2020 has been a slow year for Robinson releases. So far, just NPC. I’d like to say that’s all part of the grand scheme, but it’s really just part of me working through personal/health struggles that have slowed me down from a “Is Jeremy Robinson actually Lt. Commander Data in disguise?” level to a “Stephen King” pace (2 – 3 novels a year). It’s still a fast pace, but it’s indicative of my state of mind.

Also indicative of my state of mind is the content of my novels, which have shifted over the past few years from being primarily nutso, light-hearted action to more serious, character driven, introspective action. My novels are mental ping-pong matches between dark and painful themes (me working through personal demons) and crazy funny stories (me taking a vacation from my problems). NPC was dark, serious, and mind-bendy. So it’s time for some light-hearted action right?

Hell to the yes!

BUT, there is a catch. EXO-HUNTER turned out to be strangely timely and possibly controversial/political because of events that happened after I was mostly done writing it (George Floyd’s tragic death and the resulting protests). EXO-HUNTER‘s main character is a black man fighting against a white supremacist future government. That simple description, shared earlier in the year, immediately resulted in some negative comments. Which blows my mind. If a black hero fighting against future Nazis offends you, it’s time to take a looong look in the mirror. White Supremacy in the U.S. is as vile as it was in Nazi Germany. They are real life bad guys. They need to be defeated wherever, and whenever they are. Hopefully, that’s not a problem for you.

On to the book!

EXO-HUNTER is very light-hearted and funny, featuring Dark Horse, a sarcastic main character a la Jon Hudson and Jane Harper. The novel also pays homage to the 1980s (which is always fun), inspired by a slew of my favorite 80s movies (Aliens, Predator, Total Recall, etc…) and 80s New Wave music. In fact, EXO-HUNTER is the first novel of mine that comes with a playlist featuring the 17 songs that are mentioned in the novel. If you want a sneak peek, you can listen to the “soundtrack” on YouTube by clicking here.

Before we get to the story, a note for audiobook listeners. Due to unforeseen circumstances (a la 2020), the audiobook has been delayed. It IS in the works, and will hopefully be out sooner than later, but forces beyond my control conspired against it. I will send out a second newsletter the moment it becomes available.

Now, on to the story!

Callsign: Dark Horse and his Marine Rapid Reaction Force team have been sent to recover a strange artifact near Antarctica’s Soviet-controlled Vostok Station. Confronted by a team of Ruskie Spetsnaz, a battle for control of the strange device, frozen in the ice, breaks out. But before anyone can claim victory, or the prize, an explosion of white light knocks the combatants unconscious and whisks them away to…


One thousand years later. Dark Horse, along with his teammate, Chuy, and one of the Soviets, Drago, finds himself in a future that is both impressive and horrifying. Humanity has left Earth behind and is rapidly expanding throughout the galaxy under the banner of The Union, a white supremacist government who racially ‘purified’ the human race hundreds of years in the past.

Living on the fringe of this twisted Fourth Reich society, Dark Horse-the only Black man in the Union-commandeers a vessel and scours the galaxy for his missing teammates under the guise of an Exo-Hunter, seeking out exo-planets to satiate the Union’s need for colonization. His search takes him beyond the edge of the known universe and into an interplanetary war, guided by a vast intelligence that’s been waiting for Dark Horse’s arrival-for a thousand years.

New York Times and #1 Audible.com bestselling author Jeremy Robinson takes readers on a journey to a dark and twisted future…and makes them laugh. EXO-HUNTER is a light-hearted homage to 1980s science fiction movies that also looks at the dangers of white supremacy and the core values that makes it dangerous, and the butt of the joke. In the audiobook edition, he is joined by #1 Audible bestselling narrator, R.C. Bray, giving readers the most compelling-and most fun-thing to come out of 2020.

PRINT EDITIONS are available everywhere, but the e-book is Kindle only, and available for free via Kindle Unlimited. Go ahead and snag it!

And for those who, like me, enjoy moving pictures, music, and voiceovers, here is the trailer!


  1. Brendan Walker

    Hey Jeremy! Do you have any plans for your kaiju Nemesis? I really enjoyed the first book and am starting on the rest of the series.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Jeremy,

    I think the criticisms came from the fact that you’re writing a story set in the far future, where white supremacy still exists. The implication is rather… unfortunate.

  3. Tuskegee99

    No one has a problem with black protagonists fighting Nazis. What people have a problem with are:

    1. Authors not recognizing that their job is to entertain people and make them forget about the real world and their problems for a brief moment in time. Their job is not infusing their political beliefs into their work and pretending that it is a work of fiction.

    2. You coming off as a bigot. After reading the novel it comes off that all white people are bad. All people with blue eyes are bad. I think you need to look in the mirror yourself, since you seem to be the bigot in the room.

    After supporting your work for 15 years or more this the last time I will read any of your work. I do not support bigots.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao this book is definitely problematic but not because it makes white people out to be racist.

      Plus, political views have been infused in stories since, like, forever

    • throwawaytoday

      “Authors not recognizing that their job is to entertain people and make them forget about the real world and their problems for a brief moment in time. Their job is not infusing their political beliefs into their work and pretending that it is a work of fiction.”

      This is your own personal problem. You can’t demand what any author can or can’t write. I think it’s weird that you can even think you could do so. Just read a different book or author.

      I have stopped reading certain authors due to changes they’ve made to their writing styles, so I understand being upset over a favorite author going there, but you can’t dictate what they write.

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