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Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve decided to sweeten the RobinsonFest pot and create Kickstarter-style stretch goals for registration. There are four tiers and reaching each one unlocks a new prize, which will be decided by raffle during RobinsonFest. What could possibly sweeten the pot further than hanging out with the likes of five bestselling authors? Free stuff, of course! But not just free stuff, super rare free stuff! See below for details!

Domo arigato, Mr. Translato (20 sign-ups):
This prize includes an international collection of Robinson novels translated into other languages from four different countries. They include ISLAND 731 in Japanese, INSTINCT in German, XOM-B in German, ANTARKTOS RISING in Russian, and PROJECT NEMESIS in Chinese. These books are either impossible, or incredibly hard to get. And to my knowledge, no one on the planet has signed copies of them, which they will be.


Advanced Reader Collection (25 sign-ups):
This collection includes seven advance reader copies (ARCs) created for the promotion of my first seven hardcover novels, including PULSE, INSTINCT, THRESHOLD, SECONDWORLD, ISLAND 731, XOM-B, and MIRRORWORLD. How rare are they? There’s not a single copy of them on E-Bay!


Collectable Supreme (30 sign-ups):
A copy-edited manuscript of MIRRORWORLD with all editorial notes and copyedits. This is a one of a kind collector’s item that no one else will ever have. This is a piece of Robinson history.


FREE as FREE Gets (35 sign-ups):
The full cost of registration will be refunded to one attendee. That’s $250, sent right back into your account!

The only way to get any of this is by coming to RobinsonFest, so sign up soon! Registration is capped at 35.

For more details, registration, and info about the attending authors, please visit RobinsonFest 2017 and sign up!

For all of you who have already signed up, I’ll see you there! If you’re on the fence about signing up and have any questions or concerns, just let me know. We’re pretty accommodating and try to make sure everyone has an awesome time. Thanks!


Jeremy Robinson

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