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It’s that time of year again, when a new novel hits the virtual and real life shelves of bookstores across North America. “But,” you say, “You have books out like every other month! What makes this one special enough to get a ‘that time of year’ intro?” Good question! While I do release many novels in e-book and paperback, I only have one hardcover release per year that’s available online AND in physical stores. And its fate is pretty much sealed, for better or worse, in the first six weeks of sales. So I shout a little bit louder about these books and prod for social sharing. Pretty please with Hydra on top!

Now,  let’s get Crazy!

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MIRRORWORLD is one of the most action-packed novels I’ve ever written, and that’s saying a lot. It’s also one of the most creative, containing monsters of my own creation that aren’t simply a rehash of well known beasties (zombies, vampires, myths, etc…). The main character, who has no sense of fear (physical or social) is fun because his words and actions are often totally unfiltered and unpredictable. But he’s also more flawed than many of my characters, and despite his fearless nature, is in some ways, easy to relate to. But enough of me blathering on about the book I wrote. Here’s the summary! Check it out for yourself, and if you dig it, spread the word. If you don’t, spread the word anyway!


Crazy has no memory and feels no fear, speaking and acting without concern for consequences. Dangerous and unpredictable, he’s locked away in SafeHaven, a psychiatric hospital, where he spends the long days watching Wheel of Fortune and wondering what the outside world smells like. When a mysterious visitor arrives and offers him a way out–stabbing himself with a knife–Crazy doesn’t hesitate to accept.

Freed from the hospital, Crazy finds a fear-fueled world on the brink of nuclear annihilation. He’s relocated to Neuro Inc., a secretive corporation with shady government ties, where the doctors are interested in his fearless nature. After discovering evidence of human experimentation, a desperate bid to escape the facility concludes with a cornered Crazy making himself indispensable by injecting a syringe, the contents of which are a mystery to him, but precious to Neuro, into his leg.

The experimental drug opens his senses to dimensions of reality beyond human experience, where fear is a weapon and the shadows hide the source of mankind’s nightmares: strange and horrible creatures known as the Dread. Struggling to understand his new ability to move between worlds and the monsters only he can fight, Crazy allies himself with the company he fled and begins peeling back the layers of his past, his memories revealing the brewing war between worlds, how he can stop it–and what he did to start it.

With MirrorWorld, Robinson, whose trademarked pacing and inventive plots have been highly praised by bestselling authors like Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler and James Rollins, treats readers to a wildly imaginative, frenetically paced thriller exploring the origins of fear.

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Is MirrorWorld a SecondWorld Sequel?

CrazySince I’ve already addressed this question many time, I figured I’d answer it here as well and reveal the book’s original title and cover, for fun.

MIRRORWORLD is not a sequel to SECONDWORLD. The original title for the book was CRAZY, named for the main character, who is “Crazy with a capital C”. Since that title didn’t float with the marketing people, MIRRORWORLD was chosen because “a World title worked good for SECONDWORLD”. AND the term “mirrorworld” is used frequently in the book. So it really is a good title…but still sounds like a sequel.

Click on the image to see the original cover concept (not fully polished–the reflection is a little rough). And if you like this title and cover better, just pretend its still on the book. Both covers were designed by me, and I came up with both titles.

Hope you enjoy the book!

— Jeremy Robinson


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  1. Kerri Ketner

    1 – To say your writing is amazing is an understatement & I have thoroughly enjoyed everything of yours I have read so far.
    2 – When is the next Flood novel coming out? Fantastic first book for the series.
    3 – So, when will they make Nemesis into a movie – because if they don’t Hollywood is even crazier than I thought & even I have a hard time believing that.

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