I’ve been working on the Infinite Timeline for so long that it feels a bit surreal that it’s coming to a close. There’s a sense of relief that I pulled it off, but now it’s release day and I’m feeling a bit squirrely as I await the public’s response. If you’ve read the whole Timeline and love Singularity, please spread the word, not just about this book, but the whole Timeline! I’d love for the concept of a world of books to catch on, but it can’t do that without you, {First Name}. That’s right, I just called you out by name. So post the book’s images, the trailer (below), the banner above, or just share this whole dang e-mail. Let’s make the world notice (or at least the rest of Craig Alanson’s fans)! Now that I’ve humbled myself before you and beseeched your aid, let’s get to the dang book!


What kind of person decides to create an overlapping universe of interconnected books that culminate in four massive crossovers novels?

A. Someone very smart.
B. Someone very dumb.
C. Someone who thinks they are very smart, but are actually very dumb.
D. All of the above.

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same grade I got in Spanish. Seriously, this was…an undertaking. It put my creativity, memory, and commitment to the test like nothing I’ve done before. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of a handful of characters. Singularity has how many main characters in one story? I haven’t even bothered counting, but the number doesn’t compare to the level of continuity to keep track of, pull together, and make gel. It was daunting, and incredibly fun. As I got to know the characters, I became fond of spending time with them, and watching how they interacted and got along. Hopefully, you’ll have the same familial feeling that I do with all of these characters when you’re done reading Singularity. If you’ve been waiting for this book to come out, you might have already skipped past all this, so I’ll cut my thoughts short here and get to the good stuff!

Singularity is the final book in Robinson’s epic Infinite Timeline, bringing together favorite characters from a vast world of standalone novels in a massive crossover that wraps up a 1.3-million-word saga.

Cherry Bomb, an A.I. made human—and immortal—is out for revenge against her creator, Will, who left her on the Galahad, a ship full of unholy monsters, traversing the universe from beginning to end, ad infinitum. Countless years pass, giving her more than enough time to plot her revenge. Upon gaining control of the ship, she sets her plan in motion, building a vast army and reforming the universe as she sees fit.

On Earth, heroes are brought together. Miah, and his team of immortal gods, Titans, angels, and demons join with Dark Horse and the crew of the Bitch’n, along with Delgado, Wini, and a colorful cast of characters from around the world and the universe. They’re quickly thrown into a series of grueling missions, defending the Earth against all-out attack while attempting to uncover Cherry Bomb’s endgame.

Taking losses along the way, the horrible truth is finally uncovered. A planet sharing Earth’s orbit rounds the sun, on a collision course. It’s a desperate place populated by unspeakable creatures now flooding through portals to Earth. A planet…called Torment. And if Miah, Dark Horse, and the others can’t stop it, our reality is doomed.

#1 Audible and New York Times bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, is known for taking risks and trying new things, but nothing has been more audacious than the Infinite Timeline. This massive world comes to a colossal conclusion in Singularity, a deftly written sci-fi thriller that’s as funny as it is action-packed. Start reading and bear witness to a conflict that might just spill over into the realm we call: reality.

SINGULARITY is available in Hardcover and Kindle e-book, HERE.

*If the hardcover says it’s unavailable, it’s not true…it was just added to the site late and is available to order.
Might take a few days to print it (it’s print-on-demand) but you can still get it.


The audiobook edition is the premiere way to experience Singularity and the entire Infinite Timeline. If you think your inner narrator does an adequate job reading books, well, then you haven’t heard the ridiculously talented R.C. Bray bring these characters to life. No one reads stories written in first person better than Bray. He has a way of inhabiting a character, finding their voice–boosting the drama, perfecting the timing, and is what the military would call a ‘force multiplier’ for my sense of humor. If you’ve only been reading the Infinite Timeline, give the audiobooks a chance. I’ve talked to a lot of fans who gave the audiobooks a try and never looked back.

Grab the Audio, performed by the amazing R.C. Bray HERE.


Check out the spooky cool trailer for Singularity and share it with your friends! Cherry Bomb is coming, and I think the trailer does her justice. 🙂

Guys, seriously, thank you for sticking with me during this massive literary experiment. You’ve made it a lot of fun and far more successful than I imagined a literary universe could be. I appreciate you guys and all the support you’ve shown for not just the Infinite Timeline, but all the other books as well.

Speaking of other books, now that the Infinite Timeline is complete, 2023 is going to be full of original stories and new characters that you all are going to love. The name Agent Graham, lead character for NEMESIS, will soon be listed amidst other fan favorites. 🙂

Speaking of Nemesis…it’s go time. With John Wick 4 coming out and bound to be a success, we’ll have all kinds of momentum to help get the Nemesis TV series greenlit. The next few months could be staggeringly exciting…or monumentally disappointing. Lol. But I have high hopes, because you don’t get a much better A-list team than Chad Stahelski, Original Film, and Sony Pictures Television. As soon as I get news, you’ll get news. Stay tuned!

If you want to keep up with all the madness going on, come join the Tribe on Facebook. It’s a 4000 member group of fans (and myself) talking about the books, TV, film, and comics to come. They get the news first, so if you’re interested in getting news first, that’s where you want to be. Hope to see you there!

— Jeremy


  1. Hunter McAdams

    I was so excited that this book came out, that at 11 at night, I squealed out loud like a little girl.

  2. Jason

    Thank you for your work. Just started listening and love it. It’s a bitter sweet moment to hear all of these wonderful characters, engage in their final journey together in. I look forward to your next creation.

