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Twenty-something years ago, I was an X-Files addict. I’d seen a few things I couldn’t explain, as had my father. I’d visited with UFO investigator extraordinaire, Raymond Fowler, who attended my childhood church, and I eventually became a member of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) as a “UFO Investigator…in Training”. I eventually left MUFON, disillusioned after realizing that every “investigation” pointed to aliens when there was no actual evidence of such a thing.

But I never lost my fascination with the subject. Aliens have appeared in a number of my novels (Beneath, Raising the Past, The Nemesis Saga, and The Distance) and the grays showed up as Nephilim in The Last Hunter series. Despite all that, and my history, I’ve never written a novel directly addressing the UFO phenomenon. Well, today, that changes.

When I started writing The Others, I went in with no preconceived notions about what conclusions I’d draw, where the story would take the characters (aside from the 37th parallel), or what kind of insanity my imagination would conjure.

I followed the evidence alongside my characters, going where the research pulled me, and I think the result is a unique take on the UFO phenomenon, a fast-paced mystery, and some of my new favorite characters (you’re going to love Wini).

*AUDIOBOOK FANS – The audiobook will be out about a week from today (give or take a few days)! Huzzah!

The story:




Dan Delgado is a private investigator. When it comes to finding cheating spouses, corporate thieves, or run-away teenagers, he’s unenthusiastic, and unmatched. As a former San Francisco detective, he misses more meaningful work, but he hasn’t had the heart for it since his wife’s death five years prior. That is, until a phone call from a distraught mother, an illegal immigrant who can’t go to the police, puts him on the hunt for a missing little girl.By the time he reaches the mother’s small home, she’s missing, too. The circumstances are strange, but when a team of heavily armed mercenaries arrive, Delgado is convinced there is more going on than a simple kidnapping.

Joined by his wise-cracking elderly assistant, a gun-toting pastor, and a UFO enthusiast Uber driver, Delgado follows the clues west, to Colorado City, a town cleaved in two by the 37th parallel, also known as the UFO Highway. In a town infamous for fundamentalist Mormon cult activity, they uncover evidence of a massive child-trafficking ring, whose ringleaders might not be human.

Delgado and crew are plunged into a dangerous world of corporate competition, UFO lore, and government cover-ups. While they hunt for answers, they’re pursued across the Southwest by high-tech mercs, brainwashed cults, and beings whose true identity has been concealed since 1947.




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  1. JRobinson

    Since I’ve asked others to post their UFO encounters in the comments, I’ll kick things off with one of mine:

    Late at night in 1994, on my way home from college, my brother and I were driving along route 128 in Beverly, MA, where I grew up. It was a road we’d driven thousands of times, so when we saw a very bright light behind a stretch of trees that had always been dark, we came to a stop and had a kind of collective “What is THAT?” moment.

    Then the light was gone, streaking up into the sky. Leaning out of the car, we spotted it far up in the sky, reducing to the size of a star. It bounced back and forth, covering massive patches of sky in seconds. We watched it for a good ten minutes, driving two exits further than we needed to. And then, it was gone.

    It’s not the most dramatic story, and I find myself constantly trying to come up with explanations, or find flaws in my memory. As for what it could have been, I have no idea. But I’m glad I saw it. It’s inspired me for decades.

    What about you? What have you seen?

  2. Al Maddern

    As recorded by MUFON. Still the single weirdest thing that I ever seen.


    On Saturday, July 5, 1997, Alex Maddern and his wife glanced out the kitchen window of their fourth-floor apartment in Tibbets Corner, near Wimbledon, Surrey and spotted a daylight disc in the bright, cloudless sky.

    The sighting occurred at around 12:15 p.m. Maddern called it “a very strange object moving across the sky.”

    According to Gordon Millington, chairman of the Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena (SIGAP), “It was travelling so fast that they only had it in view for about half a minute, until it disappeared in the direction of Kingston, Surrey. The Madderns, living as they do in the flight path of London’s Heathrow airport, are very familiar with ordinary air traffic but claim that this distinctive object was outside the usual flight path and at a much lower altitude.”

    “They described the UFO as ‘a metallic disk’ with ‘a highly reflective surface’ like aluminum, and ‘clam- shaped,’ which would suggest that the disk had a raised conical central section.”

    “Enquiries by a SIGAP member who is also an Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow indicated that no air traffic was logged in the area at that time, and a UFO outside the normal flight paths would not have registered on the ATC equipment. It was possible that it might have been recorded on the radar tapes, but these would not be accessible.” (Many thanks to Gordon Millington of SIGAP for this report.)

  3. Dan D

    I don’t have any personal encounters. I’m not sure if that makes me fortune or unfortunate, but I refuse to believe Earth is the only planet in the universe to have spawned life.

  4. Shareit For PC

    I don’t have any personal encounters. I’m not sure if that makes me fortune or unfortunate, but I refuse to believe Earth is the only planet in the universe to have spawned life.

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