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So it’s been about a year since Variety broke the news about the PULSE movie deal.  Since then, the most frequent question I receive from fans is, “Is the movie getting made?!” So I decided to give you all an update. For those of you who are strapped for time, the short answer is, “I don’t know.” But the long answer is much more interesting, so keep reading!

The first step in any movie production is the creation of a script. Over the past year, screenwriter Adam Aresty, has been hard at work on the PULSE script. I know, because I’ve seen several drafts of the screenplay, which is now finished! And here’s what I can tell you about that: it’s awesome. Now, some purists might take exception to some of the changes that inevitably take place when a novel is turned into a movie, but as a screenwriter myself, I recognize the need for the changes and support them.


Hydra Concept Art


PULSE Script Cover Page


PULSE Script – Page 1








Here’s who is currently on the team (aside from myself):



Game of Thrones – Click to Watch Scene

Jabbar is the director of the sci-fi, found footage film, ALIEN OUTPOST, which you can watch on Netflix now! He’s also an Emmy Award-winning visual effects supervisor for Game of Thrones, not to mention kick ass movies like MAN OF STEEL and PREDATORS. Jabbar and I have a great rapport, and I’m thrilled with the direction he’s taking the story. If you want to see some of Jabbar’s work in action, check out the ALIEN OUTPOST trailer, and the Game of Thrones clip linked to the GoT image.


Queen Concept Art

Queen Concept Art

Jabbar recently sat down for an interview with the Beware of Monsters podcast, dropping tidbits about the PULSE movie, his work on GoT, and other projects. He’s a great guy, and a true Chess Team fan, so give it a listen!

Check out the trailer for Jabbar’s directorial debut!


Adam is the screenwriter for STUNG and is the author of THE COMMUNICATION ROOM, a novella about which I said, “The Communication Room is a smart, fast-paced and original sci-fi novella that provides an intense and thought-provoking look at an alternate history…and future. A fantastic read!” He’s done a great job adapting the characters for film and has brought in some surprises, putting together a story that will be both familiar, and new.

What’s happening now?

An Aged King - Concept Art

An Aged King – Concept Art

Movie making takes place in stages. The good news is that we’re actually in the first stage: development. This means that brilliant people are trying to get the movie made. But it also means those brilliant people need to convince other people (hopefully of equal brilliance) that they should pony up money to push the project out of development and into production. Right now, as I type this, the screenplay and all pitch materials are heading out to producers and studios. These are the people who can greenlight a budget and get things moving to the next stage, which would include casting, rewrites, location scouting and story boarding. Now, even then, things aren’t guaranteed to move all the way forward, but this is the movie making progress, and right now, momentum is still moving forward.  But as soon as I know more (and am clear to say it) I will fill you in.

For now, show your support for this project! Spread the word via social media. Leave a comment here. Help show Hollywood that you want a PULSE movie. Nay! A Chess Team franchise!


  1. Mike P

    This needs to happen! There is so much action in these books, they’re easy choices to make into movies. If this gets done, you can bet that I’ll be out to see this several times.

  2. Dustin Dreyling

    I am stoked that there might be a movie for Pulse. It’s about time the Chess Team gets some recognition!

  3. Mary Watson

    The Chess Team could easily compete with the Avengers franchise. Great stories, excellent character development, and LOTS OF ACTION!

  4. Kelly Allenby

    This is a series that feels made for the big screen. I’m excited, I really hope this happens.

    • Sharon

      Sound exciting doesn’t it.

  5. Sharon

    Wow, i am so excited to be able to see your books on the scene. I hope they get made. Yippee

  6. Rian

    So excited! With the right team behind this, any studio is bound to make a lot of money.

  7. Bryan

    Time to start bulking up for that Rook role…

  8. Dee Haddrill

    I’ll be lined up in advance to see this. Can’t wait to see Rook, King and my beloved Bishop brought to life on the big screen ❤️

  9. sandi

    This would be the BEST THING! Pleeeeease let this happen!

  10. Lyn Askew

    This will be a dream come true for all of Jeremy’s fans!

  11. Becki

    We need something original and action packed! THIS IS IT! Who do I need to nag to make this happen?

  12. Philip clintom

    If they do justice to the franchise as well as the book, the movie would be spectacular

  13. Jen

    I can see this as a movie so many can enjoy.. Great story in general and so many ages can read it… Which means a great many can enjoy a movie based on it.. !!

  14. Rob Jenkins

    Oh man! The Chess Team on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Daniel

    I’m an avid reader of the series and I really can’t wait to see this movie. But “Kid’s voice: There they go! The Chess Team” is absolutely cringe-worthy and horrid. They are a black ops group, secretive! No one is supposed to know they exist, especially considering multiple book sub-plots focus on them remaining anonymous.

    • JRobinson

      There are ALWAYS changes when a novel is turned into a movie. The team’s secrecy is one of them in this instance. But the script could still go through some changes as things move forward. We shall see.

  16. Richard St John

    I’m all for this, and as long as you like what you’re seeing Jeremy, I’m all in!

  17. Christopher

    This needs to happen sooner rather than later. And hopefully it will stay true to the source material!

  18. Jay Wilson

    Yes,please make this movie.I have read all the books and they are a thrill a minute.

  19. L.J.P.

    For King:
    For Queen:
    For Bishop: Duane Johnson
    For Rook:
    For Knight:
    For Alexander:

  20. Orin Enloe

    I really hope this does become reality, even though it’s been nearly 3 years already. Again, I hope this happens!

  21. Aaron

    Big fan of your books own almost all of them in paperback and digital

    I was hoping the was an update on and if the TV shows or movies that have been in development haven’t seen any updates on quite a while

    Also wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and I wish you continued good health.

    • JRobinson

      The update is that just about everything is STILL moving forward, but at a snails pace, in part because 2020 slowed new productions.

  22. Oskar

    Still hoping on this.
    I’ve plowed through most of your books and there’s quite a few I’d like to see as a movie.
    So if you have spare time… Here’s a few to start on:

    Mind Bullet
    The Dark
    Last Hunter 1-5
    Infinite 1/2

    chop chop, get to work on these please.
    Thank you for hours and hours of good stories!

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