  3. Jack

    I mean, what fuckin blast.
    Such an amazing end to the amazing world you built. From the eclectic cast of batshit crazy characters to the well thought out imagery of the world around them and everything in between. And let’s not forget the soundtrack (I even looked up Coincidance lol).
    I was a little apprehensive when I found that you had written a particular character into the story lol. But as it went on, I realised it wasn’t about vanity or anything like that. It was about the catharsis of it. Especially when I remembered some of the afterwords from previous books. NPC in particular.
    I will be spreading the news of the Infinite Timeline to all I can.
    You are my absolute favourite author and I’ve been listening to your work since the Project Nemesis arrived on audible (then backtracked and bought all the others as well lol) and will continue to listen.
    It’s awesome that you’re feeling better now btw.

    Look forward to the next book already. Whatever it may be.

    And the Nemesis TV series. It’s gonna rock.

  4. Daniel

    So freaking meta. Thanks Jeremy, loved the Timeline.

    • JRobinson


  5. Khord

    I doubt you’ll read this, or that it’ll mean much, but holy crap baskets sir. Thank you so much for this series. I loved it. I loved every fonking moment of it. I tell everybody I know to get into this series.

    Genuinely, this series inspired me, so many ideas kicking around my head that I want to get on paper that will inevitably just wind up in a TTRPG campaign because I don’t know how to write without having people to react to while I make crap up. Still though, inspired.

    I’m sad to see it go, but I understand why it needs to. I can’t wait for everything else you do.

    To think, all this because I was just looking for books R.C. Bray narrated and stumbled on Infinite.

    Thank you sir.

    • JRobinson

      Thank you! I definitely read all comments (when time allows) and appreciate every single one. Even more happy that the Infinite Timeline inspired you. Always happy to hear that.

  6. Lauri Drummond

    Wow, Jeremy, this book just blew me away! By far my absolute favorite!! I can’t begin to imagine the difficulty in juggling story lines and working in so many main characters from so many previous novels. You must have felt like Mozart composing a symphony! And let me tell you, it certainly read like one. Congratulations, Maestro!! And a big standing ovation to Mr. Bray, who made all those voices appear flawless.
    And now for the fun stuff (this is also your spoiler alert) . What a fun ride for me as the reader to get to visit with all these characters , some of whom I nearly forgot about about. To me, this book was not just a tribute, but like a celebration of each main character. I honestly enjoyed every single minute of this book, and found myself smiling through so much of it. I even let out a dorky little cheer a couple times, once when Cowboy outsmarted Cherry Bomb at Robinson’s place, and once when Brie turned herself into Demon Dog. So many cool twists, and I loved the added character of Robinson. This is by far my favorite J.R.. novel. I was sorry to finish it, and certainly sad to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters.
    Jeremy, the only thing still keeping me awake is, did Bubbles ever get her duck?

    • JRobinson

      Woot! While I’ve never composed a symphony, I like the analogy, and agree! 🙂 While the outcome of Bubbles vendetta against the ducks may never be known (unless she tells me), there have been countless anti-duck memes on Facebook as a result. I’m honestly starting to feel bad for the ducks!

  7. Ken

    I’ve ordered my hardcover copy from Amazon, but still waiting *sigh* I have all of the other available hardcovers, can wait to get this one! I ordered in advance and nothing yet…

    • Kenneth White

      Still nothing, and now all hardcover options on Amazon have disappeared.

      • JRobinson

        If you already ordered it, you’ll definitely get it, but the print-on-demand printer in charge of it is having delay issues. On top of that, Amazon delays order of their books in an attempt to kill the POD book printing competition (and its working). It’s gotten so bad that we will likely have to give up on the nice hardcover jacketed format and switch to the non-jacket hardcover that Amazon provides. It’s really disappointing. Sorry its taken so long to get to you.

        • Joe Rusin

          Are you able to sell the POD hardcover through a different outlet?

        • Ken

          Hi Jeremy, any news on the hardcover front?

    • Ken

      Still nothing, and now all hardcover options on Amazon have disappeared.

  8. Ken

    Thanks so much for the update! That’s a lot more information than I’ve received from Amazon. Not happy with them; too many books I’ve ordered have been damaged when they arrived. Fortunately, all of your books have been in very fine condition when I got them.

    • Ken

      Finally cancelled my Amazon order and went with B&N, had my copy in my hands a week later. Looking forward to diving in!

  9. Christina Ball

    I loved the series and would love to see a movie or show based on the books. Keep up the great work!

  10. BB_ru469

    Where is the playlist for singularity?

  11. Zac

    Loved this series listened to all the books in less than than 3 weeks thank you for the hours of entertainment.

  12. Ian Thomsen

    Just finished Singularity (after polishing off the Infinite Timeline series in a month). Am now greedily searching for the rest of your books. I had loved the premise of unrelated stories in the same universe a la “The Dark Tower”, but frankly Mr. Robinson, you did it SO much better. You also can do dialog. And endings. 🙂

    Reading your books are like reading a summer blockbuster movie. The description you’ve written of yourself reads like a description I’d write of myself (age, wardrobe, upbringing and …challenges). I’ve never related to an author so much, and never wished one could write faster than I read. I thank the universe for farting you out, good sir. I thank you for being so prolific.

    Also, f*ck you and Mr. Bray for making me buy 10 extra Audible credits in a month. That hurt a little.

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