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Twenty-something years ago, I was an X-Files addict. I’d seen a few things I couldn’t explain, as had my father. I’d visited with UFO investigator extraordinaire, Raymond Fowler, who attended my childhood church, and I eventually became a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) as a “UFO Investigator…in Training”. I eventually left MUFON, disillusioned after realizing that every “investigation” pointed to aliens when there was no actual evidence of such a thing.

But I never lost my fascination with the subject. Aliens have appeared in a number of my novels (Beneath, Raising the Past, The Nemesis Saga, and The Distance) and the grays showed up as Nephilim in The Last Hunter series. Despite all that, and my history, I’ve never written a novel directly addressing the UFO phenomenon. Well, today, that changes.

When I started writing The Others, I went in with no preconceived notions about what conclusions I’d draw, where the story would take the characters (aside from the 37th parallel), or what kind of insanity my imagination would conjure.

I followed the evidence alongside my characters, going where the research pulled me, and I think the result is a unique take on the UFO phenomenon, a fast-paced mystery, and some of my new favorite characters (you’re going to love Wini).

*AUDIOBOOK FANS – The audiobook will be out about a week from today (give or take a few days)! Huzzah!

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THE OTHERS – Sample Chapters!

The Others has been in the works for a long time, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to release it. We’re nearly there (the book will be released on either July 10 or 17) and I couldn’t wait any longer to share these sample chapters with you in both text and audio, which we will be attempting to release in conjunction.  There is no pre-buy option, so if you enjoy the chapters and want to snag the book, please sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss the release. If everyone who would have pre-bought the book buys it on day 1 or 2, it actually helps sales a lot (algorithm stuff) and if those same people come back to review the book…well, sales will be out of this world… I promise the book is better than that pun.

Hope you enjoy the sample chapters!

— Jeremy Robinson





“You know I don’t like coming here, Harry.” Sheriff Albert Godin dusted off his hat, despite it being clean. “Especially for something like this. Even more so at this time of night.”

Godin’s stomach lurched as he looked down at the dead horse, its tongue lolled up atop its snout, as though mocking him from beyond the equine grave. Part of him felt like the creature was staring at him, too, but it had no eyes.

No organs.

No blood.

The cause of death was one or all of those things. There was no evidence about which had occurred first. Aside from the dead animal, and what was missing, there was no evidence at all.

Never was.

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The Divide – What Would You Risk for Freedom?

A few years ago I released a novel about a giant monster: Project Nemesis. While it was far from my first foray into writing about monsters, or even large monsters, it was my first attempt at writing what is known as kaiju (strange beast in Japanese). In the past, the genre was relegated to movies, TV and comic books. With Nemesis, I successfully brought the genre to the one form of storytelling it had yet to crush beneath its massive heel: novels. Thus, the “kaiju thriller” was born and there have since been several novels by other authors released in this fledgling (but growing) sub-genre. Since the release of Nemesis, I have released one kaiju thriller per year, including all five Nemesis books, Apocalypse Machine, Unity and now…The Divide!

If I had to compare it to any of my previous kaiju thrillers, I’d say it’s most like Apocalypse Machine. The story deals with some pretty broad and potent subjects while introducing a new and horrible monster: the Golyat. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to encounter the Golyat in a dark alley…or broad daylight. But some of the people living in New Inglan, who are desperate for the freedom once enjoyed by the people of the United States, are willing to risk everything to find out what, if anything, exists beyond the Divide.






No one remembers how the Divide was created. The miles-deep and miles-wide chasm has existed for hundreds of years, protecting what remains of humanity from the Golyat: a creature whose shadow moves across the horizon at sunset.

Davina, daughter of Jesse, is a shepherd. She spends her days guiding herds of deer through the forests of New Inglan, protecting them from predators, herding them away from the Divide, and ensuring the tribe of Essex has meat when needed. While many shepherds die in their first year-from the elements, from injury, or in the jaws of a wolf-Davina is resilient.

Having just slain a mountain lion, Davina returns to her village to discover a hunting party has been sent out in search of the Modernists, a group fascinated with the past, the technology that once filled the world, and what lies beyond the Divide. To keep the Modernists from reaching the Divide’s far side, and revealing humanity’s presence to the Golyat, the hunters will torture and kill them all. Including Davina’s teenaged son.

Davina strikes out, intending to ensure her son’s death will be quick and without torture. Reaching the island of Boston first, Davina confronts the Modernists and finds herself incapable of taking her son’s life. Captured by the enemies of Essex, she is transported across the Divide, along with her son and the Modernists.

For the first time in five hundred years, humanity steps foot on the Divide’s far side. Stranded with the enemy, Davina must fight to keep them all alive, herding people instead of deer, while uncovering the truth about humanity’s past, and her connection to events that reshaped the world.




Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls in SUMMER CAMP CRUSH (A fan script)


Many moons ago in the year 2001, I lived in Los Angeles, trying my hand at screenwriting (something I’m still working on today, with just a little more luck–no one buys original screenplays these days!). Part of that effort was writing demo scripts for shows for which I would have enjoyed writing. For me, that was both Dexter’s Lab and The Powerpuff Girls. So I put together a script for a crossover episode called Summer Camp Crush. What follows is that demo script, in its entirety, raw and unedited (there are typos and the formatting didn’t translate to WordPress perfectly). If you’re a fan of either or both shows, I think you’ll enjoy it. I never did anything with this, so you all are the very first people to see this writing from the vault.





Townsville looks peaceful and quiet. It’s a nice summer day.

Ahh, the city of Townsville. Home to
everyone’s favorite little heroes, the
Powerpuff Girls! Yes, the Powerpuff
girls, who are now- Well, say… Where are
those girls? Where do we usually find


The school is empty.

No, it’s summer. Maybe they’re in the
lab with the professor?


The Professor is hard at work. The Powerpuff Girls are
nowhere to be seen.

Say Professor…

The Professor faces the audience.

Yes, how may I help you?

We, as in the audience and myself, well
we were wondering where the girls are off

Why, I just dropped the girls off at
summer camp this morning.

Summer camp! Of course. It is summer
after all.

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Forbidden Island – Visit for the mystery. Stay for the horror.


Every morning, I read global news and science articles, looking for nuggets of weird, unique, and awesome stories. There are thirty tabs open in my phone’s browser, each one of them a story that captured my imagination. Some I save for later. Some get blended into what I’m currently writing. And some inspire entire stories. That’s what happened when I read about North Sentinel Island, which was proclaimed-by the article-to be the most dangerous island in the world. As someone intrigued by dangerous islands (I’ve written about them in the past) I was keen to learn about this real-life island of doom.

The more I read, the more fascinated I became. Not only is North Sentinel Island a very dangerous place to visit, but the native, uncontacted tribe that lives there is mysterious, strange, and violent. In terms of real world inspiration, North Sentinel Island is jet fuel for my imagination. Combining real history, reports of encounters with the locals, and my own nefarious conjurings, I’ve put together a story that is action-packed, strange, and a bit mind bending.




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