I learned something over the past weekend. The success of an event like RobinsonFest doesn’t hinge on all my planning and machinations. It has everything to do with the people attending. And in the case of RobinsonFest, the folks who attended made this one of the most memorable events of my life. As the group filtered together on the first night and headed out to a meal that was simultaneously described as “food art” and “roadkill on a chalkboard” this band of people didn’t feel like strangers from the far reaches of the globe (Australia, England, Seattle, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Pennsylvania), they felt like old friends. We visited sites featured in the Project Nemesis books, Kronos, Antarktos Rising, SecondWorld, Xom-B, and The Last Hunter, stormed a slew of restaurants, held two author panels at Barnes & Noble, and took a harbor cruise to an island populated by killer seagulls…but no BFSs.

But again, none of that compares to the people, who made every moment fun, who kept me smiling so much my cheeks hurt at the end of the day, and who brought this severe introvert out of his cloistered author shell. Below is a collection of photos from the weekend, including brief descriptions. I’d like to invite all the RobinsonFest attendees to post their favorite moments in the comments section. Let’s make everyone green with envy and hope they join us next time…and there WILL be a next time! Huge thanks to everyone who came. The first RobinsonFest far exceeded my expectations, and that had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with all of you.

RobinsonFest 2015 – The Photo Gallery
(ripped from the group’s Facebook posts…)


  1. Mike Pastore

    There were so many fun and interesting things planned, and great food was consumed. But as Jeremy mentioned, the people who attended made this most memorable. Hopefully, this event becomes a regularity every year or every couple years.

  2. Sad Koala And Dee

    You could not have worded this blog post better! All the planned events were fun and I enjoyed all of them, but like you said, the highlight of the entire trip was the people. For people that (in most cases) had never actually met, it was like a family get-together (without the arguments LOL). So many treasured memories and highlights, but I can say that the best breakfast was the Eggs Benedict, the best lunch (by far) was the roast beef sandwiches, and the best dinner was the Mexican place.

    Thank you for this amazing adventure. Sad Koala and I will definitely be back for the next one. Definitely worth the 27 hour trip!!!

  3. Mike Magnan

    This past weekend, that started on Thursday night, was fun from the check in to the check out. Jeremy, Kane, Kent, and even Rick made themselves available to answer all our questions, they even took time to chat with us individually. Although we were a motley crew, we came together like a family.
    My favorite time came in spending time within the group, it didn’t matter if we were eating, or at the bookstore or on the boat ride to the island, there were no individuals, all received an equal share of ridicule. At no point during this weekend did I ever feel like I couldn’t approach anyone, this included Jeremy and Kane, and although there are plans of doing this annually…. “There can be only One.”

  4. Sherry Bagley

    Yep, I am still pea green with jealousy. I hold out hope I will be able to attend the next one. I loved every photo posted from this event.
    Much Love and Peace,

  5. Julie Carter

    I am so bummed that I was not able to go. I already told my husband that I am going to the next one, no matter what s going on here. Thanks to everyone for sharing the pictures all weekend, as it gave us a taste of what me missed out on. Hugs and kisses to HK and SK, who stole the show!

  6. Jelly and Happy Koala

    I agree with all the comments, you nailed it in this blog post. The whole time was fantastic, such fun events but the people made it. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. Everyone that attended was wonderful, people we’ve never even communicated with felt like family. ….and then there was Kane! (Kidding, well, apart from his Mad Max driving skills). The food venues were a great variety. Not much long distance walking was involved and the boat ride to Star Island was definitely a highlight.

    Next time I’m bringing 8in heels though.

  7. Kent Holloway

    I’ve already made it abundantly clear…my favorite part of the whole trip was the look on Jeremy’s mom’s face when we discussed the cussing. 🙂 Sorry, Jeremy! Haha!

  8. Rob Jenkins

    WOW! What a great trip! The people, the venues, the events, WOW! This was so much fun that it is hard to say what the best parts were.

    Star Island is beautiful, and yes, the sea gulls were nesting and VERY protective of their eggs. Thank goodness no BFS’s and the bell didn’t ring!

    The panels were very informative. I’m not an aspiring author myself, but it was really neat to hear about how the process of writing and publishing a book works. I learned quite a bit, and reaffirmed that although I enjoy writing, I don’t think I could handle the stress of trying to get it published and pushed out there. You don’t have any competition from me 🙂 I’m very content to keep reading.

    Meeting the authors and the people was amazing. Imagine going to a really well-run summer camp when you were a child. Not a day camp where you are there for a few hours and go home, but one of those camps that you stay in cabins telling ghost stories, eating really bad food and taking canoe trips. Think back to all the friends you made and how close you became to them in a short period. That’s what this felt like. We all bonded on a spiritual level that I don’t believe happens very often.

    Jeremy and Kane, thank you so much for putting this together and inviting all of us to share your weekend. Kent, you are an amazing author and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of your characters (past and future).

    You all made such an impression on Abby. She hasn’t stopped talking about the amazing experiences she had there. For that matter, neither have I. And it goes without saying that we can’t wait for the next chance to get together again.

  9. Debosophy

    And a good time was had by all!

    Apologies, but I am not green with envy. I am only super happy that everyone who attended had such a great time. I felt nothing but joy as I looked at the photos, read Facebook statuses, comments, etc.

    The previous paragraph is a big fat lie. I hate you all <3

    I'm coming to the next one!

  10. Dan Delgado

    I am soooo jealous. I desperately wanted to attend but had a prior commitment with the Cub Scouts. If there is a 2nd Annual Robinsonfest I will be there!

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