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John Wick: Chapter 2 – Advance Review *Spoiler Free*

John Wick 2 Invite

A few weeks ago, I received an unusual invitation: would I like to attend the John Wick: Chapter 2 World Premiere in Los Angeles? The answer, obviously, was: Hell yes! I loved John Wick, and have been a longtime fan of Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Lance Reddick, and Ian McShane, not to mention the director of both films, Chad Stahelski (who you can see beside me in this photo from a meeting before the premiere).

Chad Stahelski and Jeremy Robinson

Chad Stahelski and Jeremy Robinson

I’ll be honest up front. I’m a little biased. My connection to the director, appreciation for the actors, and red carpet (it was black) treatment make my opinions suspect. But I’m a long-time action movie junkie, I write some of the fastest-paced novels there are (so I have a rep to protect), and I am generally an honest guy. If the movie sucked, I’d tell you.

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Independence Day…2! The Trailer

Since the first ID4 movie was a big influence on me (I’m sure you’re shocked) and one of my long time favorite movies, despite it’s over abundance of patriotism (or maybe because of it), I a super psyched to see a sequel that looks like it could be better than the first. Thrilled that Goldblum and Pullman are back. I’ve seen a lot of trailers for sci-fi, comic book movies but few made me smile like this. Check it out!

What do you think? Will it be awesome?

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