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Kane Looks Back: The Chesspocalypse


[“Kane Looks Back” is a series of posts where my editor, Kane Gilmour, will focus on some of my past novels that you might not have discovered yet. Now read on… –Jeremy]

Gather round the campfire, children. It’s time for another installment of OLD MAN KANE REMEMBERS. This time we’ll be focusing on The Chesspocalypse. And because there’s so much to it, I’ll do it in installments. Today I’ll just talk about the Chesspocalypse as a whole, and then we’ll tackle each installment in the coming days. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Jeremy had written and had published three novels in the Jack Sigler / Chess Team series: PULSE, INSTINCT, and THRESHOLD. As I understand it, INSTINCT was meant to be first, but the publisher wanted something a little different, so Jeremy converted what had been a screenplay starring George Pierce, into what became PULSE. For those who might not have read these books, PULSE featured a special forces team facing the genetic tinkerings of a madman, which led to the accidental restoration of the Lernaean Hydra from Greek myth. It was a hard act to follow, but INSTINCT had the heroes return to face Neanderthal hybrids in the jungles of Vietnam, and in THRESHOLD, a previous villain returns seeking the protolanguage from the time before the Tower of Babel and uses it to animate golems to attack the world.

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NPC Is Here!

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I’m well known for writing books that are balls-to-the-wall action from start to finish, but every now and then, I dump a bit of my deeper, darker self into a novel. Books like INFINITE. And ALTER. They become bestsellers. They win awards. And they expose my personal struggles. INFINITE explored my physical pain, which I’ve been experiencing daily for the past five years now (ugh). ALTER delved into my psychological struggles, which are are linked to the diseases causing my pain. NPC tackles the struggles I have with the nature of reality and my Christian faith. Diseases have affected my body, my mind, and on occasion, my perceptions. I’m not quite losing my mind, but I often can’t shake the feeling that none of this is real. I explored the subject some in INFINITE, but I felt like I didn’t do it justice in a real world scenario.

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NPC Sneak Peek – Chapters 1 and 2!

NPC – My newest novel will be out in two months, but you can get a sneak peek at the novel right here and now! Below are Chapters One and Two, following our dual main characters, Samael, a serial killer who believes we’re living in a simulation and that most people populating it are NPCs (Non-Player Characters), and Ezekiel, a pastor having a crisis of faith, who finds himself confronting a madman and his own beliefs about the nature of reality. It’s a mind-bending novel that fans of INFINITE and ALTER will love. Hope you enjoy the first two chapters!





“What’s the value of a life?

“A human life, to be specific. Not animals. Other than tasting good, animals lack unquestionable value. They fill a role, sure, but they’re barely a cog in a machine. If a single gear is removed from a watch, it ceases to function. Kill a lone squirrel, or even a thousand. The world wouldn’t notice. The grand scheme would continue.

“All around the Earth, entire species are going extinct. Hundreds a day. The Sixth Great Extinction careens ahead faster than the events that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

“If you believe the Earth is that old.

“If you believe something as absurd as dinosaurs ever walked the Earth.

“It’s a great narrative, but a distraction from the real question.

“The value of a human life. Of your life.”

“I-I don’t know!” The man struggles against the zip-ties binding his wrists to the chair’s arms. The plastic lacerates his skin. Blood seeps from the wounds. He winces and calms.

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TRIBE is Here…and the World Will Never Be the Same


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Every now and then I release a book that makes me smile when I think about it. The Last Hunter, SecondWorld, and The Others are good examples. They’re books that are were as fun for me to write as they hopefully were for you to read. Tribe was the kind of book that didn’t feel like work to create, but felt more like a good time with friends. Now that I’m done writing it, I miss Sarah and Henry, the main characters. And hopefully, if this book sells as well as I think it will, we’ll see them again in the future.

Not only did I have fun writing this book, but I received early encouragement that Tribe was something special from advanced readers, and from my editor who said, “This is your most action-packed and fun novel ever.” I then heard from R.C. Bray, the narrator, who has never offered an advance opinion of a novel. He said, “This novel is so good, it’s hard to believe you wrote it.” Tongue in cheek, but the point is…it’s my best book since The Others (without the serious tone of Infinite or Alter).

To be clear, while Tribe is well written, it isn’t a literary masterpiece. If you’re a long time fan, you already know that. But it is fun, insanely action-packed (think Jon Wick meets 300), and full of memorable characters that you’re going to care about.

**IF YOU ENJOY THE BOOK: Please post reviews on Amazon, Audible and/or Goodreads. Every one helps a lot. And if you really want to spread the word, please feel free to download and share any of the graphics in this post in blog reviews or social media posts!


For Henry, a seventeen-year-old who feels no fear, the day starts like any other–homeless and alone on the streets of Boston. For Sarah, a twenty-year-old college dropout, it’s an early morning serving donuts and coffee to commuters at North Station. Fate brings them together at the scene of a bank robbery, which they foil together, along with a mysterious and wealthy woman named Helen, who offers to reward them for their bravery.

But before they can reach Helen’s penthouse, they are assaulted by men and women from all walks of life, including police officers. Helen displays impressive fighting skills, fending off the attacks, allowing Henry and Sarah to make their escape–but they are spotted and pursued by the violent cult, out for Helen’s blood…and now theirs.

Racing through the streets of Boston, Sarah and Henry are propelled into a strange and ancient underworld where the impossible is real, where the old world still lives, and where the gods still walk among us. As the pair wages war against the killers hunting them, they discover the truth about who their deceased parents were, and that their lives could be far more exceptional than either believed possible…if they can survive the day.

With TRIBE, New York Times bestselling author, Jeremy Robinson, brings mythology to the modern world, combining his trademarked fast-paced action and well-developed characters, and taking them to new levels of craziness. It’s 300, John Wick, and Wonder Woman rolled into a new kind of literary insanity.


There are a few videos for Tribe worth checking out. The first is the teaser trailer, in which I focused on conveying the feel of Tribe, rather than the story. The second is a live prologue reading by R.C. Bray at RobinsonFest. And the last is an extended sample of the audiobook.


Advanced readers of TRIBE have described it as my best book, my most action-packed book, and even my funniest book (including Space Force). I had a blast writing it and love the characters like friends. I think you will too. The book comes out on November 26th in print, e-book and audio, but you can get a taste of it now. Below is a sample of the AMAZING audiobook narrated by R.C. Bray, along with the print for those of you who prefer your inner narrator.  Maybe hit play and read along!  And if you can’t wait to buy it, preorder now:


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He wondered how many of his flock would survive the next few days. When he looked out at the gathering that had no racial, social, or financial boundaries and saw only earnest eyes looking back, he felt no concern about the risks they would face. Only pride. If they died at Her hands, in service of the returning glory, their lives would have—perhaps for the first time—true value.

“Blessed be the razor, kopis,” he said, voice monotone, echoing off the old brick walls. “May it cut clean and deep.”

“Blessed be,” a chorus replied.

“Blessed be the needle, dory. May it extend judgement to all the Earth.”

“Blessed be.”

“Blessed be the Forgotten One, beloved by all. May she be restored to her rightful throne.”

“Blessed be.”

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