The Nemesis Saga Ends with PROJECT LEGION… Or Does It?

A month ago I announced that several of my series would be coming to an end, in part because the stories have reached natural ending points, and like the best TV shows, I want to end their runs before they become hum drum. Better to go out on a bang, I think. The Nemesis Saga is the first of those stories to reach its finale, and it’s the mother of all finales, crossing over with a good number of my other novels, and series, some of which have already ended. This is a bittersweet newsletter, but I think once you read the epic craziness that is Project Legion, you’ll agree that it’s the perfect way to end the most successful Kaiju Thriller series in American literary history. So let’s jump right in to the book description, followed by crossover details.


The fifth and final Nemesis novel completes the story arc started in Project Nemesis… Wait, no, that’s not accurate. The story arc for Project Legion was started TEN years ago, in my second novel, Raising the Past. That’s right, for the past ten years, I’ve been seeding the plot for Project Legion, hinting at clues along the way and revealing the story in a larger way, starting at the end of Project Hyperion, which connected the dots. And now, with Project Legion, I bring together characters from several novels, starting with my very first to some of my most recent. I don’t link all 50+ novels, but there has NEVER been a literary crossover event like this outside of comic books. For more details on the crossover, and which novels are linked to Project Legion, check out the next article.

When I created Project Nemesis, my goal was…ambitious. I wanted Nemesis to become the United States’ most iconic giant monster. And in terms of novels, I’ve achieved that goal, as she spawned an entire sub-genre of fiction: the Kaiju Thriller. She’s had a comic book now, and a video game (which is now in development hell), but she’s still just getting started, and I should have some kaiju-sized news to announce in coming months. So the goal remains the same: world domina…err…I mean, the United States’ most iconic giant monster!

To help that happen, just post a review for Project Legion on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Better yet, post reviews for the whole series! Or shares this post, or links to the books on Facebook. The more love the series receives, the easier it will be to convince…how can I put this…people in positions of creative, icon-creating power, to adapt the series into other mediums. Like a series of water color paintings…that’s what I’m talking about. Are we reading between the lines yet?

Okay, enough dillydallying. On to the book description!


Ten years after a deep space transmission was broadcast from a futuristic citadel hidden in the Arctic ice, Jon Hudson finds himself in a position beyond comprehension. His days of lazy Sasquatch hunting on behalf of the DHS’s Fusion Center–Paranormal (FC-P) have been a fading memory since the appearance of Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance, reborn through genetic tinkering. Now he longs for those quiet days once more.


Facing down giant kaiju has become almost commonplace for Hudson and the FC-P, who he regards as his family, but the threat now facing them is global. An alien race known as the Aeros, summoned to Earth ten years ago, have arrived in orbit, hell bent on destroying their ancient enemy, the Ferox, along with all of humanity…in all dimensions of reality.


Facing off against an invasion of city-destroying kaiju, a massive mothership and an assault in a parallel world, Hudson must bolster the FC-P’s ranks. Joined by Milos ‘Cowboy’ Vesely, Hudson must journey through alternate dimensions to gather a one-of-a-kind legion of defenders, including a smart-mouthed soldier, a woman who can animate the lifeless, a time traveler, a robot-man, a powerful king and an assassin who can slip between frequencies of reality.

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Project Legion brings together many of my novels, from my first, The Didymus Contingency, to the long-running Jack Sigler Thrillers. Now, before you panic, it IS possible to read Project Legion if you’ve only read the Nemesis Saga. You don’t have to read all the books to enjoy Legion, you might just have a greater appreciation for the characters and spot a few more cookies. But don’t feel like you have to run out and read all these books before starting Legion. That said, after reading Legion, there is a good chance you’ll want to read more about the characters from the other novels. If that happens, there is a list of characters and the novels they appear in, at the end of Legion.

So which novels are linked to Project Legion? Here’s a list, ordered by how much involvement the characters have with Hudson and the gang.

Primary Novels (characters play major roles in Project Legions)

Islegion-bellland 731

Nazi Hunter — Atlantis (aka I am Cowboy)

Raising the Past


The Jack Sigler Thrillers

Xom-B (aka Uprising)

The Didymus Contingency

The Antarktos Saga


Secondary Novels (characters, locations, plots mentioned or hinted at)legion-nemesis


Antarktos Rising





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As always, thank you for reading, and for sharing my novels. I couldn’t do this without all of you, and Nemesis wouldn’t be what she is now, or what she may soon become, without your support. Anyone who has attended RobinsonFest will tell you I’m grateful to all of you, and think the world of you all. Okay, go start reading!

— Jeremy Robinson



  1. Aireyon

    Can not wait for this book. So glad I have already read the books that are crossing over. Keep up the amazing work Jeremy.

  2. Christopher

    Should we read all the Refuge books, or just a particular one or two? Can’t freaking wait for this!!

  3. Alec

    I can’t wait! I hope the book is available on iTunes. It’s how I’ve been able to read the Nemesis saga.

  4. Sean

    Any news on the audiobook for Project Legion? Or perhaps a date for the Audible release?

  5. Larry Graves

    I’m also jonesing for info on when Project Legion may be released on Audible. Pretty please?!?

  6. Kyle

    I am curious. I’ve read enough books to understand most references but could someone explain the Refuge and Beneath connections?

  7. Jake

    I’m just reading Legion now after catching up on a bunch of (but admittedly not all of) the other novels listed here, but I’m stymied! When did David hear from a talking fish?? And when did he (David) visit Antartica and learn about the angel Adoel??

    • JRobinson

      He’s referring to things that happened to him post Didymus and Pre-Legion, which haven’t been recorded in any book. Just a way of saying that David’s adventures continued after the original novel.

      • Jake

        Oh! Thanks so much for responding! I was worried I was missing out on an awesome story, lol. I really like David and would love to read about more of those adventures, hint hint. 😉

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