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When Project Nemesis launched in 2012, my goal was to make Nemesis a household name, but I had no idea the novel would spawn 5 novels, a comic book, a (cancelled) video game and…more to come…in just a few years. The only reason these things became possible is because Nemesis has the best fans imaginable, many of whom send me art on a regular basis. So, to thank all of you, I’ve put together a little video. You guys are awesome, and whatever is next for Nemesis (hopefully something kaiju sized) its only possible because you all have been there from the start.


  1. Wayne

    Mr. Robinson, today I had just finished up with Project Legion, completely reading all parts of the Nemesis Saga and I am in a mix of utter joy from having just finished one of the best book series that I had read in a long time, as well as it being kaiju! Which I am still extremely joyed of finding due to the lack of Kaiju media in the U.S., but I am heartbroken as well. Just as you wrote at the end of the book, I feel as though I just left behind the best friends I’d ever make at a summer camp, not knowing what’s to happen to them next or what becomes of their future. I love all of these characters, I love what they started as and I love what they have becomed. I just want to say thank you for all of the joy, excitment, and goosebumps I received by reading your books and the inspiration that it’s given me for making more kaiju just as those inyou would find in the Nemesis Saga world. Thank you so much for The Queen of Monsters, and I hope you the best for the future 🙂

    • JRobinson

      Thanks Wayne! Appreciate the kind words. If you need more literary kaiju reading, check out my books Apocalypse Machine and Unity. And I’ve just started working on a new kaiju-thriller! 🙂

  2. Steve

    Amazing fan art! Talent has a way of inspiring talent. Personally, I fail at stick figures.

    Maybe Megadeth’s cover of Boots would be more appropriate? 😉

  3. Alec

    Every great giant monster needs their rest now and then. Even Godzilla has had to take long breaks. Its good because it gives time for new ideas. Nemesis isn’t gone forever. She’ll be back. Whether it is in another novel, comic book or maybe a movie if we’re lucky, Nemesis will return (of course, any movie would have to be faithful to her character and the novels). I’m sure that when she does, she’ll be fighting some other kaiju or giant robot. Maybe the next time she shows up, it could be in a cross over. With the multiple earth concept introduced in Project Legion, the possibilities are almost endless. No matter how long it takes, I can wait for her return. Until then, I’m content to rereading the novel and the comics. Project Nemesis, one of the best novel I ever read.
    Also, I’m not a fan of that song. I think the song “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed would fit Nemesis better. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Michael Droste

    You should adapt the nemesis saga into a movie starting with island 731.

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