THE END IS NIGH…For Series Novels

I’m going to preface this post by pointing out that I’m giving you all full disclosure about what’s happening and why (as I did with my 2016 health scares). I have a unique relationship with my amazing fans and I don’t like leaving people hanging. What follows will seem like bad news for some, but there is a silver lining, so read to the end for that!

Because I’m the proprietor of Breakneck Media, the small press that publishes most Jeremy Robinson, Jeremy Bishop and Jeremiah Knight novels, which I write, I have to wear multiple hats. I’m an author, first and foremost, but I also create most of the covers, art-direct the rest, design and maintain the website, create all the video trailers, create the marketing materials, and…run the business. That means, on occasion, I have to mentally sit down with myself, look at the numbers, and make some hard calls.

In that past, that’s meant leaving a publisher. Now it means shifting my focus from writing series titles to standalone novels. While a good number of fans will no doubt disagree with the outcome (I don’t like it, either) the numbers don’t lie. I’m also going to lay out a few reasons for each series’ decline, but then propose a larger, theoretical reason at the end. So if you’re interested in saving any of these series, read to the end.


While I’m not going to reveal sales figures or revenue numbers, I am going to talk in percentages, and reveal which series are being affected, all of which have a core group of fans who are going to be disappointed. I wish it could be avoided, but continuing with these series is unsustainable for me. There are a few series for which I plan on publishing a series finale, and with those books I expect to either break even, or take a loss.


Falling under this banner is the Jack Sigler Thrillers themselves, the Continuum series, and the Cerberus Group books. Does that mean you shouldn’t read Helios, the next Cerberus Group novel? Not at all. The finale for all these books will be linked together in grand fashion, bringing together characters that have been separated for many books now.

So why cut the Chess Team? Many people view them as my most successful series of novels. There was a time, early on, when that was true. The first five novels did amazingly well. Since then, readers have dropped off at a rate of 50% per book. There isn’t a business model I’m aware of that continues to produce a product if that kind of sales trend is sustained.


Book one, Hunger, sold well, got great reviews, and was a strong start to a unique and action-packed series, which I personally loved writing. Book two, Feast, got far fewer reviews, but most declared it was even better than Book One. The problem was that sales fell by about 70%. Not continuing the series is a no-brainer. That said, I’m still hoping to write the finale and will be shifting the author name from Jeremiah Knight to Jeremy Robinson. With that, the Knight name will come to an end as well.

UPDATE (3/14/2019): The third book in the HUNGER series is BACK ON THE SCHEDULE!! Changing the name from Jeremiah Knight to Jeremy Robinson, and some changes in the pricing led to increased sales and I’ve received a large number of e-mails and messages asking for book 3. We’re looking at an early 2020 release right now. Thanks to all who have kept the hunger for HUNGER growing!


Widely regarded, by those who have read it, as one of my best novels, Unity is one of my slowest sellers. I have a few theories as to why. 1) The cover, while amazing, is a painting. My observations of cover style and sales tell me that painted covers, for my audience, are a drawback. 2) It’s ‘young adult’. That didn’t matter for The Last Hunter, but I think the YA tag and cover together turned people off. 3) The subject matter—not Kaiju (Project Nemesis is one of my most successful novels) but robots. The two novels I’ve written featuring robots have not done well. Because of that, Unity is now being treated as a standalone novel. Is there hope for more? I plan to eventually update the cover to something more mainstream and market it as an adult novel featuring teenage characters (which is accurate). If that changes things, maybe there will be more.


Also very well received by readers, Jenna Flood didn’t find an audience, and Flood Rising has been one of my slowest sellers. It was an experiment in mainstream thrillers, trying to reach a large audience that doesn’t pick up monster novels, but that could have also killed momentum as my large monster-loving fanbase passed on it. Also, like Unity, Flood Rising features a young female protagonist. I’d hate to think that had something to do with either book’s decline, but I have a feeling it did. As a result, Flood Rising is now a standalone story.


“Wait a second,” you say, “didn’t you just say Project Nemesis was one of your most successful novels?” It is, and the series is dear to my heart, and it culminates in a crossover event ten years in the making, something no author has ever done before. But the series also suffered from the 50% decline for every new book situation. That said, five books had always been the plan. I get asked a lot about future Nemesis books, but the answer is complicated. I can’t continue the series by picking up where I left off. The current sales trend says I’ll lose money. But that doesn’t mean sales won’t pick up (Project Legion is still new), and it doesn’t mean I won’t feature the FC-P or Nemesis in other works. But to be clear, Nemesis wasn’t cancelled, it came to a natural and epic conclusion.


Also a very well received series that stopped after two books. This one is a little different, as the first two books are with a publisher, and I would have to publish Book Three on my own. Sales are not sufficient for the publisher to have me do a Book Three, but I would love to. Like Hunger, I love writing Jane Harper, and I hate leaving things open ended. Right now, it would likely mean taking a loss, and the cover for Book Three wouldn’t match the first two, meaning a loss in audience. Probably not going to happen until sales justify it, the publisher requests it, or the rights revert back to me.


