ISLAND 731 – Issue 1 – Out Now!


ISLAND 731 is available now as a comic book. Co-written with Kane Gilmour and with art (pencils, inks and colors) by Jeff Zornow. This is not only a sweet read, it’s also beautiful to look at so snag a print copy and get reading! If you’re a digital reader, you can get yours here!

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UNITY – Fight for Earth…Together.


Are you a natural born leader with a strong sense of self?
Are you afflicted with the sudden urge to give your unfiltered opinion?
Do you recognize that some situations require immediate action, like a punch to the face, and then words?point-symbol

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a Point, represented by the red-tipped Unity logo, and destined to lead a Unity team of your own. That is, if you survive long enough to prove yourself.

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Wrote Your First Novel? Here’s What to do Next.

In the past six months I have received an increasing number of e-mails and Facebook messages from fans-turned-writers, friends of friends (or family of friends…sometimes friends of family), total strangers (who have never read my books), and people from my distant past. Generally, I try my best to respond to each and every e-mail I get, but the number of people looking for in-depth advice on getting published, or asking me to read their novel, has reached numbers I can’t possibly reply to (in a meaningful way) while still writing and publishing the amount of books I do. So, I decided to put my advice in a quick blog post to which I can refer advice seekers.

Be forewarned, my advice is generally no-holds-barred, blunt truth, and most new writers aren’t going to want to hear it, and most probably won’t listen if they do. See, I’m being blunt already.


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Unofficial Mock Movie Poster

So it’s been about a year since Variety broke the news about the PULSE movie deal.  Since then, the most frequent question I receive from fans is, “Is the movie getting made?!” So I decided to give you all an update. For those of you who are strapped for time, the short answer is, “I don’t know.” But the long answer is much more interesting, so keep reading!

The first step in any movie production is the creation of a script. Over the past year, screenwriter Adam Aresty, has been hard at work on the PULSE script. I know, because I’ve seen several drafts of the screenplay, which is now finished! And here’s what I can tell you about that: it’s awesome. Now, some purists might take exception to some of the changes that inevitably take place when a novel is turned into a movie, but as a screenwriter myself, I recognize the need for the changes and support them.


Hydra Concept Art

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Project Legion Fan Art: Submit and Be Entered to Win Project Nemesis Comics 1–6, SIGNED!


Nemesis MegaTsuchi - John ScottOnce a year for the past three years, I have announced that I was looking for Nemesis fan art to include in the next book in the series. The results have been amazing, with some jaw-dropping illustrations. Well, this year is no different…. Wait. No. That’s not quite right. This year IS different. Why? Because this is the FINAL Nemesis fan art section.

Nemmy loveThat’s right, Project Legion is the fifth and final book in the Nemesis Saga. It is the crazy-time finale to the very first “kaiju thriller” series , and it is epic on a scale that might even dwarf Godzilla – Final Wars. And to celebrate, I want to include your art in this book. ALL submissions are included in the book. We include art of all skill levels. So don’t sell yourself short! Send in your art and become a part of kaiju history!


Nemesis4And if that’s not incentive enough, everyone who sends in fan art will be entered to win the complete Project Nemesis comic book (issues 1–6, with Matt Frank covers), signed by both Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank. *U.S. residents only (sorry). The prize will be sent out in October, when Project Legion is released.


Step 1: grovel…oh wait…that’s a different post.

Step 2: Make sure your art is either very large, or 300 dpi (dots per inch) so it looks good in print.

Step 3: Compose an e-mail with the art attached. Include your full name and a link to your deviantart page, or art website (if you have them–if you don’t, no worries). If you want to enter the contest, please include your mailing address.

Step 4: Send that e-mail to jrobinsonauthor(at)


Rule 1: Nothing sexual, because these are kaiju. Eww.

Rule 2: No copyrighted characters. As much as we’d like to see Nemesis roasting Stay Puft, I can’t publish that without getting sued. So, no thanks.

Rule 3: To win the contest you have to live in the U.S. of A.


That’s it! Can’t wait to see your art.

— Jeremy


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