UNITY – Fight for Earth…Together.


Are you a natural born leader with a strong sense of self?
Are you afflicted with the sudden urge to give your unfiltered opinion?
Do you recognize that some situations require immediate action, like a punch to the face, and then words?point-symbol

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a Point, represented by the red-tipped Unity logo, and destined to lead a Unity team of your own. That is, if you survive long enough to prove yourself.

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Unity is available in trade paperback (hardcover will be available any day now) and as a Kindle-exclusive e-book, meaning it is free to Amazon Unlimited subscribers. If you don’t own a kindle, the app is free for just about any phone, tablet, PC or Mac.


Euphemia Williams, known to her few friends as Effie, and everyone else as Eff-Bomb, will punch you for looking at her funny, for using her full name or for noticing that she’s a genius. But when an elite global entity known as Unity takes note of her intelligence and offers her a chance to escape the hum-drum life of a foster-child, she signs up. At best, she expects her time abroad to be a vacation. At worst, an actual challenge. But what she finds, upon being swept up in a futuristic transport, is far, far worse.

En route to a secret location in the Pacific, a meteor falls from the sky and explodes. The resulting electromagnetic pulse sends the transport plummeting to the ocean. While fighting to escape the crash and climb onto an island beach, the meteor slams into the sea. A tsunami races across the island, pursuing Effie and her fellow survivors deeper into the volcanic island’s lush jungle.

Beaten, terrified and abandoned, the small group discovers that they are not alone on the island. The locals are ruthless and well-trained. With the survivors looking to her for leadership, Effie struggles–and fails–to keep everyone alive as they fight for survival.

Along the way, Effie uncovers a series of shocking truths: the parents she never knew were part of the island’s strange history, which includes massive robots known as Shugoten, and the meteor that sent them careening into the ocean, wasn’t a meteor at all.

The daikaiju have arrived-and one of them is headed her way.

Jeremy Robinson, creator of the ‘Kaiju Thriller’ genre, and international bestselling author of the Project Nemesis novel and comic book series, launches this new series combining the behind-enemy-lines themes of Red Dawn with the high-tech monster fighting robots of Robotech, infusing it with his frenetic pacing and character driven plots.

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  1. France Poulin

    July 27, 2016 at 3:09 am

    I’m a 67 years old women who just love your books. The problem is I wish there was an numerical order that the books come in. I find it very confusing deciphering which is the 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    Other then that I love your books and I find them very exciting to read.

    • JRobinson

      August 1, 2016 at 2:00 pm

      Hi France,

      The books are in order on this website’s book page, and on Amazon. Some of them have the order on the books, but a few series ended up missing numbers. Sorry about that!

      — Jeremy

  2. Loved Unity !!!!!!! . Loved the way you described the robot fighting style. Perfect fusion of Gundam Wing, Transformers, and Bruce Lee. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, love your books. Just wondering if there will be a sequel for Unity? If so can’ t wait.

  4. Love the books man. Any chance of a Kobo version e-book?

  5. Loved Unity. I know it was put on hold indefinitely, but one day I hope you come back and finish the Unity series. It is my favorite out of all your series and stand alone novels that I’ve read so far. Please more Unity!

  6. Hey Jeremy,
    So I started a different series, without knowing that it was a series, and then I bought your first book. I haven’t read it yet, but I need to know what the 2nd book is and when you are going to publish it before I go crazy. I love reading, but right now i’m in the middle of a book catastrophe, so if you could tell me if your 2nd book has been published yet, that would be great!!!!

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