Now, there is a little hope for this one, as sales haven’t been horrible. They haven’t been amazing, but it could justify a second book. The real challenge is that the format of this book is complicated. Merging five stories by five authors into one story was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done as an author. I love how it came out, and I would like to see a second book, but I need to be mentally prepared to handle that job before leaping into it. Could I write a second book on my own? Sure, but that feels like a betrayal to what made Refuge an original and cool concept.


I’ve been sitting on this crazy, post-apocalyptic Viking epic (along with Cerberus Group Book 2, Helios) for about a year, mostly because I’ve been aware of this growing problem with series books and wanted to figure things out. Currently, Viking Tomorrow (Book One of three) is slated to come out in the next few months. If sales are great, we’ll get three books. If not, we’ll tell the story in two books. Why say this up front? Either way, this series will not hang. You don’t have to fear an open ended, cancelled series. Assuming Viking Tomorrow sells at least okay, we’ll have a definite ending. The question is, will it be in two books, or three? Read lower to find out how you can help make that happen.


Over the past year, I have released three standalone novels. If you’re a fan, you’ve probably read them along with some or most of these series titles. They are Apocalypse Machine, The Distance, and Infinite. The key here is that all three books have reached audiences far larger than my series books, and have received a LOT more reviews, which helps reach even more readers. If not for those three books, I’d be considering a career change to romantic thrillers. So what do these novels have in common?

In terms of story, not a lot, but they are all heavy on the sci-fi. They are all character driven, and they’re all standalone. They’re generally regarded as being more well written, more meaningful, and just as entertaining as my other books. And sales have reflected that this is what my readers want—fresh, original stories with all the action from before, but with more substance. And honestly, it’s what I prefer to write.

Over the next year, as Breakneck Media shifts from series titles to standalones, I’m writing fewer novels (5 – 6 per year, max…which is still a frikkin ton…instead of 9ish), and publishing a novel every two months, rather than every month as I’ve done in years past (to keep up with all the series). They will all be a bit more on the sci-fi side, featuring aliens, kaiju, time travel, subterranean realms, and monsters. They will also be character driven, involving motivations beyond stopping bad guys (though bad guys will still be stopped in crazy ways). And each will be a standalone story.

Here are the titles for the standalone novels currently in the pipe: Forbidden Island, The Divide, Highway 37, The Hollow, and Flux.


Glad you asked (just pretend you did). The one observation of series that failed to take off, tanked after book one, or declined over time is the number of reviews. I think that readers, excited about a new series, post a lot of reviews for Book One, which helps sales take off. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, you can read my post about writing book reviews here. But when it comes to future books in a series, fewer readers post reviews, even if they liked the second book just as much or more than the first.

The way Amazon works now is that sales are pretty well connected to the number of reviews received. The more reviews a book gets, the more they recommend it. If readers of a Book One aren’t following me on Facebook or Twitter, or aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, they’ll likely not remember to look for Book Two a year later. But when enough people write reviews for a Book Two, Amazon will let people know about it.

So, if you want to help a series, or a novel (by any author) the best thing you can do aside from telling people naturally, is by posting a review on Amazon (and Goodreads, B&N, Kobo, etc). I’m not expecting a hundred people to run out and post reviews for Feast, but I’m pretty sure if it happened, sales would leap. That said, posting reviews for standalone novels is also critical (and Infinite could use some more). 😉


There WILL be one more Jack Sigler Thriller, wrapping up the Chess Team and Cerberus stories. I have hopes that all of these series will find success down the line, allowing me to finish them. Nemesis could return, but not in a ‘Book Six’. Viking Tomorrow could launch a new three-book series, but not without your help. Standalone novels are currently the future, and that future is bright! Despite having to stop so many different series, I’m really looking forward to telling more original and creative stories.

I get a lot of messages about all these series, so I hope this makes sense to everyone and leaves all your questions answered. If not, please comment, and I’ll reply!


  1. David

    I guess you would have to count me in as one of your declining readers. At one time I was hooked on the CHESS Team stories. But as the series wore on it started to get really far fetched. No longer an action thriller, you began to “jump the shark” so to speak in regards to Jack and the whole going back in time storyline. That is when I quit reading the Chess Team stories. You made Jack too powerful and too goody two-shoes. I was going back and forth with your Chess Team stories and Matt Reilly’s Scarecrow stories (but not his YA titled Jack West Jr. stories). The whole Hryda/Hercules thing was not a help either.

    • JRobinson

      Understood, David. Have you checked out any of the newer standalones (Apocalypse Machine, The Distance)? Granted they’re on the weirder side, but are widely regarded as some of my best.

  2. Dee

    I’ll be sad to say goodbye to King, Rook, Queen, Bishop, et al, but I understand. You have to write what sells, that way you can keep in writing 🙂 I’ll still be around regardless… and hey, that’s why there’s such a thing as a re-read 🙂

  3. Connie Terhorst

    Sorry to read about me having to tell some of my buddies who kept me up at nite bye bye you will be missed. But am glad about the wrap up plans. No matter what I have loved all of your books so keep it up. One question when is Helios coming out really want to read it.

  4. Jim

    While I’m disappointed that Unity won’t be finishing it’s story I understand why. Granted I wanted a the main robot in some sort of figure form, and that cover as a poster now that I think of it, I’m an adult I’ll get over it. And I’m sure you have some people telling you things like “I’m so invested in this world it’s not fair I can’t get any closer” or something similar (not here obviously but I’m sure somewhere on social media) just remind them you have a family to think about and support as well. I look forward to see what’s coming next.

