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EVER SINCE NEMESIS came out I’ve been working on coming up with original concepts for the kaiju thriller genre. APOCALYPSE MACHINE, THE DIVIDE and UNITY fit the bill, but are all future post-apocalypse kaiju stories, and I really wanted to tell a contemporary giant monster story that broke the mold and at the same time, focused on a human story we really care about and (maybe) are moved by. The result is TETHER, the story of Saul Signalman and his quest to discover why his wife was killed in a strange lab accident…and if she deserved it. The result is one of my most haunting, strange and action-packed books that explores life and death, what comes next, and offers a new kind of never before seen kaiju.

Good news! The audiobook, print book and e-book are all available TODAY! Thanks to Jeffrey Kafer, narrator supreme, and ACX/Audible for helping make that happen! Also, don’t miss the trailer and audiobook sample below!

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In the middle of the night, an explosion rocks Cambridge, Massachusetts and wakes Saul Signalman from bed. Blue, ethereal light pulses into the sky. A FaceTime call pulls him away from the view. It’s his wife, consumed in light, bidding him farewell. And then—the call ends. The explosion of light intensifies. The power goes out. Electronic devices stop working. In the dead of night, he races to his wife’s lab at the explosion’s core, but the building is missing.

His wife is gone.

All that remains is a test subject: Rain, a woman with no memory, whose eyes glow when she comes into contact with unseen forces, whose body lights up the night when monstrous nightmares descend on Boston, and whose creators will do anything to get her back.

Pursued by a rogue government agency, Saul goes on the run with the only person who might be able to explain what happened to his wife. Rain might be able to reveal what kind of person Saul’s wife really was, and how to stop the otherworldly terrors wiping out cities.

With TETHER, Jeremy Robinson, the #1 Audible and international bestselling author, returns to the literary genre he created—the kaiju thriller*—and turns it on its head, transporting the reader into the strange, and then beyond, into the supernatural.

*“Kaiju” means “strange beast” in Japanese and refers to giant monsters like Godzilla, Gamera and Robinson’s creation, Nemesis.

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  1. Alexandra Barcomb

    Just downloaded both audiobook and ebook! So looking forward to this one!!! I read all your books and tonight as usual a wonderful treat!!!

    • JRobinson

      Wow! Awesome. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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