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After crash landing on a strange island in the Pacific Ocean, Effie Williams—aka: ‘Eff Bomb’—and her fellow recruits for the Unity program, witness a meteor falling from the sky. It crashes beyond the horizon, but sends a horrific tsunami racing toward the island’s shore. But the dangers posed by the giant wave, the dense jungles, the volcanic caves, and an abandoned military facility are just the beginning. A ruthless, well-trained tribe of savages is hunting them.

On the run, lost, and confused, the survivors look to Effie for leadership. She fights to keep them together, and alive—but fails. As their ranks thin, the island’s secrets are revealed, propelling Effie toward a fight far larger than any faced in her life, on the island, or by the whole of mankind.

The meteor that crashed into the ocean wasn’t a space rock. It was alive. Now it’s heading for the island. And there are thousands more just like them, all around the world.

Jeremy Robinson, creator of the ‘Kaiju Thriller’ genre, and international bestselling author of the Project Nemesis novel and comic book series, Infinite, The Distance, and Apocalypse Machine, launches this new series combining hard-hitting, behind-enemy-lines military action with original science fiction, which his fans have come to love, infusing it all with a fast-paced, character-driven plot.