POINT NEMO by Jeremy Robinson – Visit for the mystery. Stay…because you’re probably dead.



POINT NEMO is a very different kind of book, and I’m not just saying that in a ‘toot your own horn’ kind of way. I mean for me personally. Typically, I jump right into a story and let it evolve as I write. POINT NEMO is different because the first twelve drafts of this story were a screenplay. I had amazing input from my manager, Jeffrey Belkin, and from Amanda Lewis at Original Film (producers of the Project Nemesis TV series). Their notes helped refine this story, adding twists and turns, unique perspectives, and nefarious ideas. So, when I started writing the novel, I had a detailed 120-page outline to follow. As a result, if the screenplay defies the odds and gets made as a movie, no one will be able to complain that they’re too different. Every scene that should be in the movie is in the book.

And I’m thrilled with the result of this collaborative effort. It took three years of writing and editing to get it to you, and as a result, I’m both sick of it, and very proud of the final product. It’s a thrilling story overflowing with science, bizarre creatures, a unique setting, and wonderful characters I still care about, and I think you will, too.

The audiobook edition of POINT NEMO is performed by the always timely handsome and gregarious R.C. Bray, who manages to make everything he reads sound like it was read by masculine angels. If you haven’t listened to an audiobook yet, make this your first and you’ll probably never go back.


In the heart of the South Pacific lies Point Nemo, the most desolate and remote place on Earth. At its core is a dead zone, devoid of life, where government agencies crash their obsolete satellites and space stations, confident they won’t harm a soul. When the International Space Station suffers a catastrophic failure and plummets through the atmosphere, it’s here that Mission Specialist Julie Rohr, an astrobiologist studying living space dust called xylem, finds herself marooned.

Julie’s only hope for rescue lies in the hands of her estranged father, Dr. Finn Maddern, a renowned mycologist. Plucked from the depths of the Amazon rainforest, Finn is thrust into a daring rescue mission alongside a team of specialists. Their destination: an impossible island at the center of Point Nemo—an island that shouldn’t exist—composed of xylem.

The island is a living enigma, giving birth to strange and terrifying creatures, each generation more evolved and deadly than the last. As the team delves deeper into the island’s alien mysteries, they find themselves in a race against time: the island is moving. If it escapes the dead zone and reaches fertile waters, nothing in humanity’s arsenal will be able to stop the invasive species from colonizing and remaking the world.

With their team dwindling and the stakes rising, Finn and Julie must confront their past and face an unthinkable choice. To save humanity, a sacrifice must be made. A life exchanged for the world. The burden of survival and the weight of their family’s legacy falls on their shoulders.

Point Nemo by New York Times and #1 Audible bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson is a chilling journey into the unknown; a tale of sacrifice and survival that blurs the line between science fiction and horror. It’s a testament to the lengths a parent will go to protect their child and a stark reminder of our fragile place in the universe.


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  1. Susan Maher

    Amazing author, hours and hours of escapism and fun

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