    • JRobinson

      I have to have the same conversation with myself. I was as excited about the story as anyone who might read and love it. Deciding to not continue was really hard because I was so invested. But yeah, family and bills come first.

      • Dan D

        F-Bomb is a tremendously fun character, and I was really looking forward to seeing how the kids handled the alien onslaught, but your logic is sound. Mr. Spock would be proud.
        Your latest books have been deeper, inspiring more introspection. I have thoroughly enjoyed them, but I hope to see some of the fun of characters like Hudson and Cowboy in future stories. There have been several funny moments and quips, but the looseness of characters like them has been missing.

  5. Mike Smith

    I have loved reading pretty much everything you have written over the years. King and crew was the first glimpse into your world and I dove in and never looked back. I always leave feedback on the books and always look forward to your next books. I am glad that you are going to finish out Kings story and the hunger series because I love them both and I know all good stories have to come to an end. I also understand that in order for you to keep doing what you love and to make a living sometimes you have to mix it up but I am glad you have not had to switch to romantic novels and hope that you don’t have to unless it involved nemesis getting revenge for a broken heart 😀 Seriously though I am glad that you will continue to write as you are one of my favorite authors to read and I look forward to seeing what works you come out with next.

    • JRobinson

      No worries about me ever stopping–it’s all I know how to do well! I’m all in without a backup plan. 🙂

  6. Lyn Askew

    I am as 100% reader,reviewer as you know . You write them and I will be there to cheer you on.
    I will miss Chess Team ,Refuge,Hunger, etc but I know you have great stories,monsters and heroes in store for us.
    Write on!

  7. Linda Collins

    I will definitely miss the Chess Team…But, I also understand why you have to end certain books….Maybe one day , you will bring them back…Will not stop me from reading and reviewing your other books…Can’t wait to see what comes up next…Salute to the King….

  8. Dan McGirt

    You know what I would buy the heck out of, Jeremy? A how-to by you on this: “Because I’m the proprietor of Breakneck Media, the small press that publishes most Jeremy Robinson, Jeremy Bishop and Jeremiah Knight novels, which I write, I have to wear multiple hats. I’m an author, first and foremost, but I also create most of the covers, art-direct the rest, design and maintain the website, create all the video trailers, create the marketing materials, and…run the business.”

    (Maybe call it POD People II: The Poddening … or maybe not!)

  9. Rob Pearson

    Chalk me up as a person who will miss the series. There is something I love about creating a whole world and trying things together. I also love a continuing story line. The Chess team books have probably been my favorite world ever. Sad to see it coming to an end. I will continue to read anything you put out though.

    Thanks for the good times!

  10. Tristan

    I have yet to read anything other than the Nemesis series but am planning to before I start on Legion. I just want to say as one of the brave few to tackle the Kaiju genre in literature you have inspired my own writing. There is nothing wrong with trimming down and focusing on what brings you both joy and profit, it’s hard to write if your power get shut off. Looking forward to all your future work.

  11. Miguel Panão

    I have to be honest. After reading your books I can hardly pick up any other author before I finish ALL yours first (so, for other authors…sorry). Nonetheless, we all have to maki choices in our lives and fully support yours because literary genius like are very, very (and I know we shouldn’t abuse on this word, but… who cares!) very hard to find. I’m just happy it happened in my lifetime and it’s a privilege.

    I’m finishing classes at the university, a lot of exams to correct, trying to make some academic productivity projects up and running, but looking forward to continue dreaming action and depth with your work. We all support you and keep up being one of the most creative writers of our time.

  12. Luann Zipp

    First, I love your books. Unfortunately I would be another of the numbers that fell off the mark. I can read through approximately two to three books a week, as an insomniac. I try to avoid series titles because it never fails, I find myself at 0300 saying, “well d**n!”. Once I’ve polished off what’s available, what do I chew on? Even though you do write incredibly fast, I find myself looking for something else to travel to and I forget about the next book. Or, two months later I’ve forgotten the events leading up to the next book. Don’t feel alone, I gave up on George R.R. Marten after the fourth book. I do look forward to your next stand alone novels; you make the weird and unusual seem probable!

  13. Paul Raasch

    Sad news, indeed. I discovered you with Project Nemesis and was blown away. Since then I’ve read the majority of your other books and enjoyed the majority of them. But my biggest disappointment is to learn that the Jane Harper series will likely never get a conclusion, as it was my favorite after Nemesis.

  14. Wim Biemans

    Having a degree in economics, I fully understand and respect your decisions. 😉
    I have mixed feelings: love Jack Sigler, Refuge and the Hunger books, but I already got tired of the kaiju novels (still have to read the last two). Didn’t care for and couldn’t finish Xom-B and Apocalypse Machine, but loved The Distance and Infinite really blew me away! (I will post a review on Amazon right after this). Bottom line: I don’t like everything that you write, but so far it’s been so interesting that I’ll give everything a try. So, go wherever you want to go with your writing and I will follow.

  15. Sally Ross

    Jeremy, when you wrap up the Chess team- please please don’t kill them off. allow me some little hope for mini stories in the anthologies.

