Happy Birthday Jeremy Robinson!

Birthday Nemesis


  1. Wesley Hendrix

    Happy birthday Jeremy. Half way through Project Hyperion and loving it! I cannot wait to see Nemesis on the big screen one day and I truly hope it happens. With all the publicity for her and she being the first of her kind (American, female Kaju) we can only pray. Thanks for all your hard work and the quality of the writing you put out.

  2. Kasidy Kristoffersen

    Happy birthday , Jeremy!!!
    I love your books! I have become addicted to your words, going thru withdrawal at the end of your masterpieces!
    Thank goodness you are prolific!!!
    Just finished Island 731, and I loved it (as usual).
    I hope your day is as amazing as your books are!! You are a gift to your fans.
    We love you!!!
    Just… Please… Keep writing!!
    Always a Fan!

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