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Posted by Jeremy Robinson on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jeremy Robinson’s Christmas Buying Guide to Jeremy Robinson Novels!

You didn’t ask for it, but here it is!

Do you prefer to do your holiday gift buying without having to transform into the Incredible Hulk? Do MMA fights at your local store frighten you? Do you want to buy novels for people who generally watch movies and TV, rather than reading books? If so, good news! Not only are my books perfect for people who don’t read very often, but I’ve also compiled a list including some of my novels to help you figure out which would look best under the Christmas tree, or installed on a new e-reader or audio device. Use the guide for yourself, or to help you pick out gifts for others. I’ve organized it in a way that should help you determine which books are best for people with different interests (and who might not normally read novels—I compare them to movies), similar to Amazon’s “if you like X, you might like Z” recommendations. All set? Let’s do this!

If you like Godzilla and Pacific Rim

pacific_rim_ver4Are giant monsters your jam? Maybe you have a niece or nephew who dream of destroying cities? Or perhaps your father grew up watching Creature Double Feature? Whatever the case may be, if you or the person you’re shopping for enjoys monsters of epic proportions, then you can’t go wrong with the “Kaiju Thrillers” below. *Disclaimer: Island 731 is a monstrous story, but the creature in it isn’t 300 feet tall. That said, the story and characters merge with the Nemesis books in Project Maigo.

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