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Welcome to the Beware of Monsters Podcast, where we discuss, ruminate, debate and ogle all things monsters, including literature, comic books, movies and video games. Join us for celebrity interviews, the latest in monster new and gossip, Straight Shoot’n with Rook, and all things Jeremy Robinson.


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Book 2 Chapter 2 Matt Frank, Godzilla and Nemesis all out Kaiju war!


Book 1:

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Chapter 1: Stan Tremblay / ROOK







Chapter 2: Jeremy Robinson / Jeremy Bishop / Jeremiah Knight

Bonus Round

Ralph Cosentino talks Batman and Frankenstein

Chapter 3: Frankie B Washington

Chapter 4: Author Amber Newberry

Chapter 5: Doug TenNapel

Bonus Round The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast Interviews Jeremy Robinson

Chapter 6: B.J. Harrison from the Classic Tales Podcast

Bonus Round  Professor Allen and Luke Jaconetti review the Project Nemesis

Chapter 7: Kane Gilmour

Chapter 8: Daniel Otto Jack Petersen

Chapter 9: Famous Monsters’ Phil Kim Part 1

Chapter 10: Famous Monsters’ Phil Kim Part 2

Chapter 11 Author Sean Ellis

Chapter 12: J. Kent Holloway Part 1

Chapter 13: J. Kent Holloway Part 2

Chapter 14: Matthew Dennion

Chapter 15 Ethan Nicolle


Chapter 1 Kane Gilmore Spoils Star Wars VII


Chapter 2 Horror and Hip Hop with Professor Elemental


Book 2 Chapter 2 Matt Frank, Godzilla and Nemesis all out Kaiju war!




Jeremy Robinson, producer of the Beware of Monsters podcast and frequent interviewee, is the international bestselling author of more then fifty monster novels and novellas. He is also the creator and writer of the comic book series, Project Nemesis, which also inspired the video game, Fall of Nemesis: Colossal Kaiju Combat.



Christopher Ouellette, host of the Beware of Monsters podcast, is a reservoir of classic monster knowledge and the creatures featured in Jeremy Robinson novels. He has worked as a puppeteer and is the director for Chesterton Stage Productions.



Stan Tremblay, aka Rook, is an all American hero, intrepid manly man, and fountain of advice. Stan inspired the character of Rook in Robinson’s Jack Sigler Thrillers and has become the official voice of Rook, lending his knowledge of the world at large to the Straight Shoot’n with Rook segment of the show.




  1. Very much looking forward to hearing this! I’m sure you guys have plenty of ideas for interviews but I’d like to suggest Nick Gucker, horror and monster illustrator . You can find him at
    If you’re interested, I started drawing again last year (after a long hiatus) and have pledged to draw at least one monster a day for a year. My year is up at the end of October. You can see my monsters at
    Thanks – Marty Gordon

  2. Bought Project Hyperion and I can’t wait for more books and for the comic book version. Jeremy not sure if you read comments here, but your my favorite author of all time. Looking forward to more of Nemesis hehe.

  3. when is apocalypse machine going digital?????? can’t wait???

  4. Awesome podcast! Chris, you are a literal font of cathartic trivia. I mean in a good way. This is a great platform for connecting what might be considered a niche fandom to the mainstream world. I can’t wait to see the upcoming interviews!

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