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So, I release a good number of books every year, and 2016 is no different. BUT, it’s looking like it will be one of the most epic years for my novels. Not only are several series continuing, we’re also launching two new series and a stand alone of monstrous proportions. To celebrate the string of new novels, I’ve put together the video above, which reveals what’s coming and when (though all dates are subject to change). In order of release, the new novels for 2016 are:

Apocalypse Machine (a new stand alone Kaiju Thriller) – March 1

Empire (8th Jack Sigler Thriller) – April

Feast (Book 2 of the Hunger series) – May

Unity ( kaiju vs giant robot story ) – June

Centurion (book 3 of the Jack Sigler Continuum series) – August

Helios (book 2 of the Cerberus Group Thrillers) – September

Project LegionĀ (book 5, and the epic finale of the Nemesis series) – October

Viking Tomorrow (first book in a new post-apocalyptic Viking Berserker Saga) – November


  1. Ryan hooey

    Awesome line up but about The Distance? Will they be released in audio

  2. Travis

    Will print versions of these be available in the coming weeks of the release dates?

    • JRobinson


  3. Marty

    where do i find the answers to the above questions? Checking everyday for the audio, when??????

    • JRobinson

      Print books always. Audiobooks, also always, but the release dates for those are out of my hands, so i can’t really say. Usually within 3 – 4 months of the text book’s release.

  4. Kevin

    When are the rest of the books coming out? Loved the 1st one and really looking forward to the rest of the story….

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