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MirrorWorld – Available Now! Again!

As you might know, many of my novels were published by Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, which is fantastic. BUT, because they are a Big 5 publisher, the pricing on those e-books was about $13, which even I won’t pay for an e-book. MirrorWorld was first released when self-published e-books (including mine) were taking off and putting a serious dent in traditionally published book sales (including mine). As a result, my two novels released from the big publishers (MirrorWorld and Xom-B/Uprising) took a sales hit. It was discouraging at the time. I thought people just didn’t like the books. But the reviews tell another story. People love the books, but they were just overpriced. Well, no more!

The rights for MirrorWorld recently reverted back to me, allowing me to use the cover I preferred and much more reasonable pricing! If you were holding off on MirrorWorld because of the steep price tag, now is your chance! Go grab it! And if you already read it and loved it, spread the news. Because this isn’t a new book, Amazon’s helpful algorithms for new books will ignore MirrorWorld.

If you’ve never heard of MirrorWorld before, just pretend this is a brand spanking new release and go grab it!!

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 Buy From Amazon

Before the UpsideDown, there was MirrorWorld

There is a world separated from our own by a thin veil. It is the place where nightmares are born, where fear blossoms into dread, and where monsters of myth and legend reside. Alone in the dark, you feel them, just beyond comprehension as the hairs on your arms spring up. In that moment, you know that you are not alone. And yet, the limitations of human physiology prevent you from interacting with that world in any meaningful way.

But there is one man, who feels no fear and has no memory, capable of not only experiencing that world–but entering it. His name is Crazy, with a capital C, and he will do and say anything as he fights in both worlds, to prevent a war between them.

With MirrorWorld, Jeremy Robinson, whose trademarked pacing and inventive plots have been highly praised by bestselling authors like Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, and James Rollins, treats readers to a wildly imaginative, frenetically-paced thriller exploring the origins of fear.

ALTER – To Survive The Amazon, What Would You…Become?





On the surface, ALTER and INFINITE have very little in common. One is a sci-fi epic in space and the other is a survival story taking place in a region of our planet that’s untouched by technology. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that both follow a main character enduring spectacular challenges that alter his soul—for good or bad. And there’s a reason for this commonality.

When I wrote INFINITE, I was at the peak of my emotional struggles caused by Lyme Disease and Bartonella (the doctors think), and my brain tumor diagnosis (which turned out to be wrong). So a lot of that turmoil was processed through writing the novel. When I wrote ALTER, I was at the height of my neuropathy pain that was so intense I couldn’t be touched or even take a shower. While INFINITE helped me express my emotional pain, ALTER helped my express my physical pain. And I think both novels are better for it…though I would much rather write powerful novels while NOT suffering.

“Blah, blah, blah, stop whining already!” you say.

On to the story!


Stranded in the Amazon rainforest, a lost man fights for survival and discovers that the root of evil doesn’t just reside in the world’s darkest corners, but inside the hearts of all mankind.

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ALTER – Preview Chapters!


ALTER is my most mind-bending and heartfelt story since INFINITE. And like the main character of that ill-fated space adventure, Greg Zekser, a doctor from Massachusetts, finds himself alone in very unfamiliar and unfriendly territory. Unlike INFINITE, ALTER takes place in the depths of the Amazon jungle, on Earth, and is very much grounded in reality…and all its brutality. The other similarity to INFINITE is that I wrote this book while dealing with the worst effects of severe head-to-toe neuropathy, caused by a disease that might be Bartonella (stupid ticks!), and which I’m still struggling with today (it’s not as severe now). While Will suffered along with my mental anguish of the year before, Greg got a full dose of my physical discomfort, resulting in a more poignant story, as Greg and I discovered what physical suffering felt like for the first time, together.

While I’m not thrilled to have this disease, I AM thankful to be fortunate enough to channel my discomfort into something positive, the first two chapters of which can be found below.

*The audio edition will likely be out in February and is being performed by Luke Daniels.




A tree branch is the first thing I see upon waking. Normally, such a mundane thing wouldn’t garner a second glance, but as my eyes adjust to the shifting light around me, I focus on the twisting limb slicing through the air in front of me. The bark is smooth, as far as bark goes, like the hide of some hairless mammal. A hippo, perhaps. A few green leaves add color to its heathered gray surface.

As the branch grows larger, I stop seeing the bark and the leaves. All that remains is the limb’s kinetic potential.

A sound like screeching brakes drives home the limb’s murderous intent. The Cessna’s two pilots’ high-pitched screams reveal the state of their unpreparedness for what comes next: eternal supernatural life or nothingness. As my own scream builds, I realize I have yet to fully contemplate the issue myself. I’ve always been so focused on the plight of the here-and-now that I never really gave much thought to what comes next. Probably why I never finished that novel I started.

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(For hardcover, use BN link)

As the years progress and I worry less and less about what other people think of me, I have found myself pushing up against my own personal boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable to include in a novel. The result has been novels with a little more graphic content, whether that be violence, displays of the unfettered human condition, a creative use of foul language, or the occasional brush with sex (though, let’s be honest, your mom probably reads far worse than I will ever write in regards to the sexy time).

During that time I’ve written about the desperate story of an immortal man traveling through the depths of space, and an island populated by a twisted uncontacted tribe with a penchant for murder, and a story about a child abducted by…well, read the book (The Others). The point is, I’ve been writing some very serious stories.

By March of 2018, I was ready to lighten things up a bit. I’ve missed the sarcastic outlet of Jon Hudson (Project Nemesis) and wanted to get back to that. It was a few days later that I saw President Trump’s first mention of Space Force. It was like a gold plated muse had flown out of my computer screen and shot me, point blank. Two days later, I started writing, and spent the next two months making myself laugh. Hopefully, you’ll share my sense of humor. If not, you may never read one of my books again.

If you have concerns about this book being political propaganda, please see the Q@A below.

On to the book!

“But you said so much already,” you say. “How could you have anything else to write about this book?!”

I’ll be brief. I promise. I’d rather you be reading the book, so if you’re already in, just skip this crap and go right on to the buy links!

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SPACE FORCE – The Trailer!

The Novel arrives next Tuesday (Oct 30). For now, enjoy the trailer!

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