KHAOS Audio! And a Secret Book!

That’s right folks. The KHAOS audiobook is finally available! If that’s why you’re here, go ahead and order it now! But keep reading, because I’ve also just released a SECRET BOOK that no one knew I was making.

“Whhhhaaaaa?” you say. “Who makes a book in secret and then releases it just a few weeks before Christmas when it’s questionable it will arrive in time?!”

Me, fool! That’s who! Just scroll down and behold.

Okay, back to business and KHAOS. The Audiobook has been released and after a brief hiatus to protect his golden vocal chords, R.C. Bray is back in the studio, bringing us the supremely recorded release of KHAOS. This one is ear honey, people. Okay, that sounds gross, but you get it. Even if you’ve already read the book, you will love how Mr. Bray brings it to life.


To save mankind…they must raise the gods.

Several months after his neighborhood was cloaked in darkness and invaded by the demon-like denizens of a hellish world, life has returned to normal for Miah Gray, aka: Laser Chicken. No longer burdened by PTSD, he is free to enjoy his family and to help pick up the pieces of a pillaged world.

At night, he trains with his eight-year-old companion, Bree, aka: Demon Dog, and their neighbors, Henry and Sarah, the god-like descendants of Helen of Sparta and the mythological Zeus.

All is calm…until new neighbors move in across the street and shatter the peace. Jonas, aka: Mind Bullet, a telekinetic assassin, and his artificial intelligence, Bubbles, are pursued by strange and powerful enemies. The neighborhood is rocked by sudden violence, but the unlikely heroes band together to save the residents once more.

However, their victory is short-lived when it’s interrupted by the appearance of a superhuman figure who has been influencing their lives for years: Linda.

Aka: Zeus.

In classic mythology fashion, Zeus, supreme god of Olympus, sends them on an urgent quest: descend into the underworld, travel through the realm between worlds—Khaos, face whatever trials await, find the gate to Tartarus, and summon the gods and Titans residing there to war. A grave evil is coming, and only Earth’s oldest and most powerful heroes can stop it.

New York Times and #1 Audible bestseller Jeremy Robinson descends into the underworld and brings his unique brand of madness along for the ride, putting a new spin on Greek myths, building a fantastic new world, and laying the final puzzle piece for the Infinite Timeline, which will conclude in SINGULARITY, an epic crossover novel bringing together a dozen books. KHAOS is equal parts character, myth, humor, and poetic action sequences.



And now that secret book I mentioned!


Read and bear witness to the most extraordinary firsthand account of a journey to another world full of mysterious creatures, confounding technolog ies, and daily discoveries that challenge the way humanity sees the universe—and our place in it. This is the journal of Doctor Erasmus Gray, a man from the future who risked everything—including love, in an effort to discover the universe’s most elusive prize: Life.

This book is a collection of journal entries, both observations about the world he’s exploring, and personal notes. Combined with the doctor’s illustrations of the life he encounters, it creates a compelling story that is perfect for all ages, instills a sense of wonder, and is perfect for the bookshelf or coffee table.


“Doctor Gray’s story moved me so much, I knew I had to get this journal into [the] right hands and let the world learn from his explorations, both in [the] cosmos and his own mind.”
—Milos ‘Cowboy’ Vesely

Available in hardcover only, at Amazon. Grab it now and (maybe) get it for Christmas!


You’ll probably hear from me one more time before the year is through, but if you want to keep up with all the craziness going on (and be one of 12 people to snag a free Christmas gift in the days leading up to the holiday, come join the Tribe on Facebook. It’s a 3000+ member group of fans (and myself) talking about the books, TV, film and comics to come. Hope to see you there!


  1. Lonnie Mercer

    This book was amazing!! I started with Infinite last spring and over the summer listened to all of the infinite timeline books. I have been so excited for this one to come to audible and well finished it in 2 days. Now I can’t wait for singularity, I hope it comes to audible quickly.

    Please keep up the amazing work!

    • JRobinson

      March 21. Was supposed to be out now, but R.C. Bray needed to rest his voice for a bit.

      • Matthew

        I’m glad you stuck with RC. The books are amazing but RC brings that little bit of flash with his amazing voice acting. As far as you Mr Robinson you have blown past every other author I used to love and now you are at the front. Seriously you make a day of running heavy equipment allot less boring.

  2. Jack

    It’s been less than three hours since I finished Khaos audio (big kudos to R.C. Bray as always) and I’m already over waiting for Singularity. I mean holy fucking shit I am so excited for the conclusion to this wildly insane timeline. So many amazing characters and arcs. You did for me what Marvel never could. Made an interconnected universe that actually felt fun. And I mean really fun bro.
    I look forward to everything you write. Never quit. But don’t forget to take some time for yourself also. You work super hard and it shows.

    A side note…

    Any, like literally any little piece, of news on the project nemesis TV series?
    Like seriously anything will do.
    As in just tell me it’s still going forward.

    • JRobinson

      Very nice to hear! Glad you enjoyed Khaos. I’ve recently heard positive news. One more hurdle leaped. A few more to go. Getting a TV show made is like running a gauntlet. Hopefully we’ll have good news in 2023.

  3. Jason

    Thank you for your tireless work towards creating these wonderful worlds and characters. Love this timeline / series!

    • JRobinson

      You’re welcome!!

  4. Julie Cowell

    I am in love (& fascinates with) with the way your mind works.
    Love your books!
    Thanks for writing them!

    • JRobinson

      I’m just starting to understand the way my mind works now. Took almost 50 years to suss out!

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