RobinsonFest 2018 Wrap-Up


20180817_101606Every year as I reflect on RobinsonFest, I wonder if the next year could possibly be as fun as the previous. And now, a few days post-event, I find myself pondering the same thing. It was a smaller group this year, but that did nothing to diminish the good times, tasty food, adventurous outings, or quality time with the world’s best fans. If anything, it let me connect a bit deeper with people, and really gave me time to get to know our newcomers, who I now look forward to seeing every year.

20180817_120806This year, I said goodbye to my fans-turned-friends, the RobinsonFesters…wait, do we still not have a better name than that?! Because, eww. Anywho, after saying goodbye, what I feel most this year is pride. Not in the event itself, or the places we visit, or the food we eat, or what a dashingly handsome host I am. What I’m most proud of is the people who attend. Our regular attendees are always welcoming, loving, and generous to newcomers, and the result is that new folks, who might feel awkward and far out of their comfort-zone, are made to feel at home on the very first night…if not within minutes.

39507009_10160869390165360_206455182383382528_oWhen hosting an intimately-sized group of strangers, there is a lot that could go wrong, but from the very first RobinsonFest, there has been a camaraderie that has little to do with a mutual love for my books, and everything to do with the kind of people who attend. My novels might be what brings people to RobinsonFest, but it’s the people who make it special.

20180817_155351It’s no secret that I’ve been sick for the past two years. I’ve been dealing with neuropathy pain head to toe and frequent vertigo (among other things) since last October. Some days I struggle to get out of bed, so I was nervous about getting out of the house for four days straight. I was a little unsteady Friday morning, but as we sat at the farm, enjoying the fresh air of an approaching storm, I felt my body relax and my persistent symptoms drift away.

The following day, I had no trouble as I boarded the boat for the whale watch. Among my people, I was relaxed, and my nervous system chilled out. I was able to do things this weekend that I haven’t been able to do all year, that just two weeks before I didn’t think I’d be able to pull off. I have to give some credit to CBD oil, but it only works when I’m relaxed, and I’m only relaxed around people whose presence calms me.

39959131_10156368728735605_387510220235997184_nRobinsonFest is the most fun, most relaxed, most welcoming author event in the world. It just is. There really is nothing like it. And that has little to do with me, and everything to do with the people who attend.

IMG_8343Thanks for another amazing year! We had such a good time that before Saturday was over, we went ahead and scheduled next year’s RobinsonFest, so come join this amazing group of people on October 10 – 13, 2019. We’re aiming to relocate to New Hampshire’s White Mountains for maximum fall leaf peepage. That’s right, peepage. It’s a word now. Limited details and a very early sign-up page will be up soonish, but you can mark your calendars now!

Until then, RobinsonFesters Assemble! That’s just…ugh… So gross.

— Jeremy

IMG_0569 PS – Check out this storm at sea. We went straight through. It was epic.

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  1. Dan

    Great job, Jeremy and Kane. You guys once again put together a weekend of fun. It is definitely something that I look forward to every year as well, and as you said to be with the wonderful people more than any other reason.
    Though you may not be fond of the name, I doubt any of us Robinsonfesters take issue with the title. I know Katie and I wear the moniker with pride!

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