    • JRobinson

      No worries about that. 🙂 It will be a good end.

  16. Fred Roth

    Jeremy, I love every book I read by any of your pseudonyms. I started with and got hooked on Nemesis. I think Antarctos is my favorite so far. I am very disappointed that the Flood series isn’t going to get an ending. I was so thrilled with part of being set in the Keys, living there and all :’) I understand your reasoning and can’t even wrap my mind around what you produce and how fast. I will be looking forward to all future novels and I won’t miss any. Keep up the good work!

  17. Katrina

    I have to say I’m really sad to read this. Standalone novels have their place and some are amazing! But to me, an epic series is the real gem and a really great series can be hard to find. In a series you can get to know the characters and watch them evolve, change, and become even more as each book progresses. I have loved reading the Chess Team series for just this reason. You took unique characters with vastly different backgrounds and paths (thank you for those!) and blended them into a complex and cohesive, yet still intense, team. I have greatly enjoyed your mix of history, sci-fi, and monsters. I have eagerly awaited each book and I am very bummed to have that come to an end. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. So thank you for the stories. Thank you for taking me away from the chaos of my every day, even for just a while. I look forward to reading your standalone titles but I will definitely miss the Chess Team.

  18. Sytse

    I loved Jenna Flood and will be sorry for that book series, same with the Chess team, loved the series, read them all and left reviews. Especially the time travelling stories they were great but guess not everybody felt the same way. I never cared for the Kajji novels, just not my thing even when the first Island story was one of my favorites. Loved the first Hunger book as well, but can not get through book 2.

    After all you gave me many excellent books to read and I am looking forward to the upcoming non Kaiju novels . Thanks for taking us with you in the difficult process of deciding which books will come and which ones will go.

  19. Kristin Lundgren

    I’ve been reading your books since the beginning. Back when I could still afford to buy them. But they started coming out so fast, that I couldn’t keep up, nor could I keep all the new series straight (memory issues). I think series books work best when they come out once or twice a year. I always knew that fall would bring me a new Dick Francis. But I know that unless your books are everywhere, at CostCo, and B&N, it’s hard to make a living on that. I love your books, and am excited to see what you do with standalones. But I will miss the series, esp. the Chess Team. Onward and upward!

  20. Joe Riekert

    Like the guy above said, you write em and we will read em. Personally, I like stand alone novels. I’m waiting to read the third books of two trilogies (by other authors) since the second books came out four years ago! I don’t even remember what happened in those books now. This is not a problem with your series (obviously). Anyway, you have to do whatever works for you and keeps you in business. We the fans will still be rabid for your next novel.

  21. Brenda Gill

    I am sad that you are finishing up many of your series. I started reading you with the Chess Team and will be sorry to see that series end. I was always hoping Hercles would come back. I like Refuge and the Continum Series and would have liked to see more of them. I’m sorry to tell you that the book you wrote with your wife was not one of my favorites of yours. Keep writing and I will be sure to keep reading. I just picked up your last book INFINITE but haven’t read it yet. At the present I am reading FLOOD RISING. Glad your health issues have been cleared up. Having Health issues is not fun as I know dealing with a bad heart.. Thank you for many hours of reading entertainment.

  22. Tom

    Hi Jeremy. Think the only book I would be excited about with a squeal is SecondWorld after I Am Cowboy. That’s the only book I like to see a squeal to. Refuge would be nice as well, but SecondWorld squeal is on my list if you make one. But do keep up the great work. Take you time. Anyway, right now I’m reading the Distance, and I have to say, it’s better then a Stephen King Novel. But that’s my opinion. Anyway, take you time. I know your next novels will be great. Thanks. Tom.

  23. Rick Jeter

    I didn’t find my love for reading until a little later in life, around 26yo. Over the past 20 years I’ve followed a lot of authors, but Jeremy Robinson was one of the first. I’ve always loved good series and few people have done it better than JR. For me, his novels rank up there with James Rollins, Jonathon Maberry, Steve Berry, Daniel Silva and Mathew Reilly. It’s sad for me to see the Chess Team come to an end, but I’d much rather it come with closure than to have it just stop like I’ve seen with other series by other authors. Are the increasing number of self published books partly to blame? The market seems more saturated than ever and unfortunately, I believe it’s hurting legitimate, talented authors. As long as you continue to write, stand alone or series, you’ll always have a dedicated reader from this end. Finally, I’d just like to say that I’ve read every stand alone and they’ve all been amazing. While I love following old characters through story lines that sometimes take years to fully develop, I equally love the opportunity to meet new characters and explore completely new environments. Could you maybe put a call in to James Rollins and suggest he throw in a few stand alones once in awhile to?

  24. Steve Schmekel

    Man, You are killing me I found all of your books after reading a Kronos paperback and have to say You are one of my favorite authors of all time now. I have read all of your series one after another (Island 731 was like reading Michael Crichton for the first time) and jumped into the stand alone novels. The characters are all bad asses and who cares if stuff seems far fetched like others have said, Sometimes the world just needs a hero. And You have given us those heroes and situations that call for them in spades. I was really psyched up to see where the chess team was going to go next but, as long as they get the send off they deserve it will be awesome.

