Jeremy Robinson’s Christmas Buying Guide to Jeremy Robinson Novels!

You didn’t ask for it, but here it is!

Do you prefer to do your holiday gift buying without having to transform into the Incredible Hulk? Do MMA fights at your local store frighten you? Do you want to buy novels for people who generally watch movies and TV, rather than reading books? If so, good news! Not only are my books perfect for people who don’t read very often, but I’ve also compiled a list including some of my novels to help you figure out which would look best under the Christmas tree, or installed on a new e-reader or audio device. Use the guide for yourself, or to help you pick out gifts for others. I’ve organized it in a way that should help you determine which books are best for people with different interests (and who might not normally read novels—I compare them to movies), similar to Amazon’s “if you like X, you might like Z” recommendations. All set? Let’s do this!

If you like Godzilla and Pacific Rim

pacific_rim_ver4Are giant monsters your jam? Maybe you have a niece or nephew who dream of destroying cities? Or perhaps your father grew up watching Creature Double Feature? Whatever the case may be, if you or the person you’re shopping for enjoys monsters of epic proportions, then you can’t go wrong with the “Kaiju Thrillers” below. *Disclaimer: Island 731 is a monstrous story, but the creature in it isn’t 300 feet tall. That said, the story and characters merge with the Nemesis books in Project Maigo.

Island 731Project NemesisProject MaigoProject 731 Project Hyperion

Project Nemesis Cover 1And if comic books are your thing, I have you covered there, too! Just visit the Comics page for the Project Nemesis comic book! This ongoing six issue series adapts the novel into illustrated form with amazing art by renowned Godzilla artist, Matt Frank.


If you like The Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia…

lotr1finalEpic battles, fantastic creatures and a main character who will make you cheer, fret, cry and be inspired. The Last Hunter – Collected Edition compiles five novels into a single volume including illustrations and a bonus short story. And it’s available as a fat hardcover that would look great under the tree. This  contemporary fantasy is also perfect for fans of the Hunger Games and Harry Potter, with gut-seizing action and mystical goings-on, but without pulling punches. Perfect for the young adult in your life…and adults.  Additionally, Antarktos Rising is a standalone novel that intersects with The Last Hunter at the end of Book Two, so why not pick up both and get the full experience?

The Last Hunter - Collected EditionAntarktos Rising

If you like World War Z or The Walking Dead

walking_dead_one_sheet_posterI’ve written a number of books featuring what I’d call zombies, but not one of them fits the overdone “zombie hordes have overrun civilization” story line. Instead, we tackle the ancient Viking Draugr, reborn in modern Greenland, fending off horrors like zombie polar bears, overweight monstrosities riding scooters and zombie freaking whales. Also, robots and hell. Not one of these is a cliche zombie tale, but they are sure to please zombie fans.


The SentinelThe RavenTorment XOM-B

If you like FOOD, Inc. or Aliens (really)…

food_incIt’s a strange combination, but if you or someone you know frets about the food you’re eating, and also enjoys a good monster story, then Hunger will leaving you craving more, which is good, because it’s the first book in a trilogy. Devour this knowing that the sequels, Feast will be out in early 2016 and Famine in early 2017.

If you like National Treasure or Indiana Jones

indianaAncient sites and riddles? Check. Bad guys with nefarious plans? Yep. Relics from myth with strange and supernatural abilities? Hell yes! Herculean combines all of these elements and more, wrapping in a pulse-pounding adventure and kicking off a new series of novels protecting history from the modern world, and the modern world from history.



If you like traditional thrillers, like The Bourne Identity and Spectre

bourne_identity_ver2If you like your heroes brave, brazen, bullet-blazing and badass, not to mention a fan of the letter B, then SecondWorld and its spin-off novella, Nazi Hunter – Atlantis, are perfect picks. Lincoln Miller and Milos Vesely aren’t afraid to charge into a fight against insurmountable enemy forces straight out of World War II. Also, Flood Rising (not related to SecondWorld) is the perfect book for fans of more straightforward thrillers.


SecondWorldI AM COWBOYFlood Rising

If you like guns a blazin’ action and monsters, a la Predator and Aliens, with a dash of Ray Harryhausen…

Predator-PosterThe Jack Sigler Thrillers are my longest running series and combine crazy action, ancient myths and modern military to create some of the most action-packed novels available. Combining real science, mythological creatures and high tech gadgets, these are fun reads for action and thriller fans, even if monster fiction isn’t typically your thing. If you enjoy the first, you’re going to love the rest. And with two more Jack Sigler thrillers in the works, AND a movie, the series is still growing. If you enjoy these stories be sure to also grab the spin-off Chesspocalypse novellas AND the Continuum books, Guardian and Patriot.


Obviously, I have a lot more books than these (which is nuts, because this is a lot of books already) but the list has to end somewhere. That said, if you don’t see something you like here, there are plenty more over on The Books page for monster, sci-fi, action, thriller, and horror fans alike.  Happy Cyber Monday and I hope you all enjoy the books!

— Jeremy


  1. James

    Please explain to me the criteria that an author has to consider when choosing to make their work into an audio book or not .

    If they choose to , what determines the time frame of the process . Thank you

    • JRobinson

      If the author is producing it themselves, its really just a matter of determining whether or not people will buy it, and then finding the right narrator. Once that is done, the time frame really depends on the narrators schedule. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s as long as nine months.

      • James

        Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my question. Really appreciate that. I just completed The Last Hunter series. Awesome !!!!! It wasn’t what I expected . Way better . I listened them in order , along with Anarctos Rising . Incredible experience. I love the audible books because it helps me through long hours at work. Sometimes I get strange looks due to me laughing out loud as I’m listening, especially at Maigo , Lilly & the rest of the gang. Keep up the good work.

        • JRobinson

          Thanks, and I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the books. The Last Hunter series is still my personal favorite of all my books. Though there are some close contenders coming out in the next year. 🙂

  2. Glen Biederman

    Where is Famine?

    • JRobinson

      Stewing in my mind at the moment. For a while, I wasn’t planning on finishing the series, but some new marketing tactics have boosted sales of Feast a bit, so it’s back on my mind. Maybe 2019. Maybe.

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