Project Hyperion is Coming, and We Need Your Fan Art!

The fourth Nemesis novel, Project Hyperion, is coming out in September and as usual, I’m including a fan art section. If you’d like your work included simply e-mail your art (all skill levels are welcome) to me at in**@je******************.com.

Make sure it is 300 dpi and doesn’t include copyrighted characters (Godzilla, Gamera, etc). All characters from the previous Nemesis books are fair game, and you can include your own characters as well, as long as there is something Nemesis related in the image. Images can be black and white, or color (color images will be grayscale in the print book, but in full color in the e-book). If you have a website or deviantart page you would like included, be sure to send that along with your full name so we can give you credit!¬†Deadline is September 10.¬†And to get you pumped, here is the cover for Project Hyperion!



  1. Ike Carr

    As Michael Bay would say, “Giant effin’ robots are coming.”

  2. Jim Radcliffe

    And now we’re bringing giant robots. Sweet.

  3. Tom Elesh Jr.

    Jeremy, can’t wait for this book. Should be the cliffhanger you left from Project 731 about the black cube. Can’t wait.

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