Project Nemesis Issue #4 Preview

ProjectNemesis_Issue004_CvrAThe madness continues!

With more stellar art from Matt Frank and variant cover from Bob Eggleton, Project Nemesis continues to be one of the best looking comics available (in my humble, yet extremely biased opinion). Check out the sample pages for issue and  just try to disagree. Grab your copy tomorrow! In this issue, Nemesis brings the smack down on Portland, ME, before making her way south, while Jon Hudson and the FC-P start figuring out where Nemesis came from, and what she’s after.

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  1. Finch Harper

    I buy all my Books on MP3 from Amazon in the Orange Case by Brilliance Audio. Sadly I am Allergic to the Dye in Books and Comics, So I only buy on my Kindle Fire or Brilliance Audio MP3 on Amazon. I would much rather listen to these in the dark with my eyes closed so I can play the Movie in my Brain. Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check into having these released on Brilliance Audio MP3 in the Orange Case on Amazon. I await your reply.

    Long Days and Pleasant Nights, For All Roads Lead To The Dark Tower- Stephen King

    • JRobinson

      Hi Finch,

      Sorry for the slow reply on this. Comic books aren’t usually released as audio books because they depend on the art to tell the story. But these comics are based on the novels, which ARE available in audio. Links can be found on the Project Nemesis book page, here:

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