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Nemesis Thanks You

When Project Nemesis launched in 2012, my goal was to make Nemesis a household name, but I had no idea the novel would spawn 5 novels, a comic book, a (cancelled) video game and…more to come…in just a few years. The only reason these things became possible is because Nemesis has the best fans imaginable, many of whom send me art on a regular basis. So, to thank all of you, I’ve put together a little video. You guys are awesome, and whatever is next for Nemesis (hopefully something kaiju sized) its only possible because you all have been there from the start.



Forget Cyber Monday. KAIJU MONDAY is taking over.

Beware of Monsters is commandeering the day and launching a sale that dwarfs all others, in scope, content and savings! What could we possibly be selling that’s so big, for so little, you ask? *Just play along…say, “Yes.”

The answer (as you probably guessed from the blog’s title): Kaiju! 

That’s right, SIX Kaiju Thrillers (available for Amazon Kindle) are now on sale for $0.99. The price will change to $1.99 at midnight tonight (11/28/2016) so don’t waste any time dilly-dallying. Snag your Kindle, and spread the word to monster lovers everywhere. The $1.99 price will revert back to full price at midnight on 11/29/2016, so even if you’re late to the sale by a day, it’s still pretty good pricing.

Which books are included in the sale?

I’m glad you asked (pretend you did). Essentially, every kaiju novel I’ve written. Links and samples of all books included in the sale can be found below!

PRO TIP: If you prefer audiobooks, you can buy the $0.99 Kindle edition and then get the Audible audiobook for just $1.99, which is obviously cheaper than buying it outright.



That’s right, there’s more!
Just $0.99! No shipping and handling!


Project Legion Fan Art: Submit and Be Entered to Win Project Nemesis Comics 1–6, SIGNED!


Nemesis MegaTsuchi - John ScottOnce a year for the past three years, I have announced that I was looking for Nemesis fan art to include in the next book in the series. The results have been amazing, with some jaw-dropping illustrations. Well, this year is no different…. Wait. No. That’s not quite right. This year IS different. Why? Because this is the FINAL Nemesis fan art section.

Nemmy loveThat’s right, Project Legion is the fifth and final book in the Nemesis Saga. It is the crazy-time finale to the very first “kaiju thriller” series , and it is epic on a scale that might even dwarf Godzilla – Final Wars. And to celebrate, I want to include your art in this book. ALL submissions are included in the book. We include art of all skill levels. So don’t sell yourself short! Send in your art and become a part of kaiju history!


Nemesis4And if that’s not incentive enough, everyone who sends in fan art will be entered to win the complete Project Nemesis comic book (issues 1–6, with Matt Frank covers), signed by both Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank. *U.S. residents only (sorry). The prize will be sent out in October, when Project Legion is released.


Step 1: grovel…oh wait…that’s a different post.

Step 2: Make sure your art is either very large, or 300 dpi (dots per inch) so it looks good in print.

Step 3: Compose an e-mail with the art attached. Include your full name and a link to your deviantart page, or art website (if you have them–if you don’t, no worries). If you want to enter the contest, please include your mailing address.

Step 4: Send that e-mail to jrobinsonauthor(at)gmail.com


Rule 1: Nothing sexual, because these are kaiju. Eww.

Rule 2: No copyrighted characters. As much as we’d like to see Nemesis roasting Stay Puft, I can’t publish that without getting sued. So, no thanks.

Rule 3: To win the contest you have to live in the U.S. of A.


That’s it! Can’t wait to see your art.

— Jeremy


Beware of Monsters – Matt Frank Interview Numero Dos!

Matt Frank Returns!

Listen to Matt and Christopher chat about the Project Nemesis comic book adapted from my novel, and Godzilla – Rage Across Time, written by me! Give it a listen and subscribe so you don’t miss the latest interviews with monster authors, artists, game makers and movie directors.


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Have a Suggestion for Beware of Monsters? Contact Christopher Ouellette at: BoMPod@gmail.com

Project Nemesis Issue #3 – Preview Pages


Nemesis knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, so pick up issues 1 – 3 and hope that it’s a belated Santa Claus you hear scratching on your roof.

Project Nemesis #3 drops tomorrow, but you don’t have to wait to see the two amazing covers and first six pages! Nemesis is a growing girl with an appetite in this issue, getting closer to her full kaiju-sized stage. Witness the destruction! The horror! Once again, the art is by Matt Frank, colors by Deigo Rodriguez, and variant cover by Bob Eggleton.

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