HELIOS is here!

For those new to the series, the first book, Herculean, took a group of characters from the Jack Sigler Thriller series and formed a new team. Joining the ranks of an ancient organization formed by the historical Hercules, they protect ancient relics, knowledge and creatures, from those who would destroy, pillage and use them. Even more important, they protect humanity from the ancient powers just waiting to be released back into the world. Now, the Cerberus Group is back, and this time the fate of the world is at stake.



A deadly swarm of earthquakes shakes the planet. In the sky above, the sun appears to stand still.

While the world reels from the vast destruction, George Pierce and the Cerberus Group, a team of scientific and historical experts, uncovers an imminent threat straight out of history that must be stopped. But not everyone wants them to succeed.

An apocalyptic death cult made up of suicidal martyrs and true believers who will do whatever it takes to ensure the destruction of all life on Earth goes head-to-head with a billionaire tech-genius commanding an army of robots, on a quest to own the sun itself.

Caught in the middle, the Cerberus Group must fend off both sides while traveling to every corner of the map, and into the depths of myth and history, to find the holiest treasure on Earth–an artifact that can harness the power of creation. The prophecies are true.


Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis, the international bestselling team behind the Jack Sigler thrillers, including Cannibal and Empire, continue the new series that rewrites the way we see history. Rivaling the best of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins, Helios combines a blistering pace with fringe science and myths reborn.


  1. aaron c

    another great book to look forward to reading thanks your my favorite author

    i have wondered though why so few of your books are available through google play especially newer ones?

    • JRobinson

      We’ve been taking part in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program (like Netflix for books) which has increased sales and allows us to take part in Amazon promotions. So we’ve ended up putting all new books in the program. You can still get the books on any device that runs Amazon’s Kindle app, though.

      • aaron c

        thanks for the reply i just buy evey book of yours that comes out i haven’t dipped my toe into your series written under bishop and knight yet but i plan to everything else ive bought read and own you are by far my favorite author in fact i read read all your books about every other year 🙂
        thats why i was sad to hear your announcement about series novels and didnt understand why most of your books weren’t available through the google play store to buy as well as amazon

        is there any chance you have any authors you’d recommend with similar style writing / stories/ themes to yours i might be able to check out while waiting for your next book i buy it and its read and im hungering for another within a few days and id understand you might not want to do so in a reply on a post to that question but my email is filled in to write this id be honored to hear back from you via it as well 🙂

  2. Jason

    Will there be anymore Jack Sigler/Chess Team novels?

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