The time has FINALLY come! I get to announce ONE of SEVERAL Hollywood projects that are in the works. And holy forking shirt balls, it is a big one. Like…kaiju sized.

That’s right folks, as reported in Deadline..

PROJECT NEMESIS, is in development as a TV series!!!

Chad Stahelski (director of John Wick 1 – 4) is at the helm, and if that isn’t awesome enough, it’s being produced by Original Film AND Sony Pictures Television (the team behind The Boys, SWAT, Preacher and Happy!). Below, along with some awesome Nemesis art, I’ll tell you how all this came about, where things are, and where we’re headed.

“I can’t say how excited I am to help bring Jeremy Robinson’s Project Nemesis to the screen. From the first moment I started reading it, I was hooked. This amazing book series has everything I love about the genre: martial arts, action, great characters, and of course, Kaiju!” — Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick 1 – 4


This all began so long ago I honestly don’t remember the year. But it was about six years ago, in September, when I got a call from director Chad Stahelski. He’d read Project Nemesis, and being a fellow kaiju fan with Massachusetts roots, he fell in love with the story. So much so that he wanted to create a series based on it. We spoke for about an hour, with him laying out his vision for the series…which matched perfectly with my own. I was on board, 100%.

And then, the waiting began. It was two years before Chad would go into Original Film for a meeting about the Highlander movie he’s directing and casually mention Nemesis. When he left that meeting, we had producers attached, and shortly after, SONY was on board. Thus began the years-long contract negotiations during which I met with Chad several times, and was lucky enough to attend the John Wick 2 and 3 premieres. Finally, a year ago, the contracts were squared away and signed. And since then–really for the past six years–I’ve been bouncing off the walls, dying to tell EVERYONE that this was in the works. And now here we are, and I’m freaking out. Hopefully, you are too!


Right now, the producers are seeking a showrunner. Once that person is found, things can move forward. This being the age of Covid, things are moving slower than I’d like, but this announcement is a positive step in the right direction. The more attention this gets, the better the odds of the show finding a streaming partner or a TV network to call home. So spread the word!!

While there is no guarantee that the show will get made, IF it does, the series will include all five Nemesis Saga novels AND Island 731, which I believe will be wrapped into season 1 and 2, bringing in the full cast. The only thing it probably won’t have is characters from other novels that appear in Project Legion. They can, of course, snag the rights to those books too, if they want, but that’s not part of the current deal, which happily includes the entire Nemesis Saga.


If you haven’t yet read the Nemesis Saga, now is the time! Not only are they tons of fun, but now you can say, “I read the books before they were an international sensation.” Or something. Hopefully. Below is a description for Project Nemesis, but there are six books in the series, which you can see here:


Jon Hudson, lead investigator for the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center-P, thinks his job is a joke. While other Fusion Centers focus on thwarting terrorist activity, Hudson’s division is tasked with handling paranormal threats to national security, of which there have been zero during his years at the DHS. When yet another Sasquatch sighting leads to a research facility in the backwoods of Maine, disguised as an abandoned Nike missile site, Hudson’s job becomes deadly serious.

Hudson and the local Sheriff, Ashley Collins, suddenly find themselves on the run from a ruthless ex-Special Forces security team, but the human threat is short-lived as something very much not-human destroys the facility and heads for civilization, leaving only a single clue behind–a name scrawled in blood–Nemesis. Working with his team at Fusion Center-P, Sheriff Collins, and a surly helicopter pilot named Woodstock, Hudson pursues the creature known as Nemesis, attempts to uncover the corporate secrets behind its creation and accidental release, and tries to comprehend why several clues lead to a murdered little girl named Maigo.

But as the body-count explodes, along with the monster’s size, it quickly becomes clear that nothing short of a full military response can slow Nemesis’s progress. Coordinating with every branch of the U.S. military, Hudson simultaneously searches for clues about Nemesis’s origins and motivations, and leads the counterattack that will hopefully stop the monster before it reaches Boston and its one million residents.



The Nemesis Saga, like all of my audiobooks, is read by the two best narrators in the business. R.C. Bray lends his illustrious voice to Island 731, while Jeffrey Kafer brings the FC-P to vivid life in all five Nemesis books. They’re all fantastic and a great way to experience the story, even if you’ve already read the books.



If all that isn’t enough to convince you to check out these books, well, here are two videos. The first is a thank you to all the fans who created fan art for Nemesis over the years. And the second is a trailer for the book series.


