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Oldies, but Goodies – A Look Back at Viral Videos

bishoppuppetOver the years, I’ve tried all kinds of marketing for my books, from the more traditional, like advertising and book trailers, to the high tech, like QR codes. But one of my favorite marketing techniques, even if there is really no proof that it works, is viral videos. And I use the word, ‘viral’ loosely, because a video isn’t truly viral until it goes viral. While some of my videos have chalked up thousands, even hundreds of thousands of views, some of them languish in the hundreds. There’s no way to know what will work and what won’t, and even when they work, there’s no way to know if they helped sell books. BUT, they are fun to make, and all of them are good memories for me and the people brave enough to star in them along with me.  Some of you long-time fans will have probably seen most of these, but judging by the numbers on a few, not all of them. And any new readers who watch these for the first time, please don’t stop reading my books when you realize I have a ridiculous sense of humor.

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The Day My Dog Almost Died…and I Nearly Joined Him


We called him Bud. Or Buddy. But the name on his city registration read: Buddy Boy Paisley Robinson. Not only did he have our family’s last name, but he’d been given a middle name as well: Paisley—my grandmother’s maiden name, my father’s middle name, and my middle name. He was part of the family, name and all.

He was an Australian sheepdog with patches of brown, black and white fur. His stubby tail wagged fast, and his ears felt like silk. I often imagined if he went blind, he’d recognize me by the particular way I pet his ears. I met Buddy when we were both one year old. I spent the first year of my life in a safe warm home. He spent his first year on the city streets. While I ate from a bottle, he picked scraps from trashcans. But my parents rescued him. And nine years later, he needed rescuing again.
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