  25. Erica

    I read my first Jeremy Robinson book Pulse as a last minute buy when Borders bookstore was closing. I have been a fan ever since. I love all of the books, even those that I thought I wouldn’t like. I never would have read a Kaiju book if you hadn’t written it. My mother who is in her 60’s and was never a science fiction fan (Scotland Yard mysteries only) happened to read one of your books when I gave her my old kindle. She is now just as much of a fan as I am. We have animated discussions about Chess team. She will be heartbroken when I tell her that Chess Team is coming to an end, but we will continue to read all of your books.

  26. Marilyn Swift

    I have loved all your books until recently. Sorry to say I did not like Centurion at all, not your style. Did not like Distance and I do not even want to buy Infinite from the description of the book. However, I am eagerly awaiting Forbidden Island and Helios, a return -I hope – to the style I love. Really dislike having to say the above, but if something stops books being sold, it is best to be honest.

  27. Kale

    As a reader of many series, I’m going to be sad to see the Chess Team books end, but at some point a series has to end. I do have to say though, that I almost exclusively read on iBooks, and I haven’t been able to get the final books through that venue and honestly didn’t follow up to check whether new books had been written. So, that said, I’ll dust off my Kindle account and finish up the books that are out and will anxiously await the final chapter of the series. Love all your books, keep them coming. Thanks for what you do.

  28. Jack Courtney

    I am sorry to see your series leave, all of them have been good reads for me. I have read only 3 of your “monster” Kaiju series, and preferred the Continum Series and the Chess team series. I will be keeping your books and not giving them away or selling them. The hunger series, was interesting in that I worked for the USDA for a bit and some of the things that were mentioned in the books was smack dab on target and reality of life here on earth will be meeting a huge challenge over the next 20 years to find drinkable water and grow enough food to keep everyone alive. We will not be able to count on live stock or fishing the oceans as live stock is a losing prospect as it takes more poundage of feed to keep and grow the beef, lamb, swine, and chickens than the poundage of food we receive in return. The oceans are almost fished out and the fish are being more and more contaminated with heavy metals, poisons, plastics, and other chemicals that the ocean fish will not be edible in 20 years. GMO grains and plants have a hidden agenda, more profit for the feed companies and questionable nutrition for the consumer. Maybe Soylent Green will be our future. People are concerned and it shows in the number of people starting gardens every year! They want freshly picked, non- GMO fruits and veggies to eat and not have to worry about side effects in the future. Thanks for your books! I will look for your future stand alone novels. ps. Loved The Didymus Contingency book! ( I lent it out and nobody has returned it after a year and a half! Had to by another one for my library of your books!)

  29. Tim Parker

    I really love the Antarktos series. Got me to read more of your novels. I understand this kind of situation. I can only hope you finish the Jane Harper trilogy so I know that the queen worms are dead and no monster zombie whales, vikings, or any other hosts can make it to the mainland.
    I hope your new direction is a great success for you and I will continue to read em as you put em out.

  30. Eric Hoffman

    I will start out by saying that I have purchased every book you have written by you and your pen names. Pulse was the first book I read and to this day it is as close of an experience to going to a theatre and watching a movie as a book can get. The action jumped off the pages. I have enjoyed everything you have written, some more than others. For me the Antarktos saga is by far my favorite story I have read by any author. It was as close to perfection from start to finish as a story can get. As a reader I do feel that the Chess team novellas were a little too drawn out and the separation of the team is what may have caused some people to leave. I feel they were much better as a whole group. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them. I will also say that I think the novels that are coauthored didn’t have quite the same feel as a lone Jeremy Robinson novel does. Let me be honors no one writes like you do. And while they were good only you make me feel like I am part of the action no matter how crazy or outlandish the situation. I just recently finished Infinite and I feel it is one of your best. I couldn’t put it down. Mirror world is also one of my favorites because Crazy is one of my favorite characters by anyone. Bottom line though is if it says Jeremy Robinson on the cover I am going to buy it and I am going to like it. That is gauranteed!

  31. Russ

    Whilst I really enjoyed the Chess Team series, my favourite book by you is still the Standalone novel “Secondworld” (In fact, it is my favourite book of all time). After reading the first chapter and giving a summary of it to my wife, I then had to give a summary of every chapter as I read it (She couldn’t wait for me to read each chapter so she could find out what happened next). Brilliant book BUT I wouldn’t want a sequel. Whilst I do read and enjoy book series, a unique, mysterious, fast paced story with new characters is far more engaging and exciting to read.
    P.S. Would love to see Secondworld as a film.

  32. Justin

    I can say I was skeptical about your books. However over the past year I have listened “audible” to the entire chess team series twice. I’m a rural police officer and have a little of time alone in my vehicle. Reading your chess team series kept me sane and even finally pushed me to do some writing of my own. I’ve started my first book and even referenced your work in it. I can’t wait for the final Jack Sigler adventure. I am have intentions of ordering all the paperback versions to put in my study. Thank you for getting me interested in writing and reading again.

