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For years, I have said that The Last Hunter is my favorite series. I have fond memories of writing the novel, still miss the characters years later, and when it comes to adaptations (comic books or movie) am very protective of the story. But I can no longer say The Last Hunter is my favorite book. Favorite series, sure, but The Distance is now my favorite novel (of mine). Keep reading to find out why!

The Distance’s path to publication has been tumultuous, not because no one wanted it, but because I didn’t have faith in publishers to do it right. When the book was written, it was under contract with a “big five” publisher imprint. But after novels published under my own imprint, Breakneck Media, started selling better than those published by the big publisher, I returned the advance and got the rights back. After that, another big five publisher offered to take the book, and tried to woo me with bestselling sales projections, but their covers were abysmal and I wasn’t convinced they could do a better job than I could…which is really what a writer should expect from a publisher.

So, in the end, two years after the book was completed, I decided to go it alone, which is a little nerve-wracking for me because it’s my wife’s first novel, and I turned down a big five publisher…twice. What does this mean for the book? In terms of production quality, nothing. I was hired to do the cover for the original publisher, so the packaging would be the same. As for the interior design, we’re creating a premium experience, both for the print book and the e-book, which is priced $6 LESS than either publisher had planned.

On the down side, it also means the novel will not be distributed to physical stores like Barnes & Noble (unless you order it from them). But in the digital age, with the right support from readers, a novel doesn’t need to be in bookstores to hit the bestseller list…so I’m gambling on your help to get the word out.

Why am I so protective of this book? Because it kicks ass. Because I’ve never written so well before. Because my wife’s contribution elevated the story from good to phenomenal. Because I really care about these characters, and how they are presented to the world. In short, this is my new favorite novel (of mine). It raises the bar for my novels in a way that I’m afraid I’ll never reach again (without Hilaree).

So, without further ado, here are the description, the trailer and the buy links for The Distance! If you enjoy it, please post a review on Amazon. They help a ton, and I’d be thrilled to see some extra love for Hilaree.

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With THE DISTANCE Jeremy and Hilaree Robinson bring serious game in a tale of aliens, conspiracy theories and wild action. Packed with devious twists, dynamic characters and an ending you won’t see coming. Highly recommended! –Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of KILL SWITCH and PATIENT ZERO


The human race has turned to dust. August Morrison faces it after rising from the depths of a dark matter research facility in Arizona. His co-workers. His daughter. All of them: dust. Friends and colleagues around the world don’t answer their phones. The city of Phoenix burns. He is alone. As a world without mankind starts to crumble, August fights not just for survival, but for his very sanity.

On the other side of the country, Poe McDowell watches her parents crumble into dust just moments after being shoved inside a coffin-like device that spares her from the same fate. She emerges to find not just her mother and father, but also her neighbors—her entire town’s human population—reduced to grit. Unlike August, she’s not entirely alone, but the life growing in her belly isn’t much company.

Then, hope. A drunken and desperate August broadcasts over the ham radio network and connects with his fellow survivor, Poe, alone and pregnant in a snow blanketed New Hampshire. Determined to reach her, August sets out on a cross country trek. But the world is not as empty as it seems. Lights in the sky reveal that they are not alone. The human race’s demise was not natural—and the architects are searching for survivors.


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On behalf of Hilaree and myself, big thanks to everyone who reads The Distance, spreads the word, and posts reviews. As an indie publisher, we are pretty much solely dependent on our readers to get the word out. We literally, and literarily, could not do this without you all, and that makes you awesome. So, thank you.

— Jeremy Robinson


  1. Matthew Robinson

    I am proud of you and the work you have completed by yourself and with Hilaree. You are both an inspiration! Matt

  2. Jim McKeever

    Wow! I could write a million words here…but for your sake, I won’t. Jeremy & Hilaree, you’ve both written a perfect book! I just finished reading “The Distance” about half an hour ago and I can’t begin to express just how great a story you’ve both told here. My favorite genre, or should I say sub-genre is “Alien invasion” movies or books and even video games, and you two NAILED it!

    I’m 58 years old, retired now and have lots of time to read, watch movies and play video games, when my wife isn’t ordering me around. I’ve been able to read a lot of books I’ve always wanted to, but with raising a family and with work, didn’t have the time, but do so now. Some may not like what I’m about to say, but “The Distance” is BETTER, by leaps and bounds over anything that I’ve ever read by Stephen King. There, I’ve said it. LOL!

    In all honesty, I’ve only read one of your books, which I really enjoyed, “Pulse”. I found “The Distance” while browsing Amazon, and had to buy it when I read what it was about. What really saddens me is that this book is not in bookstores, so people can’t pick it up and give it an impulse chance, because I know more people could spread the word. I’m going to keep my copy though, but plan on buying another copy on Amazon and having it shipped to my son up north in Portland. Both him and his wife will love it too.

    So hey, I am more than proud of the both of you for writing a story that is not only filled with what I love, but that brought me two characters that I’ll never forget. Towards the end, you also had me freaking out. I haven’t been afraid to turn pages in a book in, hell, I can’t remember if that’s ever happened to me. Sad part is that I’ve finished it. How in the hell do you expect me to read something now that’ll even come close?

    Now, I’m gonna go on Facebook and spread the word, and write an Amazon review. Yes, you should be proud of this novel and I’ll finish by saying, Thank You both, so much for giving me hours of enjoyment and a book I will talk about and remember for probably the rest of my life!

    My best, and good health to you and your family,
    Jimi Mack
    (Southern Oregon)

  3. Patricia Miller

    OMG I have finished your book The Distance and I have read it in 4 hours. I could not put it down and I cried at the very end. I love all of your books but this one somehow got to my heart. Thank You.

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