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Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls in SUMMER CAMP CRUSH (A fan script)


Many moons ago in the year 2001, I lived in Los Angeles, trying my hand at screenwriting (something I’m still working on today, with just a little more luck–no one buys original screenplays these days!). Part of that effort was writing demo scripts for shows for which I would have enjoyed writing. For me, that was both Dexter’s Lab and The Powerpuff Girls. So I put together a script for a crossover episode called Summer Camp Crush. What follows is that demo script, in its entirety, raw and unedited (there are typos and the formatting didn’t translate to WordPress perfectly). If you’re a fan of either or both shows, I think you’ll enjoy it. I never did anything with this, so you all are the very first people to see this writing from the vault.





Townsville looks peaceful and quiet. It’s a nice summer day.

Ahh, the city of Townsville. Home to
everyone’s favorite little heroes, the
Powerpuff Girls! Yes, the Powerpuff
girls, who are now- Well, say… Where are
those girls? Where do we usually find


The school is empty.

No, it’s summer. Maybe they’re in the
lab with the professor?


The Professor is hard at work. The Powerpuff Girls are
nowhere to be seen.

Say Professor…

The Professor faces the audience.

Yes, how may I help you?

We, as in the audience and myself, well
we were wondering where the girls are off

Why, I just dropped the girls off at
summer camp this morning.

Summer camp! Of course. It is summer
after all.

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When Project Nemesis launched in 2012, my goal was to make Nemesis a household name, but I had no idea the novel would spawn 5 novels, a comic book, a (cancelled) video game and…more to come…in just a few years. The only reason these things became possible is because Nemesis has the best fans imaginable, many of whom send me art on a regular basis. So, to thank all of you, I’ve put together a little video. You guys are awesome, and whatever is next for Nemesis (hopefully something kaiju sized) its only possible because you all have been there from the start.

Oldies, but Goodies – A Look Back at Viral Videos

bishoppuppetOver the years, I’ve tried all kinds of marketing for my books, from the more traditional, like advertising and book trailers, to the high tech, like QR codes. But one of my favorite marketing techniques, even if there is really no proof that it works, is viral videos. And I use the word, ‘viral’ loosely, because a video isn’t truly viral until it goes viral. While some of my videos have chalked up thousands, even hundreds of thousands of views, some of them languish in the hundreds. There’s no way to know what will work and what won’t, and even when they work, there’s no way to know if they helped sell books. BUT, they are fun to make, and all of them are good memories for me and the people brave enough to star in them along with me.  Some of you long-time fans will have probably seen most of these, but judging by the numbers on a few, not all of them. And any new readers who watch these for the first time, please don’t stop reading my books when you realize I have a ridiculous sense of humor.

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The 5 Freakiest (and Obscure) Sci-Fi Islands You Don’t Want to Visit


What do you picture when you think about islands? Most people imagine white sand beaches, grass huts (with satellite TV), hammocks, and rendezvous in pristine waterfall-fed lagoons. But not everyone has such a pleasant outlook when it comes to nature’s gift to introverts. Take me for example. My newest book, Island 731, is based on the heinous human experimentation carried out during World War II by the Imperial Japanese Army’s R&D group, Unit 731, and it asks the question, “What would be the result if Unit 731 was never stopped?” Limb replacements. Rapid Freezing. Vivisections. Cannibalism. Fun stuff like that.

As you can see, not every imagined island getaway is a destination worth spending your vacation—or even ten minutes—unless being eaten by a crocodile with tentacles is your idea of fun. So, in celebration of Island 731’s release, I’d like to take a look at the five freakiest fictional islands that continue to inspire (read: give nightmares to) authors like me.

Disclaimer: Some of the islands on this list are unnamed. In that case, I will simply name the work in which they appear.

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