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[“Kane Looks Back” is a series of posts where my editor, Kane Gilmour, will focus on some of my past novels that you might not have discovered yet. Now read on… –Jeremy]


The fifth of the originally planned Chesspocalypse novellas, CALLSIGN: KNIGHT was co-written with Ethan Cross, who, at the time, was the only bestselling author involved in the Chesspocalypse project. Since then, several of the authors involved have become USA Today and International bestsellers, while Jeremy himself has become a New York Times bestseller. Whatever way you look at it, the Chess Team was good for all the authors involved.

As I recall, there were very few edits or changes needed for the Knight story. Ethan Cross drafted a taut story of Knight attempting to take a well earned vacation when he was whisked away to a ghost city in central China to face a creature he had already faced once before—the Hydra (from PULSE). Only this time it had been tweaked and hybridized, in an attempt to create a Chinese superweapon, by a drug addled maniac.

Starting with a bang as Knight’s transport crashes after an EMP, the action goes to the streets and never lets up, as Knight, Anna Beck (whom Chess Team had met in PULSE), and a team of British SAS commandos go up against an unstoppable creature that can regenerate after all injury it sustains. And if that were not enough, after the threat was dealt with, Knight faces a 40-foot tall Kaiju version of the same creature, hybridized with the aforementioned drug addict.

Knight gets pretty battered in this one, but the trauma of this event brings him together romantically with Anna Beck, who later permanently joins Chess Team as callsign: Pawn. A short, quick, excellent read.

Also of note, is a very tiny Easter Egg on the cover of CALLSIGN: KNIGHT, which probably went unnoticed by everyone. On the street sign on the left of the cover, you can just barely make out the words:





Of course, that was in reference to the unrelated novel, SECONDWORLD, which would be released about six months later.


Callsign: Knight (2011) is available in paperback and as an e-book. The story is also available as an audiobook, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer. You can also purchase the e-book as a part of the Callsign: Doubleshot collection, which also includes the Deep Blue novella.

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  1. Joseph VanDyke

    Will there be more chess team novels

    • JRobinson

      One more is in the works. KINGDOM. Was supposed to be out now, but 2020 got in the way. New release date being figured out.

  2. Deborah Lynn Craig

    Will there ever be a book 9 of chess team

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