  33. Christopher

    I’ll be a wee upset when I finish the final Chess Team adventure in the near future. I loved the adventures Jack and the team faced, but will be happy to see them come to a natural ending instead of just leaving us hanging. Bummed about Unity (especially with the callout in Legion), but completely understand (bills…boo). I do certainly enjoy the stand alones (more so when other characters are pulled into small roles, even a name in passing). Looking forward to the future!`

  34. AJ

    I bought the first chess team novel at Barnes and noble in Manchester nh 2010 or 2011. I bought a few more of your books there and when I bought it they told me you were gonna be there signing books the next month. I read and got hooked on your books and when you came to Barnes and noble you signed my copy of instinct (which I still have). I’ve been a fan since then and have bought every book you’ve written. the nemesis series was insane and the last book was straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. I work third shift and your novels are a HUGE reason I’m able to function at night. I will continue to buy every book but I will definitely miss the chess team and all the characters I’ve come to love.

  35. TYLER

    I for one will miss the series. All of them. Good book series are what I look for mostly then stand-alones. But I think I have read every single book you have with the exception of Viking stories (I will though I promise) jack sigler and nemesis were my favorite. But I can totally understand your reasons. It makes complete sense. I just hope you can do some kaiju and “jack sigler” style books every now and then if your able. But MY ONLY REQUEST please write a super epic and more detailed maybe adventures of HERCULES/ALEXANDER. please please absolutely my favorite character out of all of your books. I just kept hoping the next book would reveal more and more. But thank you Jeremy for all you have given us. We have been to other planets, dimensions, and space. We have made many friends that we compare most if not all other characters to and books for that matter. Just keep on keeping on!!! I’ll be here to read them (And review)

    • Tyler

      Anything new in the works for Hercules/Alexander?

  36. Ben

    Now this is certainly one of the sadder news this summer… wish I could post a pic of my shelf with every book of CHESS team in it (at some point I had to switch to reading in English so I didn’t have to wait eternally for a translation), and featuring some older standalones (Beneath, Mirrorworld, Secondworld, cannot remember the rest though…) and vowfully claim ” I DID MY BEST!” But, unfortunately i cannot, for I am not a leaver of reviews – guilty as charged. Never occurred to me that this had so much of an impact…
    Anyways, if you don’t find a way to keep CHESS around, I assume they have well earned their pension for saving us so many times. Promise to blow us all away with the last one, and good riddance for the upcoming standalones!

  37. Barry Alkis

    I for one have loved all of the chess team books. I read these types of books for escape, not having to think about work or anything else. Just fun reading so nothing is too “out there” for me. I was a teenage when Raiders of the Lost Ark first came out and it is still one of my favorite movies. I read a review that gave it 0 stars saying that the story and Indy’s actions were not plausible. I wanted to scream, “just watch the movie and have fun. don’t overthink it”. Same with your books.

    I hope you will revisit the team in the future but good luck with whatever you do.

    • Barry Alkis

      BTW, the chess team would make a great limited run cable series.

  38. Shy

    I’m currently on Project Hyperion and I have to say, I’m still in love with the Nemesis series. After this one I’ll burn through the last of the series and then I will cry myself to sleep for not having another Kaiju book to follow it up with. I have spent so long trying to find Kaiju books, especially ones with characters I love, and once I read the description of Hudson and how he acts and talks, it was me. So it was like putting myself in these situations which really hit home. I love your writing and your pop culture references and humor. I haven’t had a chance to try out some of your other titles, but I am very much a tunnel visioned reader. Give me giant monsters and awesome one liners and I’m set. I own every Godzilla film made, go through Goji marathons at least twice a year. My number one reason for writing this is to thank you. THANK YOU! I’m currently looking for the Nemesis comics to collect. You have created an awesome story and characters. Please keep doing kaiju stories whether they are series or not.

  39. Lana

    Hi, Jeremy,
    I’m sorry to hear the Chess Team is coming to an end, but I’m glad you’re going to be reuniting everyone. This has been a great series, and these characters deserve to have a happy ending. I’m especially looking forward to Eric’s reunion with his former team-mates, and Big Blue’s rescue and reunion with Aysa. It would also be great if King and Rook were looking at becoming dads, so that even as the Chess Team series comes to an end, their lives would continue.
    Thank you for this wonderful series.
    Thank you for being an incredible author.
    I’m going to miss the Team, but I look forward to reading your new novels.
    All the best, Jeremy.
    Lana J.P.

  40. Greg Smith

    Jeremy! You are one of my favorite authors, and I would like to say a few words after reading your analysis here.

    I have read pretty much 95% of your books, starting from Raising the Past, Antarktos Raising, and Didymus Contingency. Your earlier novels were very grounded with history, mythology, and religion. This made your books very interesting to me.

    However things started going downhill, with you trying to put out many more books on the market; editing got sloppy, there were increasing misspells and typos here and there. The plots became outlandish and a caricature of rushed action with little to no research.

    At the risk of spoiling the content, let me go over points on your books. Let’s contrast Pulse (the first chess book that first came out) with Cannibal (the last chess book that I have read – I am not interested in reading Empire if it is anything like Cannibal).

    Pulse seems to be well-researched with introduction of Hercules, Hydra, and going over the deduction and dissection of what actually transpires, the history, science, and background of what was going on. The plots and chapters are there to give us some background info on the story behind it. I can seriously see this being produced into a very good blockbuster movie with A-list actors/actresses. Instinct was similarly an excellent book that I recommended to a lot of my friends. Then, the quality just took a deep nosedive.

