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You didn’t ask for it, but you’re going to get it! Here is your sneak peek look at TETHER. This sample includes chapters 1 and 2 of the novel, which will be released on September 24th. If you’re an audiobook listener, check out the freshly recorded first chapter, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer.

Below, you’ll find the description, the audiobook sample, and then chapters 1 and 2 for those who prefer their inner narrator.


In the middle of the night, an explosion rocks Cambridge, Massachusetts and wakes Saul Signalman from bed. Blue, ethereal light pulses into the sky. A Facetime call pulls him away from the view. It’s his wife, consumed in light, bidding him farewell. And then—she’s gone. In the dead of night, he races to his wife’s lab at the explosion’s core, but the building is gone.

His wife is gone.

All that remains is a test subject: Rain, a woman with no memory, whose eyes glow when she comes into contact with unseen forces, whose body lights up the night when monstrous nightmares descend on Boston, and whose creators will do anything to get her back.

Pursued by a rogue government agency, Saul goes on the run with the only person who might be able to explain what happened to his wife, reveal what kind of person she really was, and how to stop the otherworldly terrors wiping out cities.

With TETHER, Jeremy Robinson, the #1 Audible bestselling author, returns to the literary genre he created—the kaiju thriller*—and turns it on its head, transporting the reader into the strange, and then beyond, into the supernatural.

*“Kaiju” means “strange beast” in Japanese and refers to giant monsters like Godzilla, Gamera and Robinson’s creation, Nemesis.




Darkness inspires me. Calls to me like a siren. It kindles my imagination and sets it alight to possibilities far out of my reach during the daylight hours. That’s all good, and I’ve made a living from it, but inspiration and the conjurings of an overactive imagination come at a Faustian cost: sleep.

And if the deal isn’t renegotiated: the soul.

Because without sleep, the mind breaks.

Anger takes the steering wheel, guided by frustration.

At first, it’s the big things that get to you. The world’s great injustices. Then it’s the little things, like not being able to find a battery for your damn electric toothbrush—who brushes their teeth with normal toothbrushes anymore?

Neanderthals and Philistines. That’s who.

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MirrorWorld – Available Now! Again!

As you might know, many of my novels were published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, which is fantastic. BUT, because they are a Big 5 publisher, the pricing on those e-books was about $13, which even I won’t pay for an e-book. MirrorWorld was first released when self-published e-books (including mine) were taking off and putting a serious dent in traditionally published book sales (including mine). As a result, my two novels released from the big publishers (MirrorWorld and Xom-B/Uprising) took a sales hit. It was discouraging at the time. I thought people just didn’t like the books. But the reviews tell another story. People love the books, but they were just overpriced. Well, no more!

The rights for MirrorWorld recently reverted back to me, allowing me to use the cover I preferred and much more reasonable pricing! If you were holding off on MirrorWorld because of the steep price tag, now is your chance! Go grab it! And if you already read it and loved it, spread the news. Because this isn’t a new book, Amazon’s helpful algorithms for new books will ignore MirrorWorld.

If you’ve never heard of MirrorWorld before, just pretend this is a brand spanking new release and go grab it!!

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Before the UpsideDown, there was MirrorWorld

There is a world separated from our own by a thin veil. It is the place where nightmares are born, where fear blossoms into dread, and where monsters of myth and legend reside. Alone in the dark, you feel them, just beyond comprehension as the hairs on your arms spring up. In that moment, you know that you are not alone. And yet, the limitations of human physiology prevent you from interacting with that world in any meaningful way.

But there is one man, who feels no fear and has no memory, capable of not only experiencing that world–but entering it. His name is Crazy, with a capital C, and he will do and say anything as he fights in both worlds, to prevent a war between them.

With MirrorWorld, Jeremy Robinson, whose trademarked pacing and inventive plots have been highly praised by bestselling authors like Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, and James Rollins, treats readers to a wildly imaginative, frenetically-paced thriller exploring the origins of fear.

ALTER – To Survive The Amazon, What Would You…Become?





On the surface, ALTER and INFINITE have very little in common. One is a sci-fi epic in space and the other is a survival story taking place in a region of our planet that’s untouched by technology. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that both follow a main character enduring spectacular challenges that alter his soul—for good or bad. And there’s a reason for this commonality.

When I wrote INFINITE, I was at the peak of my emotional struggles caused by Lyme Disease and Bartonella (the doctors think), and my brain tumor diagnosis (which turned out to be wrong). So a lot of that turmoil was processed through writing the novel. When I wrote ALTER, I was at the height of my neuropathy pain that was so intense I couldn’t be touched or even take a shower. While INFINITE helped me express my emotional pain, ALTER helped my express my physical pain. And I think both novels are better for it…though I would much rather write powerful novels while NOT suffering.

“Blah, blah, blah, stop whining already!” you say.

On to the story!


Stranded in the Amazon rainforest, a lost man fights for survival and discovers that the root of evil doesn’t just reside in the world’s darkest corners, but inside the hearts of all mankind.

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RobinsonFest 2018 Wrap-Up


20180817_101606Every year as I reflect on RobinsonFest, I wonder if the next year could possibly be as fun as the previous. And now, a few days post-event, I find myself pondering the same thing. It was a smaller group this year, but that did nothing to diminish the good times, tasty food, adventurous outings, or quality time with the world’s best fans. If anything, it let me connect a bit deeper with people, and really gave me time to get to know our newcomers, who I now look forward to seeing every year.

20180817_120806This year, I said goodbye to my fans-turned-friends, the RobinsonFesters…wait, do we still not have a better name than that?! Because, eww. Anywho, after saying goodbye, what I feel most this year is pride. Not in the event itself, or the places we visit, or the food we eat, or what a dashingly handsome host I am. What I’m most proud of is the people who attend. Our regular attendees are always welcoming, loving, and generous to newcomers, and the result is that new folks, who might feel awkward and far out of their comfort-zone, are made to feel at home on the very first night…if not within minutes.

39507009_10160869390165360_206455182383382528_oWhen hosting an intimately-sized group of strangers, there is a lot that could go wrong, but from the very first RobinsonFest, there has been a camaraderie that has little to do with a mutual love for my books, and everything to do with the kind of people who attend. My novels might be what brings people to RobinsonFest, but it’s the people who make it special.

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Audio Book



Twenty-something years ago, I was an X-Files addict. I’d seen a few things I couldn’t explain, as had my father. I’d visited with UFO investigator extraordinaire, Raymond Fowler, who attended my childhood church, and I eventually became a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) as a “UFO Investigator…in Training”. I eventually left MUFON, disillusioned after realizing that every “investigation” pointed to aliens when there was no actual evidence of such a thing.

But I never lost my fascination with the subject. Aliens have appeared in a number of my novels (Beneath, Raising the Past, The Nemesis Saga, and The Distance) and the grays showed up as Nephilim in The Last Hunter series. Despite all that, and my history, I’ve never written a novel directly addressing the UFO phenomenon. Well, today, that changes.

When I started writing The Others, I went in with no preconceived notions about what conclusions I’d draw, where the story would take the characters (aside from the 37th parallel), or what kind of insanity my imagination would conjure.

I followed the evidence alongside my characters, going where the research pulled me, and I think the result is a unique take on the UFO phenomenon, a fast-paced mystery, and some of my new favorite characters (you’re going to love Wini).

*AUDIOBOOK FANS – The audiobook will be out about a week from today (give or take a few days)! Huzzah!

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