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Check out and share the promo for the upcoming Beware of Monsters Podcast! We’ll have weekly discussion of the monsters of literature, movies, comic books and video games!

Featuring… Celebrity Interviews.  The latest monster news! The hottest monster gossip? Straight Shoot’n with Rook! and more.

We will be starting things off right by interviewing people like Stan Tremblay, Kane Gilmour, Matt Frank,  Phil Kim and Ed Blair of Famous Monsters of Filmland, of course: Jeremy Robinson / Jeremy Bishop / Jeremiah Knight with more great content to come!

Let us know what you want to hear:

Presented by: Jeremy Robinson

Hosted By Christopher Ouellette

With Music by Mercury Radio Theater and Blaster the Rocket Man

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  1. Ike Carr

    Probably anything and everything that has to do with the somewhat obscure Hasbro toy line INHUMANOIDS would make for an interesting episode.

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