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When I started working on the Infinite Timeline, I knew how many books I wanted to include. By the time I was halfway through the Timeline books, I knew exactly which books would be included in the crossovers and eventual epic finale, SINGULARITY. Well, I THOUGHT I knew. But I write by the seat of my pants. I don’t outline. I don’t plan. Often times I get to know my main characters as I write them. My critics would say that’s obvious, but I think it’s also why my fans like my books. They’re often unpredictable, because even the author doesn’t know what’s going to happen, sometimes not until the second I write it.

And that’s what happened here. TORMENT was a novel I wrote in 2010. It wasn’t supposed to be part of the Infinite Timeline, but then along came the wild, unplanned plot of INFINITE 2, and I suddenly had a pathway not just to TORMENT, but to all of my previous novels. Now, I didn’t use enough from the other books to make them a part of the Timeline, but TORMENT becomes a central focus, and thus it became the last entry into the INFINITE TIMELINE, thirteen years after its release.

But wait, there’s more! As a Jeremy Robinson fan, you might be saying to yourself, “I don’t remember a novel named TORMENT…” Well, that’s probably because twelve years ago, I was publishing a ton of books, and none of them came close to being as…graphic and dark…as TORMENT. So it was released under the pen name, Jeremy Bishop. Now, graphic and dark are pretty much par for the course. So we’re re-releasing the book under my name with a brand-spanking new cover, updating the audio edition, and releasing it in hardcover for the first time!

Speaking of the Infinite Timeline…

In case you don’t know… The Infinite Timeline brings together nine standalone novels, many with overlapping epilogues, that all take place in the same universe. Picture the MCU, leading up to Endgame. We start with nine loosely connected novels, merge into the INFINITE2 sequel, and then two separate crossovers, and then collide everything together, all at once in one insane book titled SINGULARITY.

THE ORDER is the first of the three crossovers, featuring characters from THE OTHERS, FLUX, and EXO-HUNTER. In October, KHAOS will feature characters from TRIBE, THE DARK, and MIND BULLET.

So, prepare yourself for some madness, gobs of sci-fi action, and more laughs than you can shake a screaming goat at. Things are about to get nuts, like Michael Keaton wielding a fire poker. “You want to get nuts?! Let’s get nuts!”

To see how the whole Timeline connects, I direct you to the handy-dandy chart below.

The next installment of the Infinite Timeline is TORMENT, which you can…


Jeremy Robinson’s first pulse-pounding horror novel (originally penned under his Jeremy Bishop pseudonym) is a horrific tale of post-apocalyptic terror that is one part zombie story and one part Dante’s Inferno. The story asks hard questions and generates strong emotions in everyone who reads it—anger, excitement, and most of all: FEAR. This book asks the question that everyone is afraid to answer: Are you ready?

STORY DESCRIPTION: Small town reporter, Mia Durante, finds herself having brunch with the President of the United States on the day civilization comes to an end. An electromagnetic pulse blinds the U.S. Cars crash. Planes fall. Chaos reigns. Power is restored within minutes, but it’s already too late. Russian nukes are falling. U.S. allies around the world are already wiped out. The United States will cease to exist inside of five minutes.

After giving the order to launch a full-scale retaliation, dooming the planet, the President, White House staff, Secret Service, and those lucky enough to be visiting the White House, are whisked below ground where they board several Earth Escape Pods. As the EEPs launch into Earth orbit, missiles descend.

Less than forty survive the end of the world. When they return, they’re greeted by survivors of a different sort. The bloodbath that follows leaves Durante and nine other survivors on the run. They find themselves fighting for survival in a world in which only torment remains and where death is the only escape.



TORMENT has been narrated by the supreme R.C. Bray, the voice behind nearly all of the Infinite Timeline. Once again, he has brought my characters to life, made my jokes funnier, and captured the book’s tone, providing an experience unlike any other. If you’re a reader, I recommend reading as you normally would, but if you really love the story and want to experience it again, give the audiobook a listen and hear the book in a new–and extremely entertaining–way.


We are closing in on the final books for the Infinite Timeline. TORMENT, KHAOS, and SINGULARITY. The end of this year is going to be bananas, and hopefully super cool for all you readers. It’s the culmination of 5? 6? years of work and roughly 1.2 million words peeled from my brain. If you feel inclined, please post reviews for TORMENT and any other books in the Timeline. Amazon and Audible are the two most important outlets for me. If we can make this big, we can hopefully revisit some of the characters in the future, or try this crazy crossover business again.

As for 2023, the current lineup (order may change) is NEMESIS – WAGES OF SIN, HUNGER TRILOGY, and POINT NEMO, a stand alone novel of epic proportions. And if that weren’t enough, I’m working on several comic book projects, AND screenplays. Is that clone of myself ready yet? Sheesh.

If you want to make sure you’re one of the first people to find out more, see the new covers, never miss a release date, and hear about the Hollywood news that’s brewing, come join the Tribe on Facebook. It’s a 3000+ member group of fans (and myself) talking about the books. Hope to see you there!

— Jeremy Robinson


  1. Cameron F

    Awesome! I’ve been so curious about this world since it was shown in Infinite 2! Really looking forward to hearing this after I finish up with The Order. Can’t wait for the release of Khaos later this year too! 10/10 best author

  2. lsa

    So scary good!! intense when i read it way back when… now added to my Infinite Timeline Audible library….
    Ditto what you said Cameron F!!! 10/10 best author !!!!
    Jeremy Robinson creates epics that will withstand time and space….. space….. space….

    • lsa

      Also….. Jeremy, regarding your outline for the next year….. on top of those “1.2 million words peeled from your brain” divining the Infinite Timeline…..whilst bursting with all the other amazing feats you finesse, are you sure YOU are not the clone?
      3…..2…..1 🙂 🙂 🙂

      just checking….. hee hee hee . We all know you are superhuman!

  3. Christian Albert

    Can someone explain how Torment is part of the Infinite universe? I’ve read several of the books that made up said Universe, and having finished Torment several years ago, and more recently re-reading it for clues as to how it is part of the larger universe, I still fail to see the connection.

    Granted, I haven’t read All the books in the infinite Universe. So is there one in particular that would help me understand Torment’s place in the series?

    • JRobinson

      The connection is in the final books, so if you still haven’t finished it, keep going! All of the books are out now.

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