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J.J. Abrams put out some of the most stunning, mentally twisting original stories in theaters and on our TV. Then he went and revitalized beloved franchisees from the past. Now he is bringing the two together and revitalizing one of his iconic original stories. I thought Cloverfield was lots of fun, and it used the found footage trope because it served the story, not because it served the budget. Still the only nod to that motif here is the presentation of the trailer. I love the theory that this was the intended way to show this trailer as a omega to the original. And, even as one who enjoys set rumors and a year of different trailers and images, the idea of “Surprise, I made an entire movie while no one was looking at anything other than Star Wars.” is awesome.


Did you like the original Cloverfield? What do you think of the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane?

Star Trek…BEYOND. Trailer.


Following yesterday’s exciting ID4 Resurgence trailer is today’s release of Star Trek Beyond. While I’m still excited to see this movie (I enjoyed the last two, though none come close to Wrath of Khan) but you can see the director’s Fast and Furious roots. It looks and feels more like a brainless action flick than a smart Star Trek story. It might be fun, but I feel like this one might be missing its soul. What do you think? Does the action-packed trailer accurately represent the movie? While I love action, and even enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise, I like my Star Trek with a helping or two of smarts.

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