Independence Day…2! The Trailer

Since the first ID4 movie was a big influence on me (I’m sure you’re shocked) and one of my long time favorite movies, despite it’s over abundance of patriotism (or maybe because of it), I a super psyched to see a sequel that looks like it could be better than the first. Thrilled that Goldblum and Pullman are back. I’ve seen a lot of trailers for sci-fi, comic book movies but few made me smile like this. Check it out!

What do you think? Will it be awesome?


  1. Delete Tango Account

    This movie probably will make more money than Star Wars in China. They are very fond of these dumb Emmerich CGI movies. They don’t give a dime about the practical effect.

    • Ike Carr

      Actually the first ID4 used a lot practical effects as I remember. In fact I think the pesky thing was a record breaker for miniatures being used. The only thing that bugs me is that Will Smith/Col. Steven Hiller won’t be returning to watch the fireworks. I remember that his wife, Jada Pinkett, wasn’t too fond of the original. Although he could’ve been too busy with SUICIDE SQUAD, or maybe the studio didn’t want to pay his asking fee. It seems weird that the man wouldn’t want to return to the franchise that put him map. But despite Smith’s loss upon seeing the trailer, and hearing President Whitmore’s/Bill Pullman’s speech again. I’m so excited, I could squirt.

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