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2014 taught me a lesson. I am not in control. Not only had I intended to send this message a week ago, but am instead writing this after spending 10 days in bed with the flu…I also tried to make a movie, raising funds through Kickstarter, and failed. I tried to make a different movie, funding it myself, and failed. I had to postpone one of the books I was planning to write and release over the summer.

I’ve never done that before–missed a goal, or deadline. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m new to failure. Over the course of my career, out of everything I’ve written, conceived of and attempted, just a small fraction of them have seen any kind of success. But 2013 was so ridiculously successful, I kind of forgot. Well, thanks 2014, for putting me back in my place and reminding me that I’m not impervious, and that I don’t do this for money (though I do appreciate getting paid). I do this because I love it, even when things fall apart, and because I enjoy sharing my work with readers who appreciate it, which hopefully is you! Which brings us to the purpose of this newsletter.

Last year, we released THE LAST HUNTER – Collected Edition, which included an original short story taking place in the world of Antarktos. For the past year, the only way to get that story was to purchase the Collected Edition. MANY people have, but thousands upon thousands of people who purchased the five books in the series before it was collected haven’t got to read it. Well, now you can!

THE CHILDREN OF ANTARKTOS is now FREE to read. Simply click on the link below the cover image to download a ZIP file containing an epub, mobi and PDF of the story. 


So, there you go. Short and sweet. 2015 is going to be bringing a LOT of amazing books, events and announcements. I’ll catch up with you in the next month to fill you in on SOME of it. Other things have to wait until I have permission to talk…

Oh! You know what? CANNIBAL, the next Jack Sigler thriller, just now became available for pre-order on Amazon. So, here’s a link!

Cannibal (A Jack Sigler Thriller Book 7)

by Jeremy Robinson
Kindle Edition
Release Date: 2015-02-10

Buy Now


Thanks for a great year (despite my failed projects). You readers never cease to amaze me with your excitement and support. I appreciate and rely on it!


  1. Debbie

    This is the first time that signing up for a newsletter subscription has not worked. Can you explain to me what “no email provider has been set for this campaign” means? I’ve never seen this before, LOVE everything you write, long time fan!!

    • Debbie

      I’m sorry but I just found a different subscriber entry field which allowed me to sign up for the newsletter. Sorry for any confusion you’ve experienced, no need to answer, somehow over the last ten years I’ve developed “technological stupidity disease”

  2. Debbie

    Okay, pls let me know if you’ve received the info you need for newsletter and for receiving the free book. Evidently I’m still having technical difficulties, wow, really?? Who me? Pls someone take pity on me and get me fixed up. I only want 2 things, to receive your newsletter and your very kind “free book” offer. Thank you again!!

    • JRobinson

      Hi Debbie! Could you let me know which newsletter signups you’re using? Is it the pop-up? The one at the end of blog posts? The permanent one on the right side of the page? Or the one all the way at the bottom? To my knowledge, all of them have worked and no one else has had an issue, so I’m not sure what the problem could be.

      That said, I just checked and debbielynnlee1@gmail IS in the list. So it appears it went through. If you have not received the e-mail reply with the book link, try checking your SPAM folder. It sometimes gets filtered out because it contains the link to the book.

      Hope this helps!

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