    Cannibal gives me an impression of being written by a sophomore, rushing out to meet the final paper deadline. Very weak research was done, basically put some stuff into meat to convert people into mindless cannibal zombies. Half of the book was cramped with mindless shootings as fillers with unrealistic enemies. Along the way between Instinct and Cannibal, the chess team series just degenerated from a potentially wonderful, box-office winner A-list movies into a sub-par B-movie that noone would touch with a 10-foot pole.

    Again I am not sure what happened there. It might be because you started to outsource more of the writing on the well-established series to your co-authors. Helios was written by the same team (you and Sean Ellis), yet if you compare Cannibals and Helios, you would never guess that they were written by the same people of caliber.

    Given the advent of e-books and ease of content transfer, were I put in your shoes, I would probably do the same thing and crank out as many novels as possible to get revenues. But I really miss your old novels, where you really take time to research and plot your books so well that reading them is something I kept looking forward to.

    I can’t help mentioning James Rollins as you two are my favorite authors, with very similar styles and genre. Rollins’ Sigma Force books are still something I always look forward to get everytime they come out.

    Please consider returning to your root and starting standards. You have matured so much as writer since you first started writing.

    Thank you for your wonderful works. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

  41. Michael

    I’m sorry I didn’t leave more reviews! I love the Chess team series and it will always be one of my favorites! Such great characters! I’m sad to see the series go, but it was an amazing ride! Thanks Jeremy!

  42. Brock

    For me, I discovered you with the Chess Team series and still read all the ones you write, however, I think that the Hunger series and Refuge are hands down two of the best books you have ever written. The Hunger series I have read twice and can’t wait for the third. I’ll miss the series books but will continue to read everything you write. I’m currently reading Infinite and while not quite my cup of tea, it’s not a bad book. Hope your health continues to improve!

  43. Dave

    I am one who is delighted to hear that you will be doing more stand alones. I am in a phase right now where I’m trying to branch out from my “comfortable” authors and discover new ones. And I find myself somewhat intimidated when I research and finally decide on a new author I want to try, only to find that the majority of their works that I’ve seen good reviews for happen to be in a long running series that would take me years to catch up on. Give me some stand alones to test the waters first. IMHO it is rare to find a series that continues to hold you spellbound after the first three books. Some authors can sustain it longer. But there’s only so many years we’re going to live, and to dedicate a couple of them to reading about the same characters over and over is not what I want to do. I want to discover all the new authors I’ve been missing out on before I die! Just because you love one author does not mean there’s not a better one lurking around the next corner. You gotta look to find that out. Stand alones make that much easier. To be honest, you are an author that I am just now discovering. I like what I see. And I’m glad to learn that you’re moving to more stand alones. That fits my way of thinking.

  44. PC

    Loved the post…very near and dear given I consume audio books, especially series like Chess Team, at a rediculous pace. Business is business.
    I found your writing from a random line in one of the Joe Ledger books and I’ve never been more happy Google was created. I’m glad I went along for the ride. thank you.

  45. James

    Count me as one who dislikes series. I think the move to stand-alone books is a plus. All too often they feel like a lazy cash-machine to me (not saying that was your plan, just telling you my perception in general).

    I picked up Kronos because of the cool Erik Hollander cover and “Hey, sea monsters!” but looking through the rest of your catalog was just too confusing. I love me some Tokyo-stomping kaiju, I didn’t necessarily want to commit to multiple books about them.

    Stephen King seems to have done okay writing mainly stand-alone novels and you can have a series here and there. But maybe just do one series at a time.

  46. Phil

    Is there a projected time of release for the last Jack Sigler book?

    • JRobinson

      End of 2018…I think.

  47. Tony B.

    Im new to the ‘Jer-Ro’ fan club but thanks to my overnight trucking job and Audible,I can’t get enough of your books.Im well aware I have so many to consume but so far the Refuge and Jane Harper books were audiobook platinum!As far as wrapping them up,could the possibility of a collection of Kickstarter or fan fiction be offered to satisfy the ‘wrap it up’ movement?The Nemesis books are PHENOMENAL,My son (14yo) is a huge Kaiju fan and he found the fights to be inspiring.Thanks for your work and my son and I look forward to your future shtuff.

    • JRobinson

      I’m hoping the time will come when I can wrap them up. If one of the books makes it big and I don’t have to worry about sales for a year, maybe I’ll finish up all the series. I don’t like that they’re open-ended, either! The trick with Jane Harper is that I don’t have the rights to the first two books, so finishing it without the publisher on board is tricky.

      • Tony B.

        Good to hear,We’ll stand by and catch up with your other books!

  48. Lori V.

    I just read Hunger and Feast in two days, and I’m starving for more. (Pun intended). Please, please, please don’t leave me hanging.

    • JRobinson

      Looking at a possible 2019 release.

  49. Wayne Ker

    I have read about 20+ books in total by you. One of your loyal fans. I am actually one of those who enjoy series more than standalone books.

    I just finished book 1 and 2 of the Hunger series. LOVE THEM and couldn’t put them down. Finished both of them in 3 days.

