The amazing cover image for the PROJECT NEMESIS comic book was leaked last night and is already getting shared via social media, so I am here to confirm the rumors and supply the details. First and foremost, yes, PROJECT NEMESIS is being faithfully adapted into a 6 issue comic book series. The first issue will be released in late Sept/early Oct (I don’t have any exact date yet) and then released as a collected graphic novel. And I have a feeling this will be the first of many comics to come.

nemesis1So, who is on the team? First, the book is being published by Famous Monsters of Filmland’s new comic book imprint, American Gothic Press.  Famous Monsters has been immensely supportive of my monster fiction and our teaming up makes all kinds of monstrous sense. The interior art is being done by none other than Matt Frank himself, famed Godzilla artist and the the guy who lent his expertise to the design of Nemesis. His work has appeared in every Nemesis novel to date, and no one can draw her more authentically than Matt. Matt will also be doing covers for all six issues.

nemesis-issue1“But what about this painted cover?” you ask. “That looks more like…”

Bob Eggleton!” I blurt, unable to contain my excitement. I’ve been a fan of Bob’s ever since I snagged a copy of Who’s Afraid of Godzilla with my kids. And now I get to work with him. So cool. Bob is doing variant covers for all six issues of PROJECT NEMESIS, meaning there is a lot more amazing art to come.

As for the writer, that’s me. So while some things had to be trimmed from the story to fit the format, have no fear. Anything cut or added remains true to the story and spirit of the novel. And the additions should add a few nice surprises for those who have already read the books.

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It’s hard for me to explain how pumped I am about this. Long before writing novels, I was a comic book illustrator. I majored in illustration in college, and after college worked on illustrating and writing (briefly) some indie comics. While I eventually became more writer than artist (though I still design covers for myself, as well as other authors and publishers) I never gave up the hope that my work would one day be fully realized in the comic book format. That day has finally come, and I’m amazed at the results so far. Big thanks to Matt, Bob, Phil, Ed and the rest of the gang at Famous Monsters!


  1. Debosophy

    I can’t wait for this to be released!

  2. Chris

    Well I’m pumped!

  3. Ray

    Dear Jeremy,

    I’ve already read half dozen of your books a just completed The Last Hunter collection. Those are just amazing books. I can’t get enough of them.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    Thank you,


    • Ike Carr

      So happy I could squirt.

  4. david

    I am quite excited for this. While I found Project Maigo to be the super fun one I like Project Nemesis for being just straight forward single monster story…with two cool martial artists and a slowly mutating evil general.

    I’m actually most excited just to see some of the human characters visualized from Jon to Ashley and Endo to even the more behind the scene heroes like Cooper and Watson. I think a monster story where I go ‘well I’m happy for monster action but…could I learn a little more of Watson, Cooper or Woodstock please?’ is a sign where the humans aren’t just talking heads to pad out the movie, or in this case book. Hm I do wonder how stuff from Island 731 will factor into a Project Maigo comic…oooh I mustn’t get too excited so soon.

    Super cool that Matt Frank is on it since Rulers of the Earth has ended so I get to see more Matt Frank monster action. Next time I’m in my comic book store I’ll add this to the list with Godzilla in Hell and Pacific Rim Tales from the Drift.

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