Guys, for real, the only reason we’re here is because of you. So many of you have been on this journey with me, creating Nemesis fan art, telling your friends about the series, and helping it stay prominent on Amazon, which is where the director discovered it. Without all of you, none of that would have happened. So, thank you for your help in making these dreams come true. And thank you for spreading the word about the TV series. The more attention we get on it, the better the odds. Let’s make #ProjectNemesis trend!

If you want to make sure you’re one of the first people to find out more, see the new covers, never miss a release date, and hear about the Hollywood news that’s brewing, come join the Tribe on Facebook. It’s a 2000+ member group of fans (and myself) talking about the books. Hope to see you there!

— Jeremy Robinson


  1. lsa

    Yay!!!! Congratulations Team Nemesis!!!!!

  2. Kevyn

    Got through Projects Nemesis thru Hyperion on Audiobook via Audible. I definitely thought a TV series would be a great way to tell these stories and I’m glad someone agreed! Looking forward to seeing Nemesis smash her way into tv screens. This is going to be epic!

  3. Mike Pastore

    Congratulations Jeremy!! This honor is long overdue!

  4. Rian

    So excited beyond belief!!

  5. Garnet

    Beyond words happy for you Jeremy!!
    So absolutely awesome! Congratulations!!!

  6. Deb

    Wow – congratulations Jeremy! That is incredible news! It’s about time they start picking more original material instead of the same old themes, especially superheros. I am so looking forward to this!

    • JRobinson

      Thank you!

  7. Jim

    Congratulations. This is a awesome bit of news. Actually I’m surprised you didn’t explode keeping this on the down low for six years. Hopefully they’ll find that showrunner then we can see Nemesis in all her glory.

    • JRobinson

      Honestly, keeping this to myself has been agonizing! Really looking forward to what comes next, assuming its forward momentum.

  8. Lauri Drummond

    That is crazy awesome news! I can’t begin to imagine how mine blowing it must be for you. I’m fairly new to the world of Jeremy Robinson, but I’m proud to say I’m currently on my 14th audible book of yours, and I can’t get enough! And now the project nemesis series will be next on my list. Can I become a lover of books kaiju? I believe I can, as you’ve been able to suck me into genres I never thought I’d enjoy. I credit the author.

    • JRobinson

      I believe in you! 🙂 I’m biased, but I think Nemesis has more going for her than the average kaiju.

      • Lauri Drummond

        My immersion into your books kaiju has begun. I just finished listening to Island 731 (pretty creepy) this morning and am starting Project Nemesis later today.
        Lily’s eggs must be bad-ass…..

        • JRobinson

          SWEET! I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

          • Lauri Drummond

            So I just finished Project Legion today and I’m not afraid to admit I’m kind of sad there’s no more in the Nemesis Saga. I really liked how you wrapped up all the characters and stories in the end, and as always, you make sure to sneak things in there to make me smile. And sometimes truly laugh out loud. I was born in 1966, so the throwback references are wicked funny and very much appreciated!! Thank you!

  9. AngusMcFife

    I knew it would happen. When I listened to the audiobooks I would always picture it as if I was watching a TV screen with everything happening on it lol. Yeah I know, weird.
    Seriously though. This is awesome news. Nemesis is the reason I found Jeremy in the first place. And I never even liked Kaiju stuff all that much, until then haha. After that my mind was continually blown everytime I listened to a JR book. Can’t wait for the series.

  10. Steven G


    The Nemesis books were what brought to you and as a reader finding an author will an existing library is gold. I cannot wait to see what happens with a director and producers like those.

    • JRobinson

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to it, too!

  11. Richard

    Going through a tough time at the moment, this news has really cheered me up! Well done Sir…
    Also hope it’s Paramount / CBS so you can keep all the Trek references I love so much 🙂

    Please come on my weekly show and plug the series!

  12. Trent Duncan

    Look no further. I am the perfect undiscovered talent to be your show runner =)
    Although a long shot, I am a big fan of your ability to hash out compelling and complex storylines that never seem to disappoint. Looking forward to the Infinite Timeline!
    Keep up the great work! We love your creativity and inspiration.

  13. James House

    Where is the series at now? Where do we find updates?

  14. Nick H.

    I’ve been going back through the Infinite series for the third time and I’m noticing… you dropped a ton of hints about this over the years! I can’t believe I never picked up on it until now!

  15. James House


    Can Mahershala Ali please play the character of Dark Horse?

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