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I’m well known for writing books that are balls-to-the-wall action from start to finish, but every now and then, I dump a bit of my deeper, darker self into a novel. Books like INFINITE. And ALTER. They become bestsellers. They win awards. And they expose my personal struggles. INFINITE explored my physical pain, which I’ve been experiencing daily for the past five years now (ugh). ALTER delved into my psychological struggles, which are are linked to the diseases causing my pain. NPC tackles the struggles I have with the nature of reality and my Christian faith. Diseases have affected my body, my mind, and on occasion, my perceptions. I’m not quite losing my mind, but I often can’t shake the feeling that none of this is real. I explored the subject some in INFINITE, but I felt like I didn’t do it justice in a real world scenario.

When I started writing NPC, the main characters were a serial killer and an FBI agent. As I was writing and researching, it occurred to me that simulation theory–the notion that we’re all part of a simulation–didn’t just have scientific implications, but religious implications as well. If life is a simulation, someone made it. Thus, the FBI agent became a pastor, who like me, struggles with his faith. The result is a deep dive into a new debate between science and religion, wrapped up in a mystery and marinated in the kind of action and characters that keep the pages turning. 

Good news! The audiobook, print book, and e-book are all available TODAY! Thanks to R.C. Bray and Jeffrey Kafer, narrators supreme, and ACX/Audible for helping make that happen!


Is your life real or is the world you live in a simulation? 

Are the people you call friends and neighbors living beings with inalienable rights or are they NPCs–Non-Player Characters–whose soulless path through life is predetermined? 

Samael Crane, a brilliant scientist, believes NPCs are all around us.

And he can prove it. 

When a body is discovered in the bay off Essex, Massachusetts, small town pastor and former Marine plagued by doubts, Ezekiel Ford finds himself called in to identify the deceased. The man’s history is unknown. His full name is a mystery. No one knows where he came from. In fact, Ezekiel seems to be the only person in town who ever really noticed him, living on the fringe of reality, and sometimes in the homeless shelter supported by his church.

Ezekiel’s involvement in the case doesn’t go unnoticed by Samael, who has set out to prove–through deadly means–that NPCs exist, that reality is simulated, and that ‘God’ is a coder with a grudge. The two men’s missions become inextricably entwined, leading them down a path through the gray area between good and evil, science and religion, and reality and simulation, barreling toward a truth that will change the world and humankind’s place in it forever.

New York Times and #1 bestselling author Jeremy Robinson takes readers on a journey that is not only action-packed, but full of scientific and philosophical intrigue. In his most mind-bending story since INFINITE and ALTER, Robinson blends genres, belief systems, and bold prose into an unputdownable tale exploring the nature of reality. In the audiobook edition he is joined by #1 bestselling narrators, R.C. Bray and Jeffrey Kafer, creating a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Check out the trailer for NPC, featuring the voices of the book’s two narrators, R.C. Bray and Jeffrey Kafer!



  1. David Kickbusch

    Hi Jeremy,

    Will you ever do a Chess Team finale novel? I really mis them.


    • JRobinson

      Yep. It’s in the works. Just taking longer than expected. Hopefully this year!

  2. Kate

    Just finished the Audible version.

    Very good stuff, brah!

    • JRobinson

      Thrilled you enjoyed it! Be sure to post a review on Audible. Each and every one helps a ton! 🙂

  3. Brendan Walker

    Do you plan on continuing the Nemesis Saga or do you have any other stuff planned for Nemesis? I really want to see more books and media on her. I actually think the Nemesis saga would be a great anime series since it kind of fits it a little better than a live-action movie. I’ve actually got some ideas for that too.

    Also, I plan on interviewing you sometime but I’m going to try someone else first and then eventually interview you.

  4. Shannah

    Just finished and loved it, am interested to know what the ending meant for Samael?

    • JRobinson

      I suggest reading INFINITE and then INFINITE 2. I shouldn’t say any more than that.

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