    **POTENTIAL SPOILER?**Are there any other books in the Tribe/Dark shared universe? I really enjoyed both of those and would like to read any more that there are

    • K

      Take a look on the home page, the second post down. It talks about the overall shared universe being built. Also the next book coming out (this month) is in the Tribe/Dark universe.

  92. Markus

    Any news of the last chess Team book Release?

    • JRobinson

      Only that we’re still working to get it out. A lot of personal challenges along the way have thwarted us.

  93. Michael

    This is my first time on this page. I really like the way you have categorized the books. However, my expectation was that when I clicked on a letter like S for SciFi, it would go to the section listing the SciFi books. Given all of your books are in multiple genres I realized it would mean a lot of duplication, but it would be helpful.

    • JRobinson

      Good idea. Might be tricky to implement, or at least time consuming and I think most people want me to write more than manage the website (which I created from scratch).

  94. WM

    Are you going to write any more books in The Berserker Saga?

    • JRobinson

      Unfortunately, it didn’t sell well enough to justify continuing, which is too bad, because we had the covers done and ready to go!

      • WM

        Too bad. I was curious to see where this was going. An interesting setting. Thanks for the reply.

  95. Rob

    I have recently discovered your audio books and am now a lifetime fan!! You and RC Bray are by far the best!! Just finished the dark and mindbullet.. I couldn’t stop listening!

  96. Brandon


    Anyone what year mindbullet takes place? The order makes it seem like the future but mindbullet says the dark happened a few months back but dark horse was in mindbullet and that’s supposed to take place in the years before they arrived in the order

    • JRobinson

      Mind Bullet, The Dark and Tribe all take place a few years prior to The Order, and will make sense how in Khaos. Exo-Hunter ends with a return to the near future, so that’s when The Order takes place.

      • Bran

        Thank you makes more sense now I was trying to figure it out for like 5 minutes while reading

  97. James House

    This anthology makes my long drive to and from work effortless. Truly, thank you.

  98. Cameron F

    Been diving into your books recently and rereading some of the others and I just finished up MirrorWorld and it got me thinking that the opening felt open for a sequel. Do you think you’ll ever return to that series and the adventures of Crazy?

    • JRobinson

      Probably not. I’m pretty happy with the ending. That said, if you haven’t read the Project Nemesis books, Crazy DOES make an appearance in the final book in the series, Project Legion, (along with a bunch of characters from my other novels).

      • Cameron F

        I’ll have to check those out for sure. I’ve been digging into your Infinite Timeline series and it’s great. I’d read a few of the books in the series but when I found out it was tied together I’ve been going through all of them. It’s been a great time!

  99. Kager Dawson

    I listened to “Mind Bullet” on audible about a month ago–I’ve since listened to the entire Infinite Timeline as well as a couple of your other books and I’ve gotta say: You’re a hell of a writer!

    Also, “Torment” is one of the most horrific (AWESOME) books of that type that I have ever encountered! “Oh no….” “I’m so sorry…” Two simple, elegant, tiny sentences absolutely revolutionize the genre! Whenever I wanna freak my girlfriend out, I just say those two little sentences as woefully as I possibly can just to watch the involuntary shudder.

    You are FANTASTIC

    • JRobinson

      Lol. Nice! Glad you discovered me and the Timeline!!

  100. Jenn

    I love your books. I’ve read so many and keep finding more. Literally just finished the hunger series and so ready to consume a third…when will it be done? Thanks so much for these deeply creative and disturing yet hopeful stories.

    • JRobinson

      The third Hunger book will be out in 2023. FYI, it will be released as part of a republication of the first two books, meaning you will get all three at once, in one massive book. For e-book and audio, the price will stay the same (one Audible credit). Hardcover print will be a little bit more, but just enough to cover the increased cost of paper. I won’t make any more because its a fatter book. We just wanted to make it super easy for people to get all three, and for those who had the first two already, to not have to pay for them again.

  101. Hank

    Thank you for the escape. I truly appreciate your talent and creativity. I have a long commute and find myself sitting in my garage after I get home, unable to stop listening.. LOL..

    But seriously, did Carter have a PSD that we didn’t know about, and we will see her again?

  102. Davey Rome

    The Infinite Time-line is missing a LOT of time and needs to be updated. What book crossovers have happened between Exo Hunters, Infinate 2, Nazi Hunter: Atlantis and The Order? The lack knowledge in this gigantic jump has made the Infinite Time Line very confusing.

    • Davey Rome

      Also, if you could change the color of the text on your website from white to black, it’d be a lot easier to read on my phone. The white bleeds into the granite background and is very difficult to read

      • JRobinson

        Sounds like you might have your phone set to night mode?? The text on the website is black.

    • JRobinson

      How is it missing time? The Others, Exo-Hunter and Flux lead into The Order. Infinite 2 does not. Nazi Hunter is related because of Cowboy, but not officially part of the timeline. If you follow the chart on the timeline page, from left to right, it should all be clear. 🙂

      • Davey Rome

        Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly!! Yes, my phone was set to dark mode and now that i have changed it back, i can read your website much easier. Thank You!

        Where I think the time line is missing is:
        1) Big Ape from Exo-Hunters, has become a dolphin.
        2) Dark Horse and The Cowboy are already friends with lots of references to past exploits.
        3) I don’t remember Cassidy in The Others but she seems to be a well known character out of nowhere in The Order.
        4) The “gods hand”, Zeus or not, that can open the gates, where did it come from?
        5) Infinate 2 is absolutely crossed over into The Order. Simulation “Torment”, the “Im Sorry” zombies is from Infinite 2. The woman with the blonde ponytail mining Oxium sounds alot like Cherry Bomb from Infinite 2.
        6) The fact that Dark Horse knows about The Bell, after The Cowboy has sent it to Anartos is completely unexplained.

        And that just what’s on the top of my mind! Where at i missing all this knowledge in the Time Line?

        • Bruce

          Same questions here. Feels like we’re missing a book.

  103. Davey Rome

    Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly!! Yes, my phone was set to dark mode and now that i have changed it back, i can read your website much easier. Thank You!

    Where I think the time line is missing is:
    1) Big Ape from Exo-Hunters, has become a dolphin.
    2) Dark Horse and The Cowboy are already friends with lots of references to past exploits.
    3) I don’t remember Cassidy in The Others but she seems to be a well known character out of nowhere in The Order.
    4) The “gods hand”, Zeus or not, that can open the gates, where did it come from?
    5) Infinate 2 is absolutely crossed over into The Order. Simulation “Torment”, the “Im Sorry” zombies is from Infinite 2. The woman with the blonde ponytail mining Oxium sounds alot like Cherry Bomb from Infinite 2.
    6) The fact that Dark Horse knows about The Bell, after The Cowboy has sent it to Anartos is completely unexplained.

    And that just what’s on the top of my mind! Where am i missing all this knowledge in the Time Line?

    • Bruce

      Same questions here. Feels like we’re missing a book.

    • JRobinson

      Let’s see… Going to try to answer without spoiling for others, but if you’re reading this and haven’t read all the Infinite Timeline books, maybe don’t keep reading.

      [***SPOILERS BELOW***]

      1) That is revealed and explained in The Order.
      2) Yes. The Order takes place many months after the two meet at the end of Exo-Hunter. They’re friends and teammates by the time The Order begins. Evidence for this can be found in Mind Bullet, when the two appear and fight the Nazis in the blacked out room.
      3) Cassidy is not mentioned by name in The Others. Her back story in The Order is that she was one of the many children who was rescued by Delgado.
      4) You’ll have to wait to find out.
      5) Yes.
      6) Again, they’ve been friends for a long time when The Order starts. It can be assumed they know a lot about each other by then.

      • Bruce

        Thank you for the answers! A couple of follow-up questions, if that’s OK?
        1: Yup, it is explained, but it feels there is more of a story there 🙂
        2 and 6: Again, we know they hunt together; it feels like there is a story of those adventures

        What I am trying to say, I guess is there are more stories waiting to be told in the timeline 🙂

        • JRobinson

          Probably a lot! But I’m not planning on it currently. We’ll see what happens down the road, though.

  104. Keith

    So is the Kingdom book just not ever coming out?


    Space force was my first encounter with your work. I was surprised when I finished it and checked out your other books on audible. It’s in a category of it’s own! It was a nice break from series like Expeditionary Force and Bobiverse. I was growing tired with the space opera genre and needed a break. That said I can’t put these down. The Dark? Holy shit! Infinite (&2)? Master works. Not too mention the detective story in the others. That also was a refreshing approach.

    I just wanted to gush a bit.

    Also. RC Bray is a capitol choice.

    Fuckin Legend.

  106. Martin

    Hey Jeremy.

    I’ve been reading your books – Jack Sigler thrillers / Chess Team but I’m unable to find a copy of Ragnarok here in Australia. Would you know where I could find a copy in Australia please? It will take too long to order it from the US or UK. Thank you.

    • JRobinson

      You know, I actually have no idea. I suspect you might have to get them shipped…or read the e-book or audiobooks, which would be available right away. 🙁 Wish that weren’t the case!

  107. David

    First book I got of yours was the dark on audiobooks. I’ve been hooked ever since. On the kaiju series now.

    • JRobinson


  108. Keith


  109. Vikram Singh Negi

    Love the infinite timeline. All caught up, waiting for Khaos.

    Wanted to know 2 things.
    1. When does Singularity come out?
    2. I remember you mentioned that you are working on the final Chess team book to wrap up the series. When will that come out?


    • JRobinson

      Singularity will be out in March.

      Kingdom, still not sure.

  110. Devin

    Will there be a new book to the Refuge series? It appeared to be leading to a second season.

    • JRobinson

      There might be a comic book. That’s the direction we’re leaning. Nothing currently in the works, but Refuge is always on our minds.

  111. Gavin

    Hi, I’ve been reading through the Nemesis saga and some of your other kaiju books, but after Project Legion 2 questions have been racking my brain.
    1. Are Nemesis and Hyperion still alive?
    2. If they are, will they show up in an future books?

  112. Gabe

    Cool system! One thought; I have the memory of a goldfish, and a few of the categories are duplicative. Make each symbol like a periodic element! So instead of grey F being “funny as hell” and whatever F being “fantasy” ( see I already forgot just after scrolling) make them “Fu” or “Fh” for funny as hell, and “Fa” for fantasy!

    Love your stuff.

  113. Arran

    I’ve blazed through the chess team novels to the end of Empire. Is there a conclusion on the horizon? And can I go straight into Herculean or is there a bridge series?

  114. Arran

    I’ve blazed through the chess team novels to the end of Empire. Is there a conclusion on the horizon? And can I go straight into Herculean or is there a bridge series?

    • JRobinson

      On the horizon. Unsure when we’ll get there, but its in progress.

  115. Allen Christopher

    Wanted to first thank you for the chess team series. I have been bragging to everyone to check out your books!! Been listening to chess team while working delivering mail. My favorite books I can’t get enough of that series. I even ordered 3 chess team tshirts the other night from the tee public. Would love to see that series as a graphic audio production it’s basically audio books with voice actors/sound effects/music ect a movie in your mind is how they put it. Reminds me of old time radio.
    Would also be amazing as a video game shooter, tv series, or even a movie.
    Just about finished the whole chess team series. I was wondering if you ever revisit the series and add more to it? Would love to see more books on the jack sigler continuum and just more chess team books in general.
    Now that am almost done with the chess team books was wanting to dive into another one of your series but wasn’t sure what to jump into next. What do you recommend I jump into next?

    Thanks again for an amazing series!!

    • JRobinson

      Sorry for the slow reply!! Things got busy. If you’re still looking for a next read, and want something that isn’t a 13 book commitment, I recommend Apocalypse Machine, The Distance, and Alter (which DOES have some Timeline connections). If you want another massive world culminating in a cross over, check out the Nemesis Saga starting with Project Nemesis.

      • Allen Christopher

        Np totally understand being busy.
        Thanks for the reply!!

        Appreciate the recommendation I’ll definitely check out them out!!

        Keep up the good work!!

        Thanks again for helping me through my work days with your amazing Chess Team/Jack Sigler series!! Looking forward to starting your recommendations!!

  116. Jenn

    Hey there. Any new update on when third book of hunger series really will be finished? I know the infinity timeline consumed, as it should….but I’m hungry to find out how this series ends.

    • JRobinson

      As usual, I can’t remember the exact release date, but the book is done and scheduled for release in July!

  117. Rick Brach

    Singularity wrapped up the Infinite timeline perfectly…..But I get the feeling that there could be Something else the way it finished……Is that a possibility? BTW, your inclusion was funny as hell!!! Perfect…..Just perfect!

    • JRobinson

      I never rule anything else. Nothing in the works, but you never know. 🙂

  118. Jenn

    Just finished Singularity, thus finishing the Infinite Timeline. I’m amazed, bemused, sad, and relieved. It was brilliant. Made more extraordinary with the knowledge of your own story running parallel to it all.


    • JRobinson

      Thanks!! Thrilled you enjoyed it. Spread the word!! 🙂

  119. Cam

    Is there a reason why the final Hunger book is only in a trilogy bundle rather than a single book, when we’ve already bought the other two? Seems chintzy

  120. Debra Kenworthy

    Any news on when Kingdom will be finished for Kindle? I’ve read all the chess team books and spin off ones 5 times now and I want to know where President Thomas Duncan is?!

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