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A mammoth, flash frozen in solid ice 10,000 years ago is brought to the surface by a team of scientists. An act of sabotage frees the giant from its icy tomb and reveals the secret held inside.


The body of an ancient woman, cloaked in furs, slides out of the mammoth’s belly. But it is not the woman that holds the team’s attention…it is the object she is clutching…a device created by an advanced civilization.


The device is accidentally activated, summoning forces who seek its destruction. It is the key to mankind’s salvation and freedom from the men behind the curtain, pulling the strings and leading humanity towards destruction.


“Jeremy Robinson’s novel RAISING THE PAST is a rollicking Arctic adventure that explores the origins of the human species. Written in a solid cinematic style, it starts with the excavation of a frozen mammoth in the wilds of the Canadian tundra and ends with a pitched battle for the future of mankind. A story not to be missed!”
–James Rollins, bestselling author of MAP OF BONES and BLACK ORDER

“RAISING THE PAST by Jeremy Robinson is a taut thriller that zooms. It’s a wonderful mix of prehistoric intrigue, a modern-day love story, and a futuristic conspiracy bound to envelop any reader. Highly recommended.”
–Jon F. Merz, author of the Lawson novels & Danger-Close

“…a very good read… is it sci-fi, thriller, adventure or fantasy? In my opinion, it’s a little of them all rolled into one and quite enjoyable… I have no idea how the author came up with this one.”
– Wakefield Today

“Raising The Past by Jeremy Robinson is an interesting…story about an archeology dig gone wrong. The main characters have traveled to the frozen tundra of Canada to unearth a purportedly fully intact wooly mammoth. This mammoth is not only a great find for the scientific minded, but a possible financial windfall for the backer as well. Unfortunately for the scientists involved, this turns out to be more important than they suspected; infinitely more dangerous too. Mr. Robinson clearly has some writing talent and created some fun characters and interesting storylines…”