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2015 > 2014 – And A FREE Short Story!

2014 taught me a lesson. I am not in control. Not only had I intended to send this message a week ago, but am instead writing this after spending 10 days in bed with the flu…I also tried to make a movie, raising funds through Kickstarter, and failed. I tried to make a different movie, funding it myself, and failed. I had to postpone one of the books I was planning to write and release over the summer.

I’ve never done that before–missed a goal, or deadline. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m new to failure. Over the course of my career, out of everything I’ve written, conceived of and attempted, just a small fraction of them have seen any kind of success. But 2013 was so ridiculously successful, I kind of forgot. Well, thanks 2014, for putting me back in my place and reminding me that I’m not impervious, and that I don’t do this for money (though I do appreciate getting paid). I do this because I love it, even when things fall apart, and because I enjoy sharing my work with readers who appreciate it, which hopefully is you! Which brings us to the purpose of this newsletter.

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