Project Nemesis Issue #3 – Preview Pages


Nemesis knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, so pick up issues 1 – 3 and hope that it’s a belated Santa Claus you hear scratching on your roof.

Project Nemesis #3 drops tomorrow, but you don’t have to wait to see the two amazing covers and first six pages! Nemesis is a growing girl with an appetite in this issue, getting closer to her full kaiju-sized stage. Witness the destruction! The horror! Once again, the art is by Matt Frank, colors by Deigo Rodriguez, and variant cover by Bob Eggleton.

The Covers (click for larger images)







The first six pages. Commence monster drooling.

ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_1 ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_2 ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_3 ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_4 ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_5 ProjectNemesis_Issue003_Page_6

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  1. Isaias

    I loved the comics, took me a while to track all of them down, they were worth every penny.

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