Matt Frank: Godzilla Vs Nemesis All Out Kaiju War!

Matt Frank Makes You Love Godzilla Even More

(or For The First Time)



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  1. Dave

    Very cool interview, I love learning more about Rulers of the Earth. Reason why I didn’t get right into Rulers of the Earth or Godzilla Ongoing was because how bad Kingdom of Monsters was and after 3 or 4 issues I turned away for a few years. Thank James Stokoe for bringing me back and me being a completionist so I got everything including the rest of Kingdom. It hurt to finish Kingdom but I did love seeing the evil twins, Allie and Woods return.

    So basically while Kingdom had a real Godzilla and several other Toho monsters it was like the ’98 Godzilla but with Godzilla comics in its poor writing and uninteresting nihilism.

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