    My following observation is about trilogy series and why sales decline over time from some of your readers. (Series like Chess team isn’t something I am talking about now. Each book in series like this has closure. It’s just a series of standalone novels with the same characters )

    So about trilogy series….

    1. People wait for the next installment for far too long and only vaguely remember plot. This force them to reread the previous book which many are unwilling to do. (Part of the reason why I stopped reading Harry Potter after the first book)

    2. During the waiting time, they forgot what books they have and they just aren’t aware that the next installment has already been released. An example of this for me is Justin Cronin’s Vampire series. Read the first one, Passage, in 2010 and forgot about it and didn’t know the 2nd book is out until 2015. (Sign up for newsletter? Sorry, I have enough spam emails as is)

    Both of the above has happened to me all the time.

    Almost all of the trilogy series I actually finished and truly enjoyed are those older ones where all books are available for me to buy and read at once. (Just like how I bought the first 2 books in the hunger series at the same time but I didn’t plan on reading them until the 3rd book is out. )

    Now that I have read first 2 books of the hunger series and found out that the final book might not happen, I am truly and utterly disappointed. Felt like I wasted my money and time no matter how much I enjoy the first 2 books.

    Like all things in life, you gotta strike the iron while it’s hot. Either release the whole trilogy at one or time the releases so people don’t forget or lose interest.

    • Wayne Ker

      Or you could just offer pre-pay at a discount for the next book in the series, I would gladly pay for a future book in a series even at a mere 5% discount! Hell, that might even motivate you to write the next one!

    • JRobinson

      Hey Wayne,

      Good news! The third and final book of the Hunger series is back on the schedule. I was able to boost sales, in part by changing the name to Jeremy Robinson, and messing with the pricing a bit. I HATE unfinished series, too. But I can’t justify losing money on a book, and its certainly not my intention to do so when I start a trilogy. My solution is to finish up the series already in progress (when I can justify the time and money it will take) and not start new series in the future. Happily, it worked out for HUNGER. It will probably be an early 2020 release.

      I should put an update on my blog post about series cancellations… Thanks for keeping it on my mind.

      • Wayne Ker

        Really good to hear! Love the series! Really looking forward to it.

  50. Stefanie

    Sad to hear that the Chess Team series will be ending as I just discovered them in May and finished ‘Empire’ today. I’d read ‘Forbidden Island’ a while back and will have to revisit your standalones. Hope more readers find you and never thought about the whole -review- piece connecting to sales. Good to know!

  51. Ryan Tondreau

    It’s a sad day when I learn that some of the best storylines I’ve had the pleasure of reading are being retired or won’t get their due in the eyes of readers everywhere. The Chess Team series is my personal favorite – mixing time travel, mythology, syfy, action, heart and so much more I can’t even name them all. I never realized leaving reviews was the cause of a lot of books/authors decline so my next goal is to review every book I’ve devoured (Hunger pun) from your wonderful mind and let the world know what they’re missing out on. Many of these stories would entertain the masses if we could just get them to realize a book can offer so much more then tv shows or movies. Glad to hear the the Hunger series book 3 is back on track so we can see how ExoGen and Peter fare in their universe. Ever thought about writing a short story to wrap up some of the series so there is some semblance of an end? I know it’s not ideal and doesn’t bring in the big bucks, but it could be therapeutic for all of us (and maybe you) to see how these wonderfully built characters have their stories finished. For the books still to come out- I await your genius. For the book series that won’t get their finale- the end isn’t the end, just a new beginning for the imagination to finish the ride. . It’s sad to hear you won’t be doing any more series, but don’t close the “book” on them so to speak. Let inspiration strike you as it will and if a sequel feels right, go for it. A writer with a mind like yours NOT writing what he’s passionate about is a crime against literature. Everything said, stay with the Jeremy Robinson name going forward. Jeremy Bishop and Jeremiah Knight make great character names (they sound like badasses to be honest!) but the name Jeremy Robinson is synonymous with masterful storytelling. Always will be.

  52. Ben

    Hi there,

    Any updates on Hunger book 3?


    • JRobinson

      Aiming for a 2023 release!

  53. Mauricio

    Hello ! I recently “found” you again after reading your hunger book back in 2016? (Not sure haha) and I fell in love with the book. I remembered that a second book was teased at the back cover, but never got to it.

    I lent my book to a friend and never got it back, and after all these years I was able to unlock some memories and remembered the book/author name!! I was SOOO happy, and come to find out there is a second book out!!

    Even more so that there is third book coming out !!!! So I I’ll ask, if you don’t mind, is there a release date for the third book ? I saw that you had added early 2023, but I wondered if there are any setbacks or delays, or if you have a title (if you can reveal it) for the book.

    Again, I just want to thank you for shaping my childhood with the hunger book, you don’t realize how much that book meant to me and how much it influenced my book choices from then on.

    Wish you well and thank you 🙂

    • JRobinson

      Well, I remember the MONTH. Hunger 3 will be out in July. And it will be a re-release under the Jeremy Robinson name, with all three books in one BIG edition. We’ll be pricing it as close as we can to a book that would be just book 3 because we don’t want to double charge people. The print book will be a little pricier because of printing costs AND the fact that it will be a hardcover. I’m writing the book now, and loving how its coming out!

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