THE ORDER is Here!

The Infinite Timeline has been so long in the making that it seems really strange to be in the final stretch, finally releasing the first of three crossovers. Honestly, I’m a wee be petrified. Doing one crossover is a gamble, because it means that your audience needs to be caught up on the previous books to fully enjoy the crossover. But doing THREE?! 2022 is going to be a massive roll of the dice. Happily, the audience for all the books in the Timeline is significant, and the opportunity to see characters from different books interact is fun. I know I had fun writing it. But we’re starting out strong with one wild story and equal parts action and hilarity.

Speaking of the Infinite Timeline…

In case you don’t know… The Infinite Timeline brings together nine standalone novels, many with overlapping epilogues, that all take place in the same universe. Picture the MCU, leading up to Endgame. We start with nine loosely connected novels, merge into two separate crossovers and then collide, everything together, all at once in one insane book titled SINGULARITY.

THE ORDER is the first of the three crossovers, featuring characters from THE OTHERS, FLUX, and EXO-HUNTER.

So, prepare yourself for some madness, gobs of sci-fi action, and more laughs than you can shake a screaming goat at. Things are about to get nuts, like Michael Keaton wielding a fire poker. “You want to get nuts?! Let’s get nuts!”

To see how the whole timeline connects, I direct you to this handy-dandy post detailing everything.

The next installment of the Infinite Timeline is THE ORDER, which is…


When two galactic forces collide—one spreading chaos, the other demanding order—New York Times and #1 bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, defends Earth with characters from three of his fan favorite novels: The Others, Flux, and Exo-Hunter.

Mysterious gateways are appearing throughout the universe, bridging violent civilizations, leading to war, and sowing chaos. While some species succumb to the pandemonium, the Chut’un forge an unholy symbiotic relationship—The Order—with red Europhids, a vast hive intelligence populating the universe’s far reaches. Desiring structure and fearing the unknown, they cull everything opposed to their plan, including the Europhids’ blue counterparts, carrying out a galactic genocide until only one blue Europhid remains…inside Moses Montgomery, aka ‘Dark Horse.’

As a Rapid Reaction Force Marine from 1989, Dark Horse and his team were sent 1000 years into the future where they defeated the Union, an evil fascist empire. Back in the present, after preventing the Union from ever forming, Dark Horse and his team of…unique operators from the past and the future are ready to kick back, listen to some tunes, and enjoy the timeline they saved.

But as the last threat to The Order’s machinations, Dark Horse finds himself with an alien target on his back. Joined by Dan Delgado and Wini Finch (The Others), and Owen McCoy (Flux), the team attempts to understand the gates that first appeared in New Hampshire, and now in Antarctica. Despite their vast experience with the strange and otherworldly, none of them are prepared for what comes next. Three members of the team are abducted, whisked away to another planet. Alive or dead, no one knows.

Dark Horse and his now rag-tag team struggle to track down their missing teammates while being hunted themselves. With the fate of his friends—and all of Earth—hanging in the balance, Dark Horse is forced to take insane risks, create chaos, and do anything to get his people back.


Robinson is at his best when combining elements of science-fiction, horror, and edge-of-your-seat action, laced with unpredictable humor. The Order is the perfect marriage of these elements, telling a story that is, at times, moving, and at others, laugh-out-loud outrageous. The Order is pure entertainment from a New York Times and #1 bestselling author with an unparalleled imagination.



THE ORDER has been narrated by the indefatigable R.C. Bray, the voice behind nearly all of the Infinite Timeline. Once again, he has brought my characters to life, made my jokes funnier, and captured the book’s tone, providing an experience unlike any other. If you’re a reader, I recommend reading as you normally would, but if you really love the story and want to experience it again, give the audiobook a listen and hear the book in a new–and extremely entertaining–way.


The ONLY reason something as ambitious as a universe of books with three crossovers is remotely possible is because I have badass, mofo fans. You guys have been spreading the word, posting reviews, and helping boost sales for the Timeline books, ensuring that what I’m trying to pull off moves forward. Well, we’re full steam ahead now. There’s no stopping us. But keep the reviews coming, and let’s make this universe impossible for Hollywood to ignore. The dream would be multiple series on a streaming service, mixed with a few movies, all coming together for three insane movies. Can you imagine?! I can. Now we just need to get their attention.

If you want to make sure you’re one of the first people to find out more, see the new covers, never miss a release date, and hear about the Hollywood news that’s brewing, come join the Tribe on Facebook. It’s a 2000+ member group of fans (and myself) talking about the books. Hope to see you there!


  1. lsa

    Absolutely AWESOME!! waiting for my print edition…. drool…. drool…. drool….
    the next JR delight! I like to read the actual printed pages first…
    I can’t wait!!! I am envisioning an infinite timeline “audio marathon” … once the crossover/events are revealed in Singularity. I am so psyched! Thanks Jeremy Robinson for your absolute brilliance! P.S. currently reliving Sol’s transformation, snagged The Last Hunter Collected Ed on audible, makes for great looooong elliptical runs….

    • JRobinson

      The Order is available in hardcover. Paperback is about 6 months away.

  2. J

    THERE ARE PRINT ADITIONS?!?!!!!!!!????????

    …..sorry bank account.


  3. AngusMcFife

    Brilliant stuff once again been looking forward to this for ages and just finished the audiobook. Great writing and narration once again.
    I do have one thing to say though. “Spaceman” would have been a more apt Eskimo (Electric) Callboy song lol. Though that did only just come out a few weeks back so it’s understandable lol. Can’t wait for the next installment of Jeremy Robinsons imagination.

    • JRobinson

      Yeah, the books are finished pretty far in advance and the text locked in before Spaceman came out. Love Hypa Hypa, too!

      • Shibby

        nice to see the virus spreading all around the globe 😉

  4. lsa

    Finished and very very THANKFUL for another absolutely spectacular Jeremy Robinson “mind-flick”! Being a “child of the 70’s -80’s” I especially DUG the musical and pop culture references! Who needs TV… games…. facebook….twitter… when we have THE master in our midst….. because in the end, Will the REAL revolution be televised?

  5. Matthew Tozzi

    Super excited The Order is here, started listening to it yesterday. RC Bray really brings out your humor and just kills it. I finally caught up on all the novels leading up to this. You’re fucking killing it, keep it up. Defiantly one of my favorite authors, you’re the man.

  6. Scott

    Just finished the audiobook the other day and loved it, just like all the others! Can’t stop laughing at the controller naming his arms, and what he named them … classic TNG.

    Looking forward to Khaos!

    • JRobinson

      Yeah, I had a lot of fun with that scene. I knew I had to do it the second